Le Trio Nouveau

Our house artist, Tackie, has been at it again. He writes:

Greetings again Leo,

thumbnail of Le Trio Nouveau Been very busy of late, and regretably, have not had any spare time to devote to any side projects. Well had some spare time today, (ok, and all of tonight) so I followed Andy’s suggestion of updating “The Trio” with the new crew member.

The first screening of “Trio Nouveau”…

Hope you and the guys like it.

Kind regards,

Love it, Steve! Thanks!

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  1. Send me the copy George and I’ll make as many ids for you as you like!
    We’re working hard to find a channel to carry Call for Help in the US. We’re currently pitching DIY. If they take a pass we’ll let you know who’s next.

  2. Hello Leo…
    This weeks edition of This Week in Amateur Radio
    featured your Friday podcast, sure glad your offering a “dry” version as music is illegal on the ham bands as you know. You can hear the program via download or stream at http://www.twiar.org if you like. My web guy has linked to you from our page. (He put a picture up to, hope that’s okay) I really hope you keep the dry feeds available. I was thinking that we could put a “best of” the full weeks podcasts together for amatuer air. We are working on making This Week in Amateur Radio available as a podcast. More information is needed on how to do that.
    One other thing, perhaps sometime you can cut a liner (intro and outro) for your new segment on our show for us. If you can, I can send you copy and you could email audio back.
    So, welcome aboard This Week in Amateur Radio. our entire all volunteer staff is proud to have you with us!
    Best 73
    George Bowen
    W2XBS (an old historical RCA callsign by the way)
    Producer/This Week in Amateur Radio

  3. cute pic 😀
    i miss watching Leo and call for help… how’s the plan on bringing call for help back to the US? will it be anytime soon? ^^;

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