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I got an email just a short while ago from Matthew Bischoff asking me to set up a podcaster feed of the radio show. Never having heard of podcasting I did a little research and discovered a wonderful idea.
Apparently the brainstorm of former MTV VJ and net guru Adam Curry, podcasting is a way to automatically feed content to your iPod. For some it’s a way of creating their own radio show. For me, it’s a way to feed my radio show to those who want it automatically. Subscribe to my feed using iPodder and you’ll automatically get the new shows the minute they’re posted.

UPDATE: Adam will join me on the radio show at 1p on Saturday to talk about podcasting and the future of Internet broadcasting.

For a list of podcaster feeds visit podcasting.net

Leo's radio show RSS feedMy podcast feed is http://leoville.tv/podcasts/kfi

For podcast software for Mac, Windows, and Linux visit http://www.ipodder.org/

Matt’s podcasting FAQ explains more. Podcasting

13 Replies to “Podcaster Feed is Up”

  1. This is so cool. I’m so glad you brought this to my attention Leo. Very interesting that Adam Curry came up with this and is a Mac fan. Who would have thought.

  2. JS script works great on windows. it just takes a little bit for the files to download. Since there is no progress bar it looks like nothing is happening. Be patient young grasshoppers it will download.
    Leo this is really great it’s like Tivo for radio, or internet radio. It will be nice to listen to your show on the long drive to work.

  3. So far all Podcasting has done for me is aggravate my touretts syndrome. Has anyone found or written a $%^$ing tutorial or am I supposed to guess how all the @#$%ing downloads are supposed to work together?

  4. Hi, how do I setup and get Ipodcast to download to my I-tunes Player in Windows,the Windows Medio Player works find,I can download everything good. I like to use I-Tunes better,need Info, Thanks a lots
    Vanj2000 :coolsmile:

  5. Wow! this is great!!… Leo I’ll be listening to every episode u put up… i’ve been missing u since there’s no TechTV…
    I live outside KFI range and this is a great way for me to listen to u in my car and/or while traveling w/ other means ^^… pls don’t stop doing it cuz u think no one is listening… i’ll always be one of the audience here 🙂
    btw, i can’t get Ipodder 1.0.0 to work w/ my Windows either (i get error when trying to run it) but i manually downloaded every episode by looking at the code and sync them to my ipod ^^ lol… might try the mac version later tho 🙂 only my ipod is linked to my pc since i have more hdd space on it)

  6. Yeah.. 1.0.0 doesn’t work on the Mac either. I’m assuming that it’s because I’m still on Jaguar, but that will be rectified soon (ordered Panther, finally)

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