Thursday’s Throaty Moans

All the news that's fit to rant aboutBababooey, it’s time for news.
The dark side of Moon was seen for first time on this day in 1959. American Bandstand premiered in 1957. The MPAA adopted the film rating system in 1968. Adam Rich was arrested for stealing hypodermic needles in 1991.

Happy Birthday physicist Neils Bohr, 1885 and Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1931. John Cougar Mellencamp is 53.

  1. The Senate Judiciary Committe votes on the Induce Act this afternoon. The highly controversial bill, created by and for the RIAA, makes fundamental changes to the copyright law, making it illegal to distribute any product that can be used to steal music or movies – that means Kazaa and Morpheus, of course, but also DVD recorders, CD burners, and even the iPod. This bill would jeopardize the entire consumer electronic industry. If it’s voted out of committee the Senate is expected to take it up after the November election recess. Contact your member of Congress today.
  2. Stern’s doing it. As expected, the syndicated radio shock jock announced Wednesday that he’s moving the lucrative program to satellite radio provider Sirius starting January 1, 2006. The five year, multimillion dollar deal is a big blow to Infinity broadcasting, Stern’s current employer, and an even bigger boost for Sirius. There’s a giant ad for Sirius on Stern’s site saying “some things should be censored, just not your radio.” Sirius says the show will cost $100 million a year to produce.
  3. Microsoft has released a patch and a scan tool for TV Media, a piece of spyware that was causing Service Pack 2 to blue screen. Spyware seems to be the number one cause of SP-2 issues and Microsoft is recommending scanning for spyware before attempting the upgrade.
  4. Microsoft also warned webmasters this morning of a flaw in ASP.NET that could give attackers access to password protected areas of web sites. There is no fix as yet for the bug which affects 2.9 million active sites.
  5. Vice President Cheney slipped when he sent debate viewers to Tuesday night. It’s for one thing. For another, the dot-com site now sends surfers to financier George Soros’s anti-Bush site. Frankly, is not much better. It does point out some inaccuracies in John Edwards’s debate claims, but it’s harder on the Vice President.
  6. Amazon launched Google competitor A9 last week. Turnabout is fair play. Google is putting book pages online, ala Amazon. lets you search through the handful of books they now have online, but they’re soliciting publishers for more.
  7. Netscape founder Marc Andreesen told the Web 2.0 conference yesterday that he expects Microsoft to take aim at Mozilla and Apple’s Safari real soon now. “If I were them I’d take another look, and I would see how I could screw with other people’s businesses with this monopoly (I) have,” he said.
  8. Just when you thought the DVD camcorder was dead, Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic have announced they’ll offer camcorders with 15GB Blu-ray DVD recorders built-in some time next year. The cameras would likely be aimed at the HD prosumer crowd. Give me a hard drive instead.
  9. Skype says it’s going to target businesses next with its free peer-to-peer Internet telephony software. Skype for Business will include expanded conference calling, SkypePlus voice mail and SkypeIn, for receiving calls from POTS phones.
  10. Jib Jab’s new video, Dixie, premieres on Leno tonight then will be available online at In addition to this years presidential candidates, the 80 second animated film features John Ashcroft, Dan Rather, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh and Jane Fonda. Atom films is stocking up on bandwidth even as we speak.

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  1. Leo, whoa! loose the music and sound effects please!
    $100 million for the king of sleaze. No way!

  2. PS. Something about the redirect script on this blog didn’t like that link address. Copy it to the clipboard, and remove everything up to and including URL= to get it to work. I won’t paste the full address here because of its length.

  3. Is the DMCA and “copyright infringement” the new tax evasion? Could law enforcement use it to catch the ‘big bads’ they can’t get a finger on otherwise?
    Here’s a link to the story that doesn’t require registration. FactCheck.COM was just another dumb click-through portal before the debate, then they decided they couldn’t handle the traffic, so they saved their bandwidth and tried to make a political statement as well by redirecting to the George Soros site.
    Finally, Leo, these iPodder broadcasts are wonderful. Will you leave some tag in there so we can sort by that field and they be chrnological? Also, sometimes the KFI shows seems to have an extra 01, 02, or 03 in front of them (respective to the hour) that makes sorting by Song Name group together first hours, second hours, and third hours.
    Thanks! Grace and Peace to you,

  4. You don’t like music in the background? Let’s take a vote. I don’t care one way or another but I thought it might make it sound more fun.

  5. has the advantage of being nonpartisan, so your opponent in argument can’t dismiss it out of hand as biased. It isn’t the last word on anything, but can often show what a good case for your opponent would look like (if only they bothered to make it on fact instead of say, on deliberately misunderstanding yours) — and they can save you from making questionable claims.

  6. I like the background music but the sound effects make it sound like the radio duo on the simpsons…I also like the intro and sign off music…

  7. Hi Leo…Responding to your question, This Week in Amateur Radio has a new edition posted to our web site each Saturday evening around 9pm eastern time. It airs on local repeaters all around the United States and Canada, and in several other countries as well. Our program is also released under a Creative Commons license, which I found out about on your old program on TTV. The only editing we would have to do to air one of you audio news segments each week is to delete out the music, which as you know, is illegal on the amateur bands.
    Please feel free to check out our site. I will try and integrate one of your tech segments into this weeks program. You may want to listen around the two meter and 70cm bands in your area to see if you can find us on the air. I know we have an affiliate in the Sacremento/San Francisco area, but I’m not sure of the coverage footprint.
    When you get on the air, perhaps we can hook up over Echolink (an internet amateur repeater linking project
    Thank you for allowing us to air you on the amateur bands, we’re honored!
    George – W2XBS
    This Week in Amateur Radio

  8. Leo…
    Love the blog! Miss you on TechTV. I hate to be nit-picky, but…. There is no “dark side of the moon” Technically, it is the FAR side of the moon. It gets lit up..we just never see it here on earth.

  9. I am loving these audios Leo! I vote keep the music and sound effects they add just that more character to these little broadcasts.
    As for the news itself, heard it and I read it but $100 million a year for Stern, now that’s a head spinner! I know the guy has an inflated ego but a 100 mil worth, wow! No scratch that it’s more ugh than wow!

  10. Re: Howard Stern’s move to Sirius Satellite Radio. Howard is not the first to move to satellite radio, Opie & Anthony started on XM Radio on October 4. Co-incidence that Howard made his announcement the same week that O&A strted ?

  11. I like the audio version, but you went way overboard with the music today. Otherwise, I love this, great idea.

  12. Leo,
    Loved your recommendation on the new game Portal.
    Can you give me information about how and where I can find this game?
    Thank you, you rock.

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