Leo Laporte

Podcaster Feed is Up

I got an email just a short while ago from Matthew Bischoff asking me to set up a podcaster feed of the radio show. Never having heard of podcasting I did a little research and discovered a wonderful idea.
Apparently the brainstorm of former MTV VJ and net guru Adam Curry, podcasting is a way to automatically feed content to your iPod. For some it’s a way of creating their own radio show. For me, it’s a way to feed my radio show to those who want it automatically. Subscribe to my feed using iPodder and you’ll automatically get the new shows the minute they’re posted.

UPDATE: Adam will join me on the radio show at 1p on Saturday to talk about podcasting and the future of Internet broadcasting.

For a list of podcaster feeds visit podcasting.net

My podcast feed is http://leoville.tv/podcasts/kfi

For podcast software for Mac, Windows, and Linux visit http://www.ipodder.org/

Matt’s podcasting FAQ explains more.

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