Friday’s Free Swim

Lick meSome news is better than no news and that’s what you’ll get next week when I’m on vacation.
Meanwhile, happy birthday Alfred Hitchcock. I think I’ll send him a card with my new Leo Stamp.

  1. Windows XP Service Pack 2 is now available through Windows Update. However, some problems have been reported. Might be worth waiting a bit before upgrading. I’ve had no problems on two systems, but Andy Walker has reported that the Windows Update verdestroyed one of our systems.
  2. Jeffrey Lee Parsons, a 19-year-old from Minnesota, has plead guilty to creating and spreading the Blaster-B worm. He based it on the original Blaster whose author remains at-large. Parsons is not the brightest banana in the bunch – he simply rewrote the original virus to make it nastier, and then distributed it under his own chat handle, making it easy for cops to track him down. It’s unlikely they’ll ever catch the guy (or gal) who really started it.
  3. DVD Jon is at it again. First he breaks the CSS encryption on DVDs, then he cracks the iTunes Music Store copy protection, now he claims to have broken the encryption in Apple’s Airport Express Wi-Fi device, allowing it to be used for more than just iTunes music sharing.
  4. Google’s Initial Public Offering was almost delayed again, this time because founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin have revealed too much in the pages of Playboy. The auction is scheduled to begin today amid fears that the interview may have violated the SEC mandated Quiet Period. (Although I notice that Google’s lawyers have added the interview transcript to the official prospectus). No action has been forthcoming from the SEC so if you registered in time, point your browsers to and let the bidding begin.

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  1. my computer will not show me the update… i don’t think my copy is bad.. i’ll have to go consult the d tip to see if i can get the hack

  2. Ye Ha!!! I get the first post 😛
    Anyway, I installed SP2 on 3 computers earlier this week.Have since then had only one software problem, but there was already an update on the software’s website 🙂
    Only thing is one of my computers now likes to hang up on reboot or cold boot, I have to hit power button and start again,then the screen comes up “start windows normally?”
    I say yes and it works, strange, maybe sp2 related maybe not, if not strange timing.
    Have fun on your vacation Leo 🙂

  3. Looks like the way to go is wait a bit and get the free CD. Avoid the long broadband D/L and longer dialup time
    By that time we’ll know what is doing what to who and maybe sidestep the problems. A live lurker always lives

  4. I found a few bugs on the home user side of it. Ive noticed that automatic downloads (like from, which sends it after viewing the page for a few seconds) no longer work with IE or firefox. Also, Media Player Reinstalls itself for some reason, but with an odd bug. When watching or listening to something, if you move the time elapsed bar slider (to rewind/FF) the volume suddenly jumps up to very loud.

  5. I downloaded the entire SP2 late Tuesday and into Wednesday afternoon. Following instructions for “slipstreaming,” I created a new Windows XP install disc with SP2 integrated and installed Windows fresh on Wednesday night.
    The software I’ve tried seems fine, with one exception–the install disc that came with my Intel D865PERL motherboard will not autorun under SP2–there’s a 10-15 second delay, followed by an error message. No major issue, I just had to open the folder and find the chipset installation file myself.
    Earthlink and other programs I’ve tried run beautifully, and it was a pleasure to log onto Windows Update on Wednesday, from a fresh install of XP, and find absolutely no critical updates for download…I’ll just enjoy that luxury while I can. : )
    My websurfing seems to have improved considerably with the new install, with far fewer website freezeups…only time will tell whether that’s related to SP2 or is some weird coincidence.
    The security screen that appeared immediately upon bootup was a bit annoying, like an overprotective mother, but I quickly disabled it. Microsoft can’t deal with the fact that I don’t want automatic updates for my system, preferring instead to check Windows Update every couple of weeks.

  6. I guess SP2 really is worth waiting for, eh? Amazing for a Microshaft product.
    Happy Vacation, Leo! =)
    ~~ Bette

  7. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. It must be strange, being on vacation while your brand new television show debuts. I bet that’s never happened to you before. I wonder if you’ve watched it yet.

  8. Hey, Does anyone know how I can set up an RSS feed for my blog?
    I’m using Blogger, but instead of hosting it on Blogspot, I am hosting it on my site. I know that if you’re on blogspot, you can use Blogger’s atom.xml. But i’ve tried copying that over and it keeps saying that something is wrong with it, so if you can figure it out, please let me know! Email me at

  9. Hello from downunder (Australia ) watch your show on ( FOX TV SATELLITE ) it’s a little bit behind, I am watching your shows from a month or two ago but still love them hopefully I will get to see your new shows comming from G4-TECHTV Canada and not miss out on the best TV show I have seen on computer stuff.
    P.S. I have got 3 computer at home all networked and on the internet with broadband

  10. Have a wonderful vacation Leo. I was so glad to hear that Call For Help was resurected –at least in Canada. Now I need to find someone in Canada to tape the shows for me!

  11. Hey Leo
    Whats the deal with the whole costume thing on your moblog? Its kinda entertaining.

  12. I do not know why alot of people are afraid of Service Pack 2… I tried both betas (that will make some people here frown on me…) with no trouble at all. The real thing was no problem either… As for Windows Media Player reinstalling itself, that happens every time you install a new Service Pack. You are just setting up the version of Windows Media Player included with Service Pack 2. All of your playlists, settings and library should remain intact… Mine did the same thing, but all of my previous settings and plugins carried over with out a hitch… I am running the Windows Media Player 10 tech beta (no problems with it either…) and when I put on Service Pack 2 I thought it would roll back to 9, but, nope, 10 is still here, and pumpin’ out tunes as I type this…
    No problems from either of these two pieces of software… None of my apps are broken either…

  13. Hey Leo fans any of u fans of Yu Gi Oh? Leo were u dragged to see the movie? I saw it and I really enjoyed it; hope there are more!!! get back to me if anyone reads this!

