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  1. Actually all of them but the Adam Curry interview do.
    I just uploaded that one too quickly!

  2. i’m not sure whether this is just me or not (since i still can’t get ipodder to work, i’m downloading the files manually and manually add it to my itunes)
    but because the “file name” field is left blank, my itunes(Windows) tries to automatically fill it in and it’s always not the way that it should be (imho anyway)… so i think it might be good if u can actually name it somehow
    let me give u example… because the “actual” file name is “2004monthday” (e.g. “20041001”) by default my itunes gives the tag file name/title to be “track# 2004monthday” (e.g. “01 20041001”)… this doesn’t happen instantly tho… itunes only try to do the fill-in when i edit the tag (i found this out because i was playing with how to change your album tag to fits best my preference…)
    anyway, if i may suggest to u… here’s what work best for me (at the moment anyway) you don’t have to change it to the way i like, but it’s just the way i have it ^^
    File Name/Title: 2004monthday-track# (e.g. “20041001-1”)
    Artist: Leo Laporte
    Album: KFI AM 640 Los Angeles (e.g. “KFI AM 640 Los Angeles 20041001” or “KFI AM 640 LA 20041001”
    Year: the broadcast date
    Track: (1 2 or 3 depending on the hour of the show)
    Genre: Spoken Word – Aircheck (or “Podcast”? doesn’t matter much really ^^; )
    *if u name the “album” with dates, u can pretty much name anything for your “title” since i think the “album name” and “track#” should put things in order regardless…
    (so for title u can also do “2004-10-01 1” or “2004/10/01-1” or add the word “KFI” somewhere if u want to stress the station name)
    and i try to use “yearmonthday” format (in album name) so that things stack in the right chronological order (for example, “20050101” is always on top of “20041230”)

  3. just a minor update…
    i just had the chance to actually listen to podcasts on my ipod today (I ‘LOVE’ Adam Curry’s DSC) and found that the best way to name your album name should be
    “2004-10-01 KFI AM 640 LA”
    instead of what i said above… it’s because on ipod, only small number of characters can be shown and if the date is too far at the end u can’t really browse by day(album) at all
    (also, as u can see, i found that u can use dash “-” in any field (for dates) and things r still arranged the right way… just minor stuffs to make things easier to see/recognize 🙂

  4. The current standard for my tagging is:
    Artist: Leo Laporte
    Album: KFI AM 640 Los Angeles
    Year: the broadcast date
    Track: (1 2 or 3 depending on the hour of the show)
    Genre: Spoken Word – Aircheck
    I’ve used this for all the KFI airchecks. I guess I will start adding the air date to the album title. Would that work best? And I’ll put the file name in the Title field (which I’ve been leaving blank).

  5. Yeah, the filename would be fine I suppose although the ideal would be a title that gives me an idea what the podcast is about … it appears your filenames do that i.e. KFIAdamCurry.mp3. Since KFI is in the album name, having it in the title is a bit redundant but I certainly understand the need to insure everyone knows it’s from KFI.
    Glad you’re doing this!

  6. The issue is that there are two different feeds. The TLR feed is mostly stuff NOT from KFI. So where there’s a KFI interview in there, I put it in the filename to distinguish it.
    Everything from the Airchecks feed is from KFI – so no need to put it in the file name.

  7. Leo,
    Your link to your RSS feed is screwed up. A little TYPO! You typed http; instead of http:
    Just lettin ya know

  8. 😉 Leo thank you…….I used to record your KFI stream Saturdays and Sundays. I can now access using Podcast..how awsome. I will never worry about missing any of your shows. I ADORE this. I am saying a prayer every night for your show CFH to return to us in the USA! Thank you! Jo An SE MIchigan

  9. i’m loving this podcast idea 😀 especially i for me who can’t get KFI
    and yub, it would be great if we can get the mp3 tag to work properly… last time i download i had to re-adjust everything myself on itunes (you had the “album’s name” the same for every feed, and “song number” repeating from 1-3 so itunes keep putting song “number 1” next to each other even tho it’s from different day/feed
    i like how u name your file tho 🙂 2004monthday… it (nearly) put everything right in itunes ..hehe (in order of the day/feed)
    but im not complaining 😛 ^^; it’s great to be able to listen to u
    keep it up leo 🙂

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