Call for Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers!We’re ready to start taping our first Call for Help 2.0 episodes in Toronto August 3-6.
How would you like to be part of these historic first episodes? We need callers! And you don’t have to be from Canada. Go to the new Call for Help web site and ask your question. We’ll be choosing callers this week and Jenny or Meetu will be getting back to you by the end of this week or early next week.

Thanks for your help!

55 Replies to “Call for Questions”

  1. Is there any chance Call For Help will be back on American G4/TechTV where we can see it again? I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from Call For Help and Screen Savers as I have navigated my way through this jungle of computer-dom. You’ve all been such a help to me and I’ll miss the show.

  2. I’d bee happy to call in Leo. Umm, uhh, errrr.
    But I don’t have any computer problems. You’ve already helped me with all mine.
    Darn, your just too good. 🙂
    I’ll have break my computer a little so you can help me fix it. 😉 (wink wink nudge nudge)

  3. No offense, Leo but I’d still rather see you on a different network than G4TechTV. Good luck anyway.

  4. I will be up there in Toronto then, and will there be any chance that you will ahve a live studio audence? That would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!

  5. Just adding my voice to all those asking if there’s any chance we’ll be getting Call for Help in the States again soon. Leo, don’t say no, please!

  6. Canadian made programs are borderline trash, but CFH2 will be the first exception!

  7. Congratulations, Sometimes the good guys really win.
    Will your program broadcast be simulcast over the Internet?
    Thanks, and welcome back.

  8. It’s just not the same without you Leo. I think g4’s shows are repetitve and pointless, reruns are shown on a regular basis. R.I.P. Techtv, the most awesome channel of its time.
    Good Luck and I hope we get to see you again in the states.

  9. Please add one more voice to the clamor…
    I want my “LeoTV”!!! …in America!
    Good luck Leo. Hope to see you, on the air in America again soon.

  10. Leo,
    You gave up the fight for a show in America when you told us to stop contacting Comcast. So in a way you gave up on us your fans. So why would you want us to call a show we will never get to see?
    I started watching you on “The Site” and have watched you on ZDTV and TechTV. I will always be a fan Leo, so let us fight for you.

  11. Just wanted to say I love the show, We are currently still showing the shows here in Australia, (I think we are about 2 month behind) Do you know if the new taping of Call for Help 2.0 episodes in Toronto will be shown here in Australia?
    Good luck and all the best

  12. Leo,
    Best of luck in Canada. I live about 100 yards from the Canadian boarder here in Maine. Will I be able to get Call for Help on CBC?
    Also let me say with out your Call for HELP program With Kate and then Patrick I would have never touched a computer. You made it all happen for me that was 1997-98 I watched your show every day for months before I got my first computer. I opened up the box put it togeather and pushed the start button…windows 98 appeared on the screen and I knew I was part of the computer generation. I am now 58 yrs old and I have enjoyed every show.I hope I will be able to continue viewing your show.
    This old vet thanks you for your service to the generations.
    Best regards, Doc

  13. Cool! I just submitted my question. Wish I could go see the show though…it’s only half an hour away.

  14. Is our “good friend” Bill an alien? Is it true he and steve hang out in seedy bars lacing patrons drinks with nanobots in quest for world domination? And as far as they’re concerned how rich is too rich, when you can do anything but nothing that really matters?
    it’s been said that computers are on the way out to be replaced by cell phones and the like. If that’s not true what is (or are) the killer app(s) poised to keep them in the mainstream?

  15. Thats great that CFH is coming back…the only downside is that the American fans cant view it but hearing we can call in or e-mail questions will fill in some of the gaps. Good luck on the new season Leo!

  16. I didn’t even know they had computers in Canada.
    Posted by: Greg at July 21, 2004 02:46 PM
    Doesnt say a whole lot for the American Education system

  17. Good for you and good luck, Im sure youll do well. One final thing, Since the merger with comcast,that channel sucks(sorry for my lang)Now I dont have any interest in the gaming scene and once in a while, I may tune into the TSS but even that it seems to have changed.(no offense to the crew).But if there is a newsletter for call for help,please let us know.

