Call for Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers!We’re ready to start taping our first Call for Help 2.0 episodes in Toronto August 3-6.
How would you like to be part of these historic first episodes? We need callers! And you don’t have to be from Canada. Go to the new Call for Help web site and ask your question. We’ll be choosing callers this week and Jenny or Meetu will be getting back to you by the end of this week or early next week.

Thanks for your help!

55 Replies to “Call for Questions”

  1. The only way that I would consider watching G4/TechTV, ever again, is if they would bring back the individual who was the backbone of the network, that is, Leo Laporte! What they offer now is only an amateurish version of “The Screensavers”. The subjects which they offer as informational programming are BORRRING! The show just reminds me of the old “B” movies of the forties, when the local high school kid’s solution to everything was summed up with the phrase, “Hey Gang! I know! We can put on a show!”

  2. Does anyone know what happened to all the great contributors to the CFH Message board? Have they turned to an alternate board? Doesn’t seem like too many of them crossed over to G4TechTv…and who can blame them? The “Best of the Best” was probably one of the most useful postings I ever used and have referred many others to as well.

  3. I have a Sony digital multi-audio/video recorder EV-S800 which no longer works and has long been discontinued or supported by sony. So, I have all these Hi8mm video tapes with multi-track audio recordings and nothing to play them on. The expense to even try to recondition the machine, (I did locate a guy who has worked on them, but with shipping and labor/parts it doesn’t seem practical to repair the thing) Incidentally, my Hi8mm video tapes play fine on my sony camcorder. What I’m in need of is some device that will play my audio tracks so I can transfer those recordings onto cds.

  4. Hi Leo,I hope that you can help me with this weird problem I'm having. I own a CD player, a Walkman, and clock radio that has a CD player function. However, recently, when I tried to play all of them I discovered that none will work. I seldom use any of them (I mainly watch television and listen to the radio when I'm home), but sometimes I have an urge to listen to a little jazz. A friend told me that these technical devices may be effected by humidity in my home. Is this possible??? How can I fix this??????????????? TP

  5. Hi Leo,Im an artist looking for a computer I saw advertised years ago on TV. You could actuall draw on a clear screen. I thought it was AVIA ( or something like that )Do you know what it is?

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