The Top Buttons

This blog contains four sub-categories or “channels.” You can choose which channel’s entries you see using the buttons up top. Think of them as buttons on a radio (which they will be some day if I can get the new design in place).
Press the All Channels button to see the most recent entries from all channels in chronological order.

You can get subsets depending on your interests by clicking other buttons. For instance, press the Alerts button to just see the most recent announcements about the site, my appearances, and so on. Alerts all have an angel with a trumpet icon on the right of the entry.

Press the Tech News button to just get my daily tech news summaries. They’re designated by the newspaper icon on the right. (Technically this is TLR: The Laporte Report. I know that’s confusing, because that’s the title in the graphic at the top of every page. That’s going to change — the graphic is just a placeholder until I get the redesign done.)

Press Life Of Leo (LOL) for only my personal blog entries. Look for the smiling Leo icon as drawn for me by Nitrozac and Snaggy. Thanks guys!

The Pictures button will show you entries that contain images from my camera phone and other sources. That’s why there’s a camera icon on the right of each entry. The entry contains a thumbnail — click it to look at the full-size image.

The last two buttons aren’t really blog categories — they’re help buttons. The RSS button will take you to a page with links to the various RSS feeds for this site. The Help button takes you here.