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  1. leo, my hero….and the glorious patrick! god, i so effin miss the both of you…. sure kevin has potential, but everything is ruined. will you be making any apperances in new york city? ive learned so much from the tech tv, but this new thing is only making me stupidor! id love to know how you really felt about the whole ordeal, but i understand why you maybe cant tell the world how you really feel (damn showbuisness politics…)well, keep me updated on any thing new you are doing… hope you and your family is well, including patrick… =o(

  2. Leo,
    What laptop will you be bringing to the Notebook Shop?
    BTW – will there be another Tech Almanac….. I sure hope so….
    Any chance you will be visiting Las Vegas in the near future?
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    P.S. I tried to post this message earlier, but I got a message saying I couldn’t because I would have to wait 3,600 seconds between posts/responses.. what’s with that?

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