Tuesday’s Tribal Drum

OK I’m back from Toronto and after collapsing for 24 hours, I’m ready to resume our normal broadcast day. Maybe it’s the Prozac in the water?
The Smithsonian was founded on this day in 1846. The Netscape IPO launched the Internet bubble in 1995.

  1. There’s a serious security flaw in AOL’s Instant Messenger that could give a hacker access to an unwitting user’s computer. AOL has yet to patch the bug.

  2. Microsoft has finally released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP – the long awaited major security fix for Windows. People are so anxious to get a copy that they’re not waiting for it to appear on Windows Update. It’s being distributed on the peer-to-peer file sharing networks usually reserved for music swapping. I recommend people wait until it’s available on Windows Update later this month. It’s a 272 megabyte download from the file sharing networks. It will be much smaller from Windows Update because you will only download the parts of the update that you need. If you must, download the full version now from Microsoft directly.
  3. IBM is telling its employees to wait to install the update. According to IDG, in a note headlined “To patch — or not to patch” posted Friday on its corporate intranet, IBM tells its employees not to download SP2 when it becomes available because of compatibility issues.
  4. Not to be left out, Apple is shipping a 43 megabyte update to OS X today along with a separate security update that patches handling of PNG images. Mac OS 10.3.5 improves Bluetooth performance and updates video drivers. Software update will pull down the updates automatically.
  5. The google IPO is inching closer. Google settled a patent lawsuit by Yahoo yesterday to clear the decks for the offering by giving Yahoo 2.7 million shares of stock – the settlement will cause Google to post a loss in its first quarter as a public company.
  6. A nasty virus has been spreading fast since yesterday. The Bagle variant usually has the words price or price quote in the body of the message, the attached file contains the virus and will infect your machine if you open it.
  7. The FTC has shut down D-Squared, a company that was using Windows Messenger Service to spam computers with pop-up ads. The company was accused of harassing users with spam messages as often as every 10 minutes.
  8. San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court has ruled that an Arizona sheriff violated prisoners’ rights by broadcasting images of them being booked to the Internet. Judge Richard Paez wrote that the Webcasts amounted to little more than a “reality show” and went beyond what would be considered a reasonable deterrent to crime.

Listen in today at 6:45a Pacific for my weekly news commentary on KGO 810 AM in San Francisco.

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  1. Hiya Leo !!! =D
    Was starting to get worried, need my fix of Leoville!!!
    Glad to see you back.Lol I tried d/ling the sp2 from Microsoft site last nite, got 230megs worth then my isp hit me with the FAP ( fair access policy) and basically grinded my d/l to a halt, bummer. lol oh well, I’m tryin the bit torrent d/l cuz it should take longer and not violate the fap.
    Glad to hear the FTC shut the company down, now maybe they can use their muscle on email spammers??? lol
    Also I can’t see how broadcasting a criminals booking is a violation of their rights seeing as how criminal records and police reports etc are public information.Right? I’m not sure what all is considered Public Info, someone wanna clarify that for me? thnx
    keep up the good work Leo,

  2. Prozac in drinking water is only the tip of the iceberg as far as leeching pharmaceticals are concerned. “large” amounts of estrogen are present in the drinking water of most Western cities because of the residuals from birth control pills. This could be a reason for higher rates of breast cancer in men, as well as a lower worldwide male birthrate.
    Anyway, good to hear from you Leo. I’m glad G4TechTV Canada is airing old Call For Help episodes but last week it was the same episode (the one where Will Wheaton hosted) all week, ad nauseum… Shouldn’t they at least use one that Leo is on? With the Screensavers also on re-runs it’s getting a little bit tiresome… Oh well, all will be well in the universe again once C4H2 comes on the air.

  3. “A spokesman for the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) said the Prozac found was most likely highly diluted.”
    How much do you love that the acronym for the Drinking Water Inspectorate is DWI? 😉

  4. Welcome back Leo! Again, thanks for answering the LINUX question on-air.
    Yeah, about that OS-X patch.. I got slammed with it this morning.. I woke up and Software Update had popped up and told me I needed to d/l an new update, not telling me that it was that large. Thank God for the cable modem, I guess.
    Dundalk24 -> Who is your ISP? I’ve downloaded several LINUX ISOs on my Comcast service and never had a problem. (Of course, I’m not a big fan of the stability of it, but that’s for another day)
    Anyway, there’s 3million things I have to do before my vacation.

  5. Adam, I use Direcway Satellite internet.Because there is no DSL or Cable where I live yet.I guess its coming and I can’t wait for cable, that’s what I had before I moved to SC…now I’m in the boonies lol

  6. Welcome back Leo!
    Thanks for the news updates.
    Do you know how US viewers (with cable, not satellite) can watch C4HCanada?

  7. Would liked to know how the Call For Help show went on it’s return to the airwaves. I bet it went well. I would have loved to have seen the show down here. The best of luck with the show.

  8. Welcome back Leo!
    Thanks for answering my question on-air about Z-Modem. I’d already found some usefull sites that answered my question the day before I was scheduled to go on with you, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to talk with you live about it.
    BTW, the name of my old BBS was “Falcon’s Lair” . Based here in Panama City, Florida.
    Thanks again Leo. Glad to see the Town Square afresh with “new” news… !

