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  1. I think this is going to be great. I can’t wait to see the new design. I wish the RSS, Atom feeds worked. I know you are “moving in” and I need to give you time. Well, have a nice day Leo.

  2. I’m trying to “get over it” but I can’t seem to….that piece of crap G4 calls “Screen Savers” is so lame….I watch the first five minutes or so and then switch to the local news. Thanks again Leo, for the fine work you and Pat and Morgan and Megan and Martin and Cat did on TechTv (Kate, too, though that predates me)
    btw, have you noticed how much older Vanna White looks these days?

  3. i want to second the “sigh” about techtv. it was a big part of my tv life! now i’m back to magazines and the internet as the sole sources of my computer information. but nothing could beat the screensavers and leo’s CallForHelp.
    Thanks, Leo, for doing what you did . . . and i hope you can find a way to do it to the mass markets again.
    As a person trying to be the best at what I do, i certainly appreciate a person like Leo who is/was at the top of his field–even if he does like MAC over PC. His preference made me question my own!

  4. Leo he left a legacy that cannot be followed. Between you, Patrick and the rest of the Screen Savers gang there’s was much respect.
    I can’t say anything about Comcast. My Mom always said, “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.”
    Insert silent moment here –> “”
    But, cable and TV have a way of transforming, over time. Perhaps there will be an opprotunity to have another Tech TV/CableShow in the Bay area.
    The last thing I can say is “It takes courage to accept change and faith to not look back to think what could have been.” Makes sense?

  5. Hey Leo, as everyone has implied before, “Thanks for doing what you’ve been doing.” I’m so dissapointed in G4/Tech-TV. I can’t seem to understand why they would do a complete 180 on TechTV when it worked so well before. People actually watched. Now people are just complaning. Whatever happened to all the GOOD stuff, like Call For Help? G4/TechTV is all about gaming now, NOT the technology that we all tune in for.
    Can we as viewers do anything about this? I’ve signed the Petition that’s going around, and I’m even thinking of emailing Comcast telling them how bad it really is. It’s terrible that we’re paying for cable service and not even liking what we’re watching. Something needs to be done.

  6. :coolsmile:
    You have to understand big business….. Comcast purchased TechTV for only reason: They needed to have a “loss” on the books. They destroyed TechTV, and they could claim the dismal ratings as a loss in their financial books. Companies have been doing this for a long time. Unfortunately for the faithful viewers of TechTV, we are also at a “loss” — unfortunately we cannot claim it on our tax returns.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. I feel sorry for you guys who don’t get the new Call For Help like us in Canada. Even though i’m not happy with the new G4TechTV like the rest of you, its still atleast worth watching since Leo there. Its great!

  8. i miss watching Leo… and very much agree w/ previous posts…
    i’m gonna make another “silence” that James.mc said
    Kevin’s and gang r trying their best… but it’s obvious things r not the same no more… (and it’s not just “different”… I mean Alex is doing well, but combination w/ Kevin they r too playful and not informative and funny, in that particular order; which is what we love so much about u, Leo, and Pat)

  9. That is so sad it is the end of every thing techtv was. I am sadded by what Comcast has done to this once every powerful and good network. It is nice that some of the screen savers crew is still on but it will never be the same. Leo you are the one who inspired me to learn more about computers. I now have my own self built PC thanks to want I learned on zdtv and techtv. I have watched Call for Help and the screensaver for over 5 years. For me I don’t think Comcast should have the right to call the network G4techtv because what they have done to it. It is no loner about technology it is about games now not even tech live survived and that help make techtv what it was for me.
    Well I can go no and no about Comcast.
    But I would like to thank you Leo. You have opened me up to the world computers.
    Thank you

  10. I am going to listen to Leo on the radio and visit this site often. That’s my contribution.
    TSS metamorphose into something different. And, sometimes different is good but, sometimes …
    I only wish I had the professionalism that Leo has.
    If we traded places … I would have probably sued Comcast for firing a worker over 40. But, I guess you need a contract in the first place.

  11. We watched the first couple minutes of SS again last night. After their opening skit, my daughter, age 12, said “Boy, this show really HAS gotten stupid!” So if kids are now their target demographic, they’ve missed that, too.