  18. Word is Yes CFH 2.0 is coming to australia
    When XYZed productions dediced to put G4techtv programing. Everyones says channel [V] – Which is a music channel

  19. thats great thats leos back!!
    and call for help too, any chance leo will be meeting the public at all?
    would love an autograph!!

  20. If G4 can carry your show, then I will have a reason to watch. Screen Savers is but a pale shadow of what it used to be. I want my ZDTV back. TechTV was a big comedown and now even that is gone. Down with G4. Tacking TechTV on the name doesn’t make crap smell any better.

  21. I guess it’s time to become a canadian…
    I really miss the show here is the states.
    Leo, are you going to publish more almanacs books?
    Have a great time…
    Tony D.

  22. I do hope that CFH 2.0 has a liva audience that would be so cool since I live basically in Toronto 😀

  23. Hooray! I might call my satellite provider and subscribe to Tech-tv again!
    Good luck Leo!

  24. I would like to know IF Leo would come back to do a show in the USA again like call for help, but call it a different name like “Call Leo for help” or “Computer help from Leo” but have the show on a “better channel” then G4TV. Hey Leo, start your own tv station here , you have all us followers,your fans! You can put Comcast out and their ratings are down now as it is because it`s BORRING.

  25. Thank You…Thank You….Thank You Leo for coming to Canada. SOOOO grateful for all the years of help you provided. Now I can be a TV junkie again and watch on your new show. We are nice here…………YOU are goooonnnaaaa like us. Keep Your Stick on the Ice…… Barbara
    July 25,2004

  26. Dear Leo,
    Call For Help has been much inspiration for me & my neighbour to Build Fast Machines as your show gave me new ideas & helped work my way thru the silicon valley! For me every show was like an IT Lesson but now (in Australia) i cant recieve your show as my Pay-TV provider (Foxtell) who has a monopoly with Pay Television here in Australia, cant (they say) or will not find other ways to provide Avid Fans like myself with your Quality Show!
    The last programme i had seen was where you had almost finished building your Gaming Machine (the P4) & i was curious why you decided on Pentium for it, with an 800-FSB, doesnt memory slow it down as the fastest memory ive seen is 533?
    I am running an AMD with 400 FSB & as everything matches its speed it only makes sense to me, & if i could recieve your show maby you would be able to inform me on the way AMD works differently than Pentium!
    Is there a way for me to watch your Most Exellent Programme via the Internet?
    P.S. say hi to Cat for me!

  27. Good luck, Leo. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch as I’ve already cancelled the (Canadian) G4/TechTV channel — just not enough stuff worth watching. Screen Savers was the only show left for us non-gamer teckies. Too bad because I loved your old shows. Oh well [sigh].

  28. Leo
    I am certainly glad to hear your program “Call for Help” will be on again. I am in the Detroit area, will we be able to catch it?
    Break a leg has the saying goes.

  29. Well, is this a toll-free number so calling from Texas will still be free?
    I bet g4Techtv america will see how popular this show is and let it broadcast back onto the American side.

  30. its all up to the american side of things, they are being unreasonabl, oh, joseph, stop the ipod thing, please, put it on a forum, kevin’s site is already swamped with those, lets not do that here too

  31. I will stop here sorry if i offended yall. I am just tring to get my girlfriends link out there. She is tring to get an IPOD I allready have mine. Also i think they are kicking off the Call For Help 2.0 in Canada and I do see them bringing it down here. Why wouldnt they???? Its a great show and they could get rid of one of those G4 shows that are boring and pointless.

  32. I think every April Fools or Halloween Leo should do a “Call For Hell” show where he screams at callers and tells them to “RTFM”. He could also wear a goatee for the full “Mirror Mirror” effect.

  33. Wow a dream come true, I thought Leo was gone forever and now I hear he’s doing call for help 2.0 in Canada, That’s where I’m from!!. Yes!!
    Good luck Leo and I’ll see you in August.
    Brandon Stanway from Fort st john British columbia.

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