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  1. Good thing you live in California… I’d hate to think your vote actually counted for something.

  2. Yes we lost 1k soldiers, but are we to be selfless ? And give the world the impression that we don’t care what happens to humanity? I think not, do you know how many people die every day or natural causes, and those that are suffering? Yes we can morn the deaths of our soldiers, but we all wish we could win battles without the lose of life, that is only a dream. Kerry can speak 24/7 on world news all day long with his diplomatic ways, and that will not stop terror EVER, talking only can go so far, you must fallow with ACTION… the only way those terrorist with there gorilla tactics can learn and be defeated is by going after them. Nobodies talk will change those brainwashed souls. Please wouldn’t we all want to talk to the world and have peace, come on that is a fairy tail dream only. History teaches us something I would think…

  3. Sorry Leo, I’m for Bush.
    It’s that Canadian air. Last time I went to Canada, I thought about voting for Clinton… good thing for me I came back to America then realized my mistake two weeks before the polls.

  4. http://leoville.com/blog/index.php/TLR/smileys/#cool smile
    I appreciate Leo for expressing his view.
    I do not share the same conclusion.
    Listening to the VP and VP canidate and having the ability to watching was a certain plus.
    What was missed was the suttle clues of Edwards drinking problem (water) *(just joking).
    Edwards appears drinking about 4 cups of water during the 90 minute debate.
    And you can’t forget Chenney muffling his microphone with his hands while holding his chin up.
    Chenney did provide a web sight … http://factcheck.org/default.aspx
    Fatcheck is independent fact finding regarding both candidates and the adds
    running against and for them.
    I am neither a republican or democrate (see indepedent).

  5. I don’t know how you guys can read this ballot….I can’t tell who Leo voted for. But assuming (from the comments), it’s Kerry/Edwards…
    I really don’t understand how any self-respecting techie or geek could vote for GWB. The Bush Administration has been so anti-science….not surprising, since Bush is such a pawn of the religious right.
    The tide is turning, my friends. Come January, Bush and Cheney will be unemployed…

  6. I disagree with Leo too. The green nail polish was definitely the wrong choice. I’d have gone with a burgundy to complement my eyes.

  7. This has been so interesting. Personally, I did’nt know life was so bad! Well, with the exception that Leo and CFH is not on American TV, that is….

  8. Its amazing how the republicans crawl out of the woodwork. All those lies about why Bush wanted into Iraq finally are catching up with him. More than 1000 of our boys dead in a war that had nothing to do with 911, I can think of at least a 1000 families who dont think life is too good. The utter lack of privacy now, the fuss over a 3 second boob flash. The way the Republicans have bent over for the movie studios and record companys, with the justice department now taken away from serious crime, to go after people who download music. The economy is failing, our deficit is at record highs. The dollar is falling,,,,, and the President lied about the war.
    We are in a worse mess than ever over there. How is life better because of Bush,,, its not, its worse.
    Bush would have gone into Iraq, 911 or not, but he used the deaths of over 3000 people as an excuse for a war. Its a shame. The whole world hates us even more, how does this make things better?
    Way to go Leo.

  9. Contradicting the main argument for a war that has cost more than 1,000 American lives, the top U.S. arms inspector reported Wednesday that he found no evidence that Iraq produced any weapons of mass destruction after 1991. The report also says Saddam Hussein’s weapons capability weakened during a dozen years of U.N. sanctions before the U.S. invasion last year.
    This is todays top headline. This is how the President continues to deny the truth about why he started an un-needed war.

  10. Wow leo, got to vote early this year. I am still waiting for my absentee ballet to come in the mail. I am voting no prop 68 there way to much traffic in the bay area is it is. It time to vote scrub bush out of the whitehouse. Its John Kerry all the way.

  11. Go Leo! I personally think things are bad, gas, food, etc has gone up in price significantly in the past few years and the meager raises I have had have not kept up with inflation. Not to mention the current unemployment rate. Well its a known fact that Kerry will win Cal-ee-fornia anyway. Leo probably makes enough money to be negatively affected by Kerrys tax plans but he’s voting for him anyway.

  12. It’s come down to the same thing as every presidential election. The lesser of two evils is Kerry. I don’t really like any of the options, however Bush is ready to whittle away all of our rights, and obliterate any rights gay people have won. It’s going to be a very emotional time for everyone, and especially for those of us that have never voted before and are now trying to get Bush out of office. At least people are getting involved and trying to have thier voices heard. Unfortunately I and many others will be migrating northward if Bush is re-elected, and you freaks that think he’s doing a good job can have this messed-up country.

  13. I’m also for Kerry/Edwards. But I also do not see how anyone can read anything on those ballots. Unless someone has seen them personally and remembered where the options were and matched Leo’s vote?

  14. It’s a shame really, throwing his vote away like that on a couple of nut jobs like John F-ing Kerry, and his plastic side kick, the “other John”.

  15. I’m still having trouble deciding. Both have pros and cons. I was sure I’d vote for Bush, but now maybe Kerry… maybe give someone else a try at it? I only wish Kerry wouldn’t contradict himself so damn much. I think he’ll say or do anything to get the vote, and not much of a personality. At least his IQ would be higher than Bush’s though. Think I like Laura Bush better than George, saw her on Jay Leno. Although I give 1 point to George for calling the SpaceShipOne people after breaking X11’s record and winning the prize. But there’s still way to many other things against him. And he also doesn’t seem to care at all for our environment.

