RSS Feeds Fixed… Again

There was a mistake in the RSS feed links on the left at the bottom. I’ve fixed it, thanks to John Shepard who let me know about it.
If you subscribe to the feeds, make sure your links are correct. The RSS 1 and 2 feeds are subject only. The Atom feed is the full story. Please let me know if you’d like to change these feeds or how they work. I want to make sure you can get the blog in a way that works for you.

There are feeds for the whole blog, just the announcements, news, life of leo, and moblog – so you can read just what you want to. The RSS feeds might be a good choice for people who hate the design of the site, or find it too confusing. Just subscribe to the part you like and you’ll see it with minimal formatting.

And remember, this is still a work in progress. But I’m getting there! Off to Toronto now – I’ll be seeing you.

4 Replies to “RSS Feeds Fixed… Again”

  1. John again,
    Now the only issue is times, everything is off at least 12 hours. Some of the dates are half a day in advance.
    LoL, keep up the good work Leo!

  2. Oops, another problem fixed – thanks to the sharp eyes of James Storm. The é character in one of the blog entries was breaking the feed. I’ve fixed that and things should be running smoothly now.

  3. For any LiveJournal users out there, I added the ATOM feed of TLR to LiveJournal under the account name LEOVILLE_TLR
    If you have a free account, but would like to see other Leoville blogs added to LJ’s syndication, comment here or contact me via my webpage and I’ll be glad to make them into LJ syn-accounts too.
    Of course, if you’re like me you’ll want to read TLR as soon as it’s published and simply check Leoville for the whole blog once a week or so.
    Grace and Peace to you,

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