Friday Freeway

A few more stories to round out the week.
Today is Trinity. The first atomic bomb was successfully exploded in Alamogordo, New Mexico, on this day in 1945. Apollo 11 lifted off from the Earth on its way to the moon in 1969.

  1. Google has bought Picasa and is giving the application away now. Picasa is essentially iPhoto for Windows, and one of my all time favorite apps. Picasa’s photo sharing program, Hello, is still free. Hello has hooks to another Google acquisition, Blogger.

  2. Good news, the US Government is rethinking CAPPS II. The program to screen airline passengers using information like credit reports was supposed to begin this summer, but the Transportation Security Administration has halted the program citing privacy and technical concerns. The TSA, which spent $120 million on the project, will now focus on a registered traveler program for frequent fliers – essentially a voluntary CAPPS II.
  3. Apple is reporting a more than 300% jump in net income for this quarter, thanks to booming iPod sales and strong performance from the Apple Stores. Mac sales are also up. Apple also confirmed that the G5 iMac will ship in September. According to ThinkSecret, that’s when the new, smaller, more colorful iPods will arrive, too.

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  1. No way! I’m the first to comment this time. I don’t know what to say. This is so great, Oh so much to say so little time.
    “Sorry sir your times up”
    “But wait I’m not done yet”
    …Transmition ended…

  2. Vicki wrote:
    “Are these sentences?? ;)”
    No! Probably not. Doesn’t matter. 😀
    Free = Good. I’ll have to jump on my Winders box and check this program out.
    As for CAPPS I/II – I’m none too thrilled with any program that skirts security checkpoints for the sake of convenience. Yes, it makes life easier for those who travel often for business or government, but n my opinion, it just makes a potential point of exploit for those that may be clever/funded enough to want to get around security. We’re spoiled in the US, we need instant *everything* and few are patient enough to put up with “needless” delays. To me, this is simply poking another hole in what is a pretty fragile firewall to begin with.

  3. I saw some history of the Trinity and such on the History Channel. Too bad, America has become so paranoid about nuclear power because of the bomb and a Russian accident, and a prevented American incident. Disposal of nuclear waste is also not helping, but that should just be decided on…there is no 100% safe disposal. Anyway, there’s so much potential, and thats not just my opinion…some guy said it too on Big Thinkers, back when that was on, on the former TechTV, wish I could remember who.

  4. Hiya Leo 🙂
    Thanks for the Picasa link!
    As for the frequent traveller thing, yeah it might speed up the travel times, but bypassing security for ANYONE is just about a STUPID idea nowadays..
    Just my thought 😛

  5. Hey Leo!
    I was about to do a google search, but the picasa link stared me in the eye… I clicked it and I realized that Picasa is now free! Now that has to suck for everyone who already bought Picasa! Anyway, Smaller, more Colorful iPods? Don’t they have that done already with the iPod Mini? Well… Best wishes to you! Comeback to (G4)TechTv!

  6. Picasa is fantastic Leo! Thanks for the google link. Don’t know what we’d do without you for all the great info on the fun things like this & your invaluable updates on Security.
    Will be tuning in to your KFI Radio via the Internet today as usual. Have a great show.
    Thanks again.

  7. Another vote for Picasa. One small step for gifs. A giant leap for jpegs! (ooh, that hurts…)

  8. Being an XP user I am trying to figure out what Picasso does that XP doesn’t do already. Only thing I can find is the timeline feature which is nice but like most people I have my folders organized by years already. Online posting of images, online development, a much better export to e-mail (WAY to small) are all built into XP. I think I must be missing some extra menus screen on this that has some new features.

  9. I haven’t seen you in a while. I’d like to join the cruise with the rest of the geeks but since I can’t I’m holding out for your next show. I love my Ipod mini. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a juke box I could fill with my favorite songs. Selecting random play is like owning your own radio station minus the commercials. There’s only one thing wrong with it. I use it in my car almost exclusively. Why can’t they make an ipod for the car that doesn’t require recharging and syncs with your computer wirelessly? Although I can’t speak for everyone such a device would make my ipod practically unnecessary.
    Have you ever thought true geeks are leaving the rest of the world behind? I’ve always loved tech stuff but never had the time or money to truly indulge. As a result geeks are speaking greek even to the geeks. We are constantly bombarded with so much new stuff we need a guide to know what to accept and what to discard. That’s where you come in. Wading through the junk lighting beacons by the gems.

  10. I JUST BOUGHT Picasa like three weeks ago! AAARRRGH! Oh well, thanks for the tip Leo!

  11. Thanks for the headsup about the free Picasa download Leo! I downloaded it and played with it some, very nice!

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