Thursday in the Big Smoke

Your morning tech news sir...Live from Toronto, it’s Thursday night!
From now on I’m drinking my Krispy Kremes.

  1. No go for SCO. A Michigan judge has tossed out most of the SCO suit against Chrysler for using Linux. SCO is “satisfied” with the judgment saying they got what they wanted all along: Chrysler’s compliance with the UNIX license. You mean you didn’t want a pile of money?
  2. Prices are dropping for plasma TVs and notebook computers according the the NPD Group. Prices of consumer electronics in general have dropped 17.4% over the last 12 months.
  3. A 45-year-old Florida hacker has been indicted on 144 counts for breaking
    into marketing company Acxiom and stealing customer database records.

  4. Microsoft’s earnings were up 82% in Q4, disappointing the financial markets who expected better. In the three month period ending June 30, Microsoft earned $2.69 billion. However do they survive? Microsoft investors will be paid out $75 billion over the next four years in dividends and stock buybacks. Gates will get $3.3 billion – which he’ll donate to his charitable foundation – Ballmer $1.2 billion, which he’ll use to buy Seattle.
  5. Verizon has joined Vonage, Lingo, and AT&T with their own Internet telephony or “VoIP” product. VoiceWing will work much like Vonage and cost $40/month.
  6. After receiving word that a CD of U2’s new album, Vertigo, had been stolen during a photo shoot, the group has decided to rush release it to the iTunes Music Store if copies show up on Kazaa. Bono told the London Daily Telegraph, “If it is on the Internet this week, we will release it immediately as a legal download. Once it’s out, it’s out.

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  1. LOL…Leo’s already calling Toronto “the big smoke”. It’s only a matter of time before we get him to start saying eh

  2. Hi Leo,
    Any chance for a studio audience during the taping.Thank you.

  3. drinkable doughnuts, jeeze oh man, I guess the cops complained that the glaze was getting on their hands and they couldn’t drive hehe

  4. Right! and after he buys Seattle he’ll sell it to Comcast. They’ll then move it to LA.

  5. Re: BOB Isn’t it amazing that we still call CDs “albums”?
    Albums are recorded ON TO the CDs. Albums used to be recorded ON TO “records”. Albums used to be recorded ON TO “tapes”.
    An album is any collection of ten to twenty songs by a particular artist, of fitting a certain theme, recorded on to some sort of media.
    In ten years, albums may not have any physical form at all.

  6. Albums were original a collection of 78 rpm records. When an artist produced more than the two songs that would fit on the two sides of a record, they would cut more records and put them together in something that looked like a photo album. There were usually four records in an album for a total of eight songs. Ya gotta be an old timer to remember that!

  7. RE:…Any chance for a studio audience during the taping…
    Indeed, when will us canucks be able wine and dine with the celebrated Leo Laporte? Call for Help 2 premiere party? Eh? Eh?
    Trevor P.
    Peterborough Ont.

  8. I’ll have the Atkins friendly drink, please. “We have no plans to make a low-carb…blah blah blah.” You will Krispy Kreme, YOU WILL!
    I have real albums/records sitting in a box upstairs. There is a real turntable up there with it. *sigh* I sonically prefer an album to CD, not including pops and clicks. Of course, unless the pops and clicks are supposed to be in there, as on some modern tracks.
    Best of luck on your “new” show, Leo. I wish it immense success. With its Canadian airing, I finally have a reason to be mad at our neighbors to the north.

  9. Did anyone notice that the link to the blog from leoville and from the links below has dissappeared

  10. Did anyone notice that the link to the blog from leoville and from the links below has dissappeared

  11. Boy,
    The Canadian’s are getting all the good shows.
    While us American’s suffer with the likes of

  12. hehe that show…. omg….. i can hardly say anything about it, they have ahd shows where all they do is defend their gamer status….

  13. Just a quick note.
    Leo, Looking forward to the new show. TSS is just not the same without you (full-time). I am a little disappointed with the G4/TTV merger. I guess I’m too old school (33 YOA). Is it me or is the entire G4 network programming, with the exception of TSS and Fresh Gear, gamer focused? How about some intelligent tech programming. We can be thankful at the return of C4help2. Anyhow that’s my two cents, all the best on the new show. I’m looking forward to it. Best of luck.
    PS. I lived in Minnesota and Indiana for four years, then returned to Canada. It was only then I realized how much we Canadians use the phrase “eh”. I think it’s the beer.
    Later eh…opps!

  14. I just wanted to know if there will be in studio live audience, I know I am repeating the question, but I have been watching CFH since they started airing it here in Canada, and I think it would be cool to see Leo and his cohosts at work live in person.

  15. ugh, I can’t stand G4TechTV, it’s terrible. TSS is definately not the same without you Leo, I used to watch it religiously several times a day (yes, ALL the re-runs) but now I only watch it during commercials or when there is absolutly nothing else on. G4 bought TechTV so that they could put popular TechTV shows in between their crappy G4 programming, in hopes that people wouldn’t have the energy to change the channel. Instead, crappy G4 shows stick out like a sore thumb and once quality TechTV shows are going down the tubes. I hope G4TechTV Canada will continue to rekindle the spirit of the old TechTV for those of us up north (Although after three years of the same “select-a-spice auto-measure carousel” commercial I think im going to scream…). Bring Patrick up and do a TSS2!
    “Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton, together again! Exiled in the frozen exapanse of the North, this dynamic duo must save the planet from bad video game shows and ‘help you get the most from your personal confuser”

  16. Wow, it’s so easy to tell it’s being made in Canada it’s not funny!
    The production values are very “Canadian”. I like it however, as it gets Leo on the air 😛
    Leo, how do you work your schedule? How can you do a daily call in show in the Big Smoke (Toronto, Canada) and still live and work in California?
    Keep up the great work, send my contrats to your new co-hosts…I’m very jealous!
    I help small office/home office customers with their “Personal Confusers” myself so if you ever need a substitute co-host, let me know 🙂

  17. I still like to call them (CDs) “records.” After all, it’s just short for “recording”, which is what they are.

  18. Re:Did anyone notice that the link to the blog from leoville and from the links below has dissappeared
    No,its just that Leo changed the name to “NEWS”.I guess cuz he hardly writes his thoughts or anything except the daily tech news.

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