  12. That’s exactly my thought on this.The Screen Savers a a mess, with Dan “No Foo for thought” stuttering through his segments, and Kevin and New guy laughing through most of the calls.
    It seemed for a while to be the “Kevin and Sarah Show”, but now with Patrick gone, and considering everyone on the show is barely old enough to drink, it’s turned into a complete farse of what it once was.
    The rest of the programming is no better, with it’s idiotic “game shows”. It’s not as though anyone actually enjoys watching others play games that they could be playing instead.
    Don’t get me wrong……I’m a gamer, but to me there’s way too much focus on video games in the rest of the progamming.
    We had/have X-Play, and we had Tommy and Vic’s Electric Playground / Reviews on the Run / Judgment Day. Now we have Sweat, Players, Cheat, and Filter. So now we can hear reviews of the same freaking games over and over again.
    And what the hell is the point of the mind numbing Cinemateque? I’ve recommended that my doctor prescribe it to patients as a sleep aid.
    Now that I’ve got that off my chest……
    I’ll be on CFH this Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to speaking the Leo. I’m not sure when the show will air, but I can’t wait.
    I know that their calling me and making an appointment seems oxymoronic given the name of the show, but they want a bit of a heads up to be able to answer the calls and I’m sure that it helps avoid a crush of callers.
    They called me on Thursday and asked if I was still interested…….
    Well hell yah!!
    Leo Laporte is the reason I still subscribe to G4 TechTV. One not-very-eloquent poster called him “ordinary” and “Gramps”……but I’m sure Mr. Laporte has forgot more than most of us will ever know.
    Too bad the suits at G4TechTV think we want “SpikeTV” or “Comedy Central” instead of the technology based educational programming we signed up and paid for in the first place.
    I miss Tech Live, I miss Patrick Norton, and I miss the old TechTV. Cats stint on TSS was a nice reminder of better days, and I would like to see her more often, as she has the “knack” for being on the camera and adds a lot of fun to the content.
    Also, I’m glad Leo is still a part of it for us up here above the 49th parallel. But as far as the “new” G4TechTV….the tech edge is gone….but at least you can “overclock your toothbrush”…..wow, that’s worth my subsciption fee.

  13. The previous post was a cut and paste from the G4TechTV “Call for help” forum.Some of the comments reflect posts there. I forgot to edit them out before I posted them here, and now that I can’t edit them…..I don’t want to offend anyone.
    No one called Leo any bad names here!!!
    Sorry…the rest is pretty much relevant.
    Wordy…..but relevant.

  14. We All Can Do Something To Bring Technology Back To The Air Ways.
    Contact The Big Networks Like Discovery,DIY etc & Let Them Know About The High Demaned For Technology Related Programming And Tell Them Why They Should Start Airing Technology Related Programming As G4TechTV Stopped Airing Over 75% Of TechTV Technology Related Programming. If Other Networks Started Airing Technology Related Programming Before G4 Media Starts Bringing Back Technology Shows Back Then G4 Media Will Have Some Real Challages To Deal With After They Lose Viewier Ratings From Other Networks That Gained Viewer Ratings From Bringing Back Technology Shows That G4 Media Dropped.
    Let’s All Start Doing Something That Will Really Get Noticed.

  15. !??!
    What happened? – I finally move to an sarea where TechTV is avalible and come back to two strangers hosting The Screensavers…
    ok… granted, not complete strangers but certainly NOT Leo and Pat…
    I’m sure those guys are great and all but… [sigh]… it’s just not the same. What am I going to do without the crazy old man and the big guy with a sledge hammer? – that familiar duo who feed me tech news and info seasoned liberally with banter and common sense?
    I shouldn’t be this upset – but this was damn near the only reason for me to watch television… and now they’ve canned my guys.
    Despite the Sox trouncing the Yanks last night [at Yankee Stadium, no less], I’m still kinda blue. Put simply, this blows.
    What happened?

  16. The new SS sucks. Leo and Pat were the best! The only reason I’m still watching the show is because Sarah Lane is a hottie.

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