Registration and Comments are working

The registration and comments are now working. Comment away!
I know the typefaces suck. These are temporary templates. They’ll be fixed today.

UPDATE: They’re fixed and I think now more legible. Please give me any feedback on the design and things you’d like to see changed. The RSS feeds are working now, too. Eventually I would like to use this engine for three blogs:

  1. TLR – The Laporte Report, tech news and commentary
  2. LOL – Life of Leo, a personal blog
  3. MOB – my moblog
  4. News – announcements about this site, my appearances, etc.

Ideally you’d be able to click a link up top to select postings from any of the blogs, or see them combined with the newest entries first.

12 Replies to “Registration and Comments are working”

  1. Congrats on the new site format Leo — keep up the great work both here and on your radio show!
    Andy P.

  2. 😛 First Post!
    Leo I miss seeing you on TV. Unfortunately, moving to Canada isn’t an option. Continue to write and know that your fans have missed you.

  3. Yay! Life in the blogs once again! And now the world rejoices!
    Ok I’m done. 🙂 Bye Bye.

  4. Hey Leo! Long time watcher first time contacting and posting. Great to see pMachine working for you. I just got a weblog up myself at my web site under reviews and postings. Just started it and posted something I found on Kevin’s site. I DID site his work I am not a biter 😉 I just though it was a great post Free LINSPIRE! so check his or my site. By the way I know call for help is US is a nothing more than a memory so if ANYONE has questions they can go to my website and register and ask any Tech related question they have. I’ve been on computers since I was 5. Started out on Commodore 64 then a trash 80, then my first apple, and made the switch to PC when it came out and have been on PC ever since, and have played around a bit in linux so I can answer BASIC linux questions (install, setup, configurations.) So Feel free to link to me as I’ve put a link to your site because You have the absolute best news out there and will not ever try to post news 😉 You have that covered. Nice to finally say hi and howdy, and there will be more to come.Later,

  5. Problems with the site and Firefox 1.0PR… Whenever you mouse over a link, the Google ads pop up for a second 4/5ths of the way across the browser window…
    Strange, repeatable and only on your site from what I’ve seen…
    By the way, glad you’re back!

  6. Nice new blog. But you need to make sure the blog link on the main Leoville page comes here. Unless you’re adding another one. In which case, I’ll just sit over in the corner all quiet like.

  7. It’s a cool new design you have know but somethings missing… The Gear and Bookshelf sections. We need that Leo…

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