Friday Follies

All the news that's fit to rant aboutNews time…

  1. It’s only a matter of time now. A security expert released example code Wednesday that showed how to use the GDI+ hole in the Windows OS and other Windows programs to plant a malicious program on a computer using a JPEG file. Most anti-virus companies have updated their definitions to detect infected JPEG files – make sure you update your AV.
  2. Meanwhile Microsoft has announced it won’t update Internet Explorer unless you’re using Windows XP. The company said in a statement, “We do not have plans to deliver Windows XP SP2 enhancements for Windows 2000 or other older versions of Windows. The most secure version of Windows today is Windows XP with SP2. We recommend that customers upgrade to XP and SP2 as quickly as possible.” I guess Redmond is feeling the pinch.
  3. Sony has succumbed. In addition to supporting its proprietary ATRAC audio compression, new Sony music players will finally support MP3 files. I guess they realized you can’t have an iPod killer without it.
  4. Nokia has announced a new security camera that uses GSM, a cell phone technology, to phone home. When motion is detected the camera will send still images or video to any email address or cell phone.
  5. A recent survey of web users says nearly half couldn’t go two days without the net without suffering withdrawal symptoms. The “Internet Deprivation Study” from Yahoo and media group OMD said that respondents felt that they couldn’t function without the net. Participants in the study “experienced withdrawal and feelings of loss, frustration and disconnectedness when cut off from the online world.” They felt helpless, too, apparently having lost the ability to use the phonebook and newspapers to fetch information. They had to pay people $950 just to participate in the study.

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6 Replies to “Friday Follies”

  1. You know Leo, I found a free security update to windows that fixes all those problems. It’s called linux :)Currently using Suse 9.1. May try to install Gentoo.
    Given some thought to FreeBSD as well.

  2. I’m still working on the RSS feeds. For the full feed – all articles choose the Atom line. The RSS 1 and 2 feeds only give you headlines.
    The RSS 1.0 feed had an error which I think I’ve fixed. Try it now.
    (When I changed the name from weblog to TLR I screwed up lots of links – I’m fixing them wherever I find them. Bad links just send you back to the front page.)

  3. Making the concession, reluctantly mind you, that XP is the “most secure” version of Windows, “secure” of course being a relative term considering it’s Microsoft. Not updating earlier versions of Windows for the vast numbers of users who won’t or can’t upgrade for one reason or another is only going to reversely make the net an even more insecure jungle than it already is. It’s the old glass half empty/half full syndrom, is it security issues or dollar signs?

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