  9. oh goodie! updates so big that i’ll never see ’em cause my isp still laughs hysterically when i try to get onto google… someday we’ll upgrade to an internet connection that’s faster than sending smoke signals…

  10. I’m downloading the entire SP2 update to store on a CD, in case I ever need to reformat my computer.

  11. Normal??? What you’re doing now is NORMAL???
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! he laughed hysterically.

  12. Leo, thank you for the link for Service Pack 2. It’s a huge download, but I want an archive of the entire pack, even though I have a humble 56k modem. If a half-decent transfer rate can be achieved, I plan to install a download manager temporarily this evening, then leave my system on for the next couple of nights. This will almost be like old times–I downloaded both release candidates for Windows XP the same way three years ago at this time. Back then it was even worse–I had CompuServe, which could be depended on for one thing–dropped connections. Earthlink, at least, will keep me connected to the net for hours without this happening.

  13. Leo,
    Great to hear you today in Chicago on Steve Dahl’s radio show. On your advice I promptly dumped IE 6.0 and went with Mozilla Firefox, and LOVE it. User interface is so much friendlier (and not in the balloony-cartoony mode of Windows XP).
    The only times I used to be able to catch TechTV were when I visited family in Michigan, and I was glued… sorry to hear (for the first time today) that it’s no more. I’m lobbying Steve Dahl and WCKG to start airing your radio show on the weekends (come on, Chicago, let’s mobilize!).

  14. Now we just need to get you a 5 day a week radio show to completely take up all of your time off.. LOL

  15. Dear Leo,
    As a Technology Edu. Teacher in Kentucky I want to thank you and the crew from Call for Help
    for the impact that you have had on the tech groupies.
    For a instering group that you may or may not be aquanted with but i think you might like
    check out http://www.tsaweb.org Technology Student Assocation
    Thanks for the hours spent watching techtv in college

  16. HI Leo:
    Is there any way, we an catch your Call for help Ca Show, on Satellite Directv (USA) ???, maybe I missed a previous posting on this topic! Just checking & hoping. — Lydia

  17. I installed SP2 yesterday. So far, so good. No problems, except I cannot reinstall Yahoo Mail’s Autocomplete into the new Explorer. It’s blocked somehow.

  18. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s unusual methods are reasonable only if you’re into sadism. He’s the guy who gives Arzona prisoners pink underwear, bread and water and tent jails in 115 degree heat. Judge Richard Paez is on the right track.

  19. Glad you’re back with the same amount of pieces you left with.
    FYI, the Mac OS X 10.3.5 “delta” update depends on what pervious updates you have on your machine. I’ve updated three machines running 10.3.4 and two of them (my machines) only needed a 22MB download, while a third one (which had never been updated) needed the whole 88GB thing.
    Keep the faith, baby.

  20. Glad you’re back with the same amount of pieces you left with.
    FYI, the Mac OS X 10.3.5 “delta” update depends on what pervious updates you have on your machine. I’ve updated three machines running 10.3.4 and two of them (my machines) only needed a 22MB download, while a third one (which had never been updated) needed the whole 88GB thing.
    Keep the faith, baby.

  21. I haven’t seen a performance hit after the XP SP2 install, but I did notice an enormous hard drive space hit! I XP Pro on a Dell laptop. Before the update, my total used space was 5GB. After the update, I am now storing 8GB! What the ?!?! By the way, I have removed the backup files (they only used 400MB of space) and I am not using system restore.

  22. Hmm…I believe I found the culprit! Hibernation was enabled somehow after the update. I just regained 2.5GB by disabling it. Something to watch for.

  23. VERY glad to see you back on TechTV Canada today. All of us appreciate more information without condescension.
    Initial comments: show is great, but get rid of the phoney-looking lounge chair set-up. Your co-hosts are great, but deserve better than trying to be the next side-show side-kick aqlong with your guests, and you don’t deserve to be dashing between desk and sofa all the time. They (and you) will play out much better if they have their own desks, as in the CORP.com actually bought them some desks, and didn’t leave them sitting out in the waiting room to do their shtick.
    Looking forward to another long season of shows…
    Signed by a guy who spent at least 12 hours of Xmas day 2004 in AZ watching your marathon.

  24. Hi Leo,
    Do you still have the link for the Windows XP prod key changer… If so. Could you email it to
    me please… Thanks

  25. Hi Leo,
    Do you still have the link for the Windows XP prod key changer… If so. Could you email it to
    me please… Thanks

  26. Hi Leo,
    Do you still have the link for the Windows XP prod key changer… If so. Could you email it to
    me please… Thanks

  27. Hi Leo,
    Do you still have the link for the Windows XP prod key changer… If so. Could you email it to
    me please… Thanks

  28. Even though I can’t get Call for Help down here,can I get the newsletter? I think it be nice to find out what’s going on in the computer world.

  29. Leo, I just want say thankyou for telling me about the duplicate file pro-gram. It was a little dificult a first. But, once I got The program figured out it”s a breeze. Thanks again.

  30. Good to finially see you back Leo. Just a general question for everyone. Has anyone else noticed a significant performance drop after installing SP2? I have a P4 3.2EE with a gig of ram, and it feels like I am running on a boged down p3.

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