Packet8 Videophone

I can now answer the question, can you have two VoIP phones connected serially to the same Internet connection. Yes.
I still have my Vonage phone. The Vonage terminal adapter is acting as the DHCP controller. It’s connected to the DSL modem. From the Vonage TA I connect my Linksys router in bridge mode. That goes to the Packet8 phone, which, unlike the Vonage TA, seems to prefer being inside the router. The Apple Airport Extreme is connected to the second port on the Packet8. The Airport is also doing DHCP (I know, I know but it works) and uses an Airport Express in another part of the house as a WDS relay.

Packet8 voip camera phone

Both phones work. The wired and wireless networks work. The computer down the hall works. I’m surprised the whole thing doesn’t burst into flames.

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  1. ok, if I have DSL through verizon, and I ditch verizon as my phone company, can I still have DSL so I can have vonage and all that other cool stuff (which is all twisted around in my brain right now, but will be sorted out later)? 🙂

  2. WDSWDS stands for:
    Which one???
    Waste Disposal System
    Water Deluge System
    Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy
    Weapon Delivery System
    Weapons Directive/Direction System
    Well-Defined Services (SML, IBM)
    Western Data Systems, Inc.
    Westhampton Day School (Richmond, Virginia)
    Wireless Data Server
    Wireless Data Service
    Wireless Distribution System (Joint Common Database)
    Wogen des Schicksals (German)
    Women’s Dermatologic Society
    Word Disparity Sum

  3. cool – you have the exact same buffalo antenna as me. I recognized that vonage box too since I had it for a while.

  4. Ok Leo.. That looks like the wireing corner of the basement.. Cable modem, router, WAP, lots of other assorted A/V wires…

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