Wednesday’s Word to the Wise

Hurricanes in the Caribbean and storms all over the net.
Fortunately, I’ve got my Poogle to keep me warm.

  1. There’s a significant security flaw in Windows (where have I heard that before?) that could allow a worm to be hidden inside a JPEG image. The bug is in GDI+ so any application written in Visual Studio or using the .net framework is vulnerable. Microsoft rates this as a critical vulnerability because a hacker could use it to infect your computer without any action on your part. The company has released a fix for Windows via Windows Update, but you’ll have to update Office and other applications individually. In addition there’s a scanner available that will pinpoint other vulnerable applications.
  2. Another reason to run Windows Update: the new sdbot or spybot worm uses the same flaws as Sasser and MSBlast to sneak a password stealing program on your computer without user intervention. Updated systems and those behind firewalls are not vulnerable.
  3. The Samba team released two patches today for a flaw that could crash systems running the software. Samba is used on Linux, Mac, and other Unix operating systems to connect to Windows systems. Only Samba version 3 is vulnerable – the current version, 3.07, is safe.
  4. A former credit card help desk employee has plead guilty to selling 30,000 credit card numbers, causing $2.7 million in losses. He faces 14 years in prison and a one million dollar fine.

    Nintendo DS

  5. Wal-Mart is taking orders for the new Gameboy. Apparently the Nintendo DS will cost $200 and arrives November 30.

  6. The British Consumers’ Association is complaining to the government that Apple’s iTunes Music Store is a ripoff. It costs UK customers about 11 pence more to buy songs than their European cousins (79p vs 120 Euro cents). Apple says blame the British music industry. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Beatles’ lawsuit does it?
  7. Slashdot notes that Firefox is gaining on Internet Exploder. According to the latest Engadget log files, only 57% of their users are using IE. MSIE has a 60% share on Leoville so far this month. Mozilla 25%. Safari 7%. I’m using Omniweb on the Mac these days and I’m lovin’ it.

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  1. Yay I’m the first comment. Im honored 🙂
    Anyway, thanks Leo for the security updates. My Mac’s and PC’s are all updated now. It’s nice to have the tech news in one bite size piece. Now off to inform all my friends and family. Scary thought though, a worm in a jpeg. eeek. :gulp:
    PS: I’ve never used OmniWeb. What does everyone think about it? Cause I’m downloading it now.

  2. Good to see Firefox is gaining, though those numbers surprise me. I think it is gaining more quickly among the tech-savvy users who would be inclined to visit sites such as Slashdot and here. I run a Denver Broncos fan site, and have noticed that IE has dropped from 95% to 90% in the past few months. Of course, the users there are less tech-savvy and perhaps better represent interenet users as a whole?

  3. Cool.. Like the new blog!
    For those on Livejournal and reading it via a syndicated account, add “leoblog_ee” for the new one!

  4. Good looking page, Leo. Speaking of Firefox, the old blog page RSSed nicely in Firefox 1PR, but this one doesn’t. It would be nice if it did. Thanks for everything.

  5. Gamestop is also accepting orders for the DS.. They too want $199.99.. Also indicating a November Release…

  6. Congrats on the new site, Leo. I’ve changed my Atom feed and all goes well.
    I’m a recent convert to Firefox and am unlikely to go back to IE; however, I’ve read about security flaws (now fixed) in Mozilla also so we’ll have to see.
    BTW, I caught your Canadian CFH last evening and am pleased with my reluctant decission to re-subscribe to G4/Tech TV — I unsubscribed after the merger and the cancellation of the Tech shows, staff changes, etc. Not sure I’m going to like the new Screen Savers — based on the one show I saw last night. Are you still doing the “Tips” segment? I must have missed it.

  7. Good choice going with EE Leo! I’ve been using it for a while and really like it, just don’t know how much I like the template setup. But still great software!

  8. I registered and replied to board email and am getting a not yet approved message. Any ideas why?

  9. I’d be using FireFox 100% of the time IF the Yahoo Companion bar worked with it. That’s the ONLY reason I’m still on IE as my default browser.
    And don’t tell me about the’s Companion project; its too buggy for me to use.
    Once Yahoo gets their act together and makes a FireFox Companion version, I’d switch fully.

  10. Thanks for the news etc on your Blog Leo. I’m going to make your Blog my homepage, love it :exclaim:
    btw, like all the Smileys too…..

  11. Poor windoze. Maybe since FireFox is gaining, Linux will gain on Windows??? hehe maybe in about 15yrs. I have 6 FREE gmail accounts to anywho goes and registers for my weblog under reviews and postings at, hey folks get a free gamil account and ask tech questions for free in my forums and get FREE answers. Hope you don’t mind the shameless plug Leo, I have a link to your site 🙂

  12. Just because Walmart says this stuff it doesn’t mean its true about the DS. Alot of sites have preorders with different Prices. But $120-$200 in November is the biggest speculation.

  13. Hey Leo,
    Noticed some odd behaviour with your site. When I mouseover a link, the Google Ad briefly flashes over top of your entry.
    Using Firefox PR 1.0. The best browser going! I’m going to have a a look at OmniWeb for the Mac as well.

  14. Both Hurricanes left me in a very mean hostile irritating mood for weeks and left our neighborhood a wreck while they were here. >:-(
    They started picking up the debris now which is good.

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