  16. I think the most disturbing thing with the current election is the polemic animosity on both sides. It seems every Bush voter thinks those who vote for Kerry are idiots and Kerry voters think Bush voters are stooges or just downright evil. There is such a lack of respect for those who think and believe and vote differently, a lack of civility, a respect for democracy. No matter who wins life will pretty much go on as it has before and if it gets worse we’ll get through those times too.

  17. I respect Leo’s right to vote for whomever he choses. That is what’s beautiful about America. We don’t have to live in fear of a tyrannical dictator. Now the people of Iraq no longer need live in fear either. I respect Leo’s right to support John Kerry. I am sure he would support my right to support George W. Bush.

  18. If you click on the thumb to bring up the original and save it, you can them enlarge it to see he did pencil in the Kerry/Edwards choice. The only reason I did this was because I was wondering how posters was guessing Kerry. Then again Leo had never hid his political views. Don’t forget it’s not about the popular vote, as we found out four years ago. A few percentage points in polls means nothing, unless you analyze it by electoral college votes.

  19. Berry or Kush–is there a difference? BOTH will have us in other people’s countries, BOTH will intrude on your personal lives, BOTH will take your money to do with as *they* will, not as *you* will, BOTH think they can run your life better than you can, and BOTH will further erode what’s left of the Bill of Rights. It’s time to toss out the one-party system. Visit LP.org and vote to get your lives back from the government.
    Have a nice day! 🙂

  20. I agree, vote Kerry. I may not agree with much from ether of them but I am for freedom and for our troops coming home ASAP not going into syria like is being reported that we might. All in all I dont know if Kerry will be any better. But if Bush is that bad the first time around why elect him again?
    Humor: (or is it)
    Is it true that every time I use ketchup your wife gets a nickle?
    (Is it true that every time I get gas your family gets $20)

  21. Kerry is in bed with hollywood and the music industry/RIAA. You wanna talk special interest, now that’s a special interest group that’s gonna make all of us geeks suffer. Just wait until you see someone like Kerry who is completely in bed with Hollywood/RIAA in office. With all the money that Hollywood contributed to his campaign say goodbye to downloading anything from the internet. Kerry will give into pressure to get laws passed that will make the DMCA look like a good idea. Clinton is the man responsible for the DMCA, Kerry will be a nightmare for geeks like ourselves. Say goodbye to fair use once Hollywood owns a piece of the White House.
    Bruce Springtein, REM, Pearl Jam, MTV and the rest of the music industry are out there campaigning hard for Kerry, making huge donations. Say goodbye to all of your rights geeks. Pray Kerry doesn’t get elected otherwise file sharing services like Kazaa, Shareaza may be on their death bed and the fines for people using Torrent will make your heads spin. Pray that Kerry doesn’t get elected, cause GWB ain’t doin no favors for Hollywood.

  22. I disagree with a lot of the Republican’s stance on issues (stem cell, gay marriage) & Bush spends too much, but I am casting my vote for national security. Broaden you perspective on the Middle East and read this…http://southerncrossreview.org/35/harari.htm
    it’s long but most insightful.
    It speaks volumes that a known & documented terrorist has publicly back Kerry…Yasser Arafat, scary man.
    But no matter who wins in November he will be my president and you will not hear any vitriolic comments ever uttered from my mouth.
    God Bless America! God Bless Our Troops!

  23. Leo; as much as I love your shows and respect you.I disagree with you over electing Kerry. However I do completly respect your vote.
    But first I thank God so much for being blessed to live in this country. To be free to vote. To be free to say what I like to say. “This is freedom and I apprciate that so much”. Yes we are blessed indeed to live in USA.
    I will never forget how many people were killed by Saddam and those other terrorists. Right now those minorities (terrorists) love to see us being defeated in Iraq and retreat so they could keep killing the freedom, torturing their own people and planing to bomb us here in our own land. Let them just dream about it because that will never happen.
    I am a democrat but on this tough era I am standing behind our president “George W. Bush”
    God Bless America! God Bless Our Troops! Go Bush!
    P.S. By the way Bush is more geek than Kerry 🙂

  24. Well who you vote for doesn’t really matter, there are still going to be troops on the ground in a hostile country. I personally believe they were sent there under a big lie just to make cash for the Halliburton bunch, but that’s just my opinion. But I do know a couple of facts, first we haven’t actually won a war since WWII, so let’s not act so dadburn tough. And we can’t win wars when the people at home don’t give up their daily lives. As in Korea and Vietnam, people at home lived their lives, no rationing, no personal commitment into this task your so willing to send other peoples kids to die. And secondly, The other fact I do know is I have sons, that are in the early and mid teens. And if the draft comes they will not go, now I’m no pacifist, but I’m also not an idiot. I don’t think my kids or anyone else’s should be remembered as a sticker on the back of your SUV. If you really want to support the troops, JOIN UP. I’m sure many kids who are there would love to have your true support instead of your bumpersticker patriotism. Anyway miss you on the tube Leo and the nail polish is a little weird.

  25. I vote that we remove Florida from the electoral college in hopes that the election will be able to go through realitivly smoothly this time around.
    And I’m voting for Ralph Nader for President (only because Ross Perot isn’t on the ballot)

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