  14. Ok its not me who has the problem but its very serious, my girlfriend’s parents have 5 viruses on it; my girlfriend and her dad knows where they came from: Her mom keeps opening emails with attachments and emails from people she does not know who sent them. Her mom keeps saying its not from her emails because of 2 reasons: “email attachments dont have viruses” and “because its their computer they are not able to get viruses from emails” in her mind their computer is immune just because she believes it. So is there anyway to get her to understand the situation??

  15. Jason,
    1. Get AVG Anti-virus and clean the machine
    2. Download and Install Thunderbird and Firefox on the machine and make her use them
    3. Take away her e-mail if this keeps happening

  16. Hey Jason,
    Take away her email right now…
    No amount of anti-virus software will help a person if they are being stupid by opening email attachments from people they do not know…
    Leo says it again and again… Everybody here would say it again and again…
    Maybe you could get dirty and reformat her hard drive or something to make her believe it is the email viruses… If she is really ignorant about computers to the point where she believes viruses do not come from email attachments, she should have no idea what is really going on… Sure, all of her hard work and taxes and Office things may go but at the end you can say “I told you so…”
    If she still does not listen after that, it is hopeless… If she does not reform after that, that stop wasting your time… It is too valuable to spend telling people that viruses DO come from email attachments…

  17. Thnx leo fans and computer geeks! It is her that has the problem, I know that viruses come from emails and not just the ones with attachments. She is not my mom, so I really cant do anything about it anyway. I wish u all could contact her and tell her this urselves!
    I watched ZDTV and TechTV all the time sadly I cant watch G4TechTV because I moved to an area that the cable companies offer channel(boo hoo), plus I cant get satellite because I live in an apartment complex.

  18. Today’s Quick Quiz:
    What happens more often?
    A) Leo Blogs
    B) Usama Bin Laden issues a jihad

  19. Just a word for any educators out there: If you’re using Microsoft’s Class Server version 2.0 or 3.0 DO NOT install service pack 2!! You will have to get down to the registry to remove Class Server and reinstall. It’s not fun.

  20. Love the new show. Glad to see you guys brought back the old theme, its much better than the newer one. This is the best thing that has happened ever since the merger. You guys just need to bring back the quiz and give out prizes, then the show would be absolutely perfect!

  21. Hey kmac,
    You should be thankful for these features. Microsoft is becoming proactive in thir approac to the security issues

  22. SP2 is horrible, i installed it on one computer and i’m not installing it on any others until something comes out to fix this. and i absolutely hate all the new “features” added to it they are all annoying and you don’t even need them all they did was screw thing up even more, microsoft sucks, if i had one more computer lying around you’d be sure i’d be running linux on it.

  23. Since there’s less TV to watch these days I actually had time to read a book the other day. It was ok, but it reminded me of my old favorites so I did a search on Amazon. Not only was “The Witches of Karres” available, somebody actually wrote a sequel which was also well reviewed. Now if someone would just make a movie of it and, “The Beyond.” There are only so many comic book characters left. Its about time someone recognized the potential of the old classics. Of course I never believed you’d get the axe either so what do I know?

  24. Hey Leo! Monica just called me from CFH Canada, and Im going to be on the show September 1st!!! Can’t wait to talk to you, and I hope CFH is back on in the states soon.
    Hope you had a Great Vacation!

  25. Missing: Leo LaPorte………………Rewards: $1,000,000 Contact: 1-800-222-TIPS :S (What’s Leo been up to anyway….?)

  26. I just found out AOL is beta testing there own Stand alone Browser called fanfare if you are a AOL beta tester u can D/L it at Keyword beta

  27. I’m Calling for Help… Help, we can’t find Leo! ohhh Leeeooo, where are you?? We miss you! We know you’re out there, cuz you posted on Leoville Boards on “Wed Aug 25 2004 10:34 AM”. At least we know you’re alright as of yesterday…

  28. OH NO! TypePad has now pushed the last post into the archives! The Laporte Report is completely empty!!!

  29. Hey, all those who are missing their Leo fix. The poor guy should deserve a two week vacation to recharge his batteries after such a year of changes with the Tech TV/G4 merger, his contract difficulties with Vulcan, cancellation of CFH and organizing CFH 2.0. Let us be patient until Leo returns.

  30. Leo I am glad to see that you are busy and still talking tech, I am going to check that radio’s site, don’t know if I can get it, since I live in Maine. Joanne

  31. Leo I am glad to see that you are busy and still talking tech, I am going to check that radio’s site, don’t know if I can get it, since I live in Maine. Joanne

  32. Have a GREAT vacation Leo, you deserve every minute of it!
    Wish I could watch the Premier of CFH on Monday!

  33. Welcome to Los Angeles and KFI. I was getting pretty sick and tired of hearing Dr. Laura M-F and again on the weekends. Looking forward to hearing all about you.
    Good luck/.

  34. There is no law about putting the face of a living person on a US Stamp, it’s just that they don’t do it. But that doesn’t apply to this. These ‘stamps’ are pre-paid postal stickers. You can buy those on places like or whatever. This is really just printing a picture next to that postal tag.

  35. I am so happy to have CFH available here in Canada. It looks a bit like the old ZDNet shows–less flashy, but good content. In fact, it looks like they didn’t spend a dime on your sets, which means you should be able to spend a week taping shows out of my house in Red Deer, Alberta. You’re welcome any time.

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