A Little Night Music

thumbnail image I‘m going to try a new way of doing the moblog entries – I’ll post a thumbnail. Click the thumb to get the full size image.
Eventually I’d like to do a moblog home page that looks like the old Leo’s Mob with a grid of thumbnails that link to the full entries. I’m not exactly sure I can do this but I’m investigating. I’ve spent far too much time playing with the new blog software and templates, but I sure am learning a lot about CSS, something I should have learned about long ago, I know.

2 Replies to “A Little Night Music”

  1. Whatcha listening to there Leo? (And before anyone gets smart, yes, I know it’s an iPod.. I have one connected to the computer charging right now)

  2. Yeah – that will be cool if its even possible. Maybe you should just use a php include to the text america page? 🙁

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