5 Replies to “Badge of Honor”

  1. Leo can’t say enough praise regarding your professionalism handling the changes in the last few months. However, if you want, I can provide ringing accolades designed to charm your worst skeptics and disarm hecklers. To me you’re not a hero but, someone better. You are someone who I can lookup to and say “he is a nerd and is proud of it.”
    Warning sarcasm below … watch your head.
    Adversity, didn’t change your ‘nerd-i-ness’, Comcast couldn’t change your ‘nerd-i-ness’, others may follow in your foot steps but, those too will stand in your shadow of ‘nerd-i-ness’.
    I am a nerd and I am proud of it (until the diet coke runs out).
    Cheers to Leo.

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