EE Coming Along

After considerable tinkering I think this new blog is pretty much where I want it to be. As I’ve mentioned before it’s based on Rick Ellis’s excellent Expression Engine, the successor to his pmachine content management system. I’m very happy with the speed and flexibility of EE. I have been able to grok its backend pretty quickly, and the style templates are very simple to fiddle with. Because it’s dynamic any changes I make to the site propagate immediately, no rebuilding, and that makes it very easy to mess with the design (maybe you’ve noticed the theme of the minute for the last few days?).
Of course the design will change completely once 2Extreme Media finishes its job. I haven’t seen any preliminary art, but Mike and his team are very good and I have a feeling it will be smashing. Having a flexible content management system on this end gives me the confidence I need to finally update my site. It was a much more daunting task when it was flat HTML files maintained by hand in Dreamweaver.

Once I get the new design this “blog” will actually be the Leoville front page.

My only complaint about EE is that it doesn’t support the Blogger API so I can’t use Ecto, my favorite blogging tool, to create new content. Rick says EE is too flexible to be able to accommodate the API. Harrumph. As of now I must either use the web interface (which is pretty good) or email the post. That’s a very nice feature of EE which means I can also move the moblog over here. For the time being I’ll double post everything to both Typepad or Textamerica and here, but update your bookmarks because that won’t last forever.

The last stage will be to integrate the wiki software for the radio show notes into the site – which should be fairly simple since it’s PHP and MySQL based, too. Then my dream of unification for Leoville will be complete. The message boards will still stand alone – there’s no other way to do that – but all my content will be accessible from one, easy to navigate, page. I hope.

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  1. Glad to see the unification process begin. Missing you on the tube here in the states!
    I used to host with 2xtreme, went nearly a year without being billed but the site remained live. I called them several times over that year and they said not to worry about it, they’re making changes or something like that. Then they simply lost my blog, nearly three years worth of posts were in the database. Something about their server provider shut down the system or whatever. They were able to email the html pages to me though. After about two weeks of manually reentering every single blessed post back into a new install of MT, I rebuilt my blog. I’ll give them this though, they sure are friendly folks!
    I host my own sites now.

  2. I enjoy your columns. I am also experiencing the hover-over in Firefox. Seems to flash the Ads By Google menu over the content.
    Also, unable to get your RSS feeds from the links provided. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

  3. It’s looking great, Leo. While you’re working on it, your links used to open in a new window, but now they don’t, and it takes a while to get back to the page.

  4. Ok, I’m late as usual, but I updated my bookmark!
    Congrats on the new look and new “wiki” (whatever that is), so long as you’re happy, I’m happy.

  5. Leo (or anyone who can answer),I like the site design. One time on TSS you told people how to put sayings on a website like you have in the upper left corner that changes randomly every time you load the page. I could not find anything the g4techtv site, does anyone know how or have a link???
    PS~ I REALLY miss the old Screensavers with you on it and call for help. It’s a damn shame.

  6. I hope you’re planning to put back the products you use, i.e., camera, DV recorder, monitor, printer, scanner, etc.I’m not good with change and there’s been too much lately. lol
    Thank you!

  7. Hey Leo, I think that it is better if you keep the The Laporte Report, Life of Leo, and the mob seperate.And I also think that w.bloggar is better once or ever than ecto.

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