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Happy birthday Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin born this day in 1838. The Wall St. Journal began publishing in 1889.

It’s Liberty Bell Day.

  1. According to an IDC survey, 36% of all software installed worldwide last year was pirated. The number is 27% in the US.

  2. Verizon is accusing the FCC of a “multi-billion dollar giveaway” in the spectrum swap being offered Nextel. The FCC agreed today to give Nextel 10 megahertz of new spectrum at 1.9G hz. Nextel will turnover frequencies it’s currently using in the 800 Mhz band. Verizon plans to contest the swap in court, and Members of Congress are also thinking of blocking the deal. Nextel says the frequency change will cost it billions in new equipment. The FCC approved the swap to eliminate interference with public safety communications in the 800 mhz band.
  3. The Los Angeles city council is cracking down on Internet cafés in the wake of several shootings in the San Fernando Valley. The new regulations require cafes with at least five computers to eliminate closed booths, install security cameras and bar minors during school hours to prevent truancy.
  4. Yahoo announced its fifth straight wildly profitable quarter yesterday, but the stock went down because the company didn’t exceed analysts expectations. The Internet company showed a profit of $112.5 million on $832.3 million in revenue, twice the profits from this time last year.

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10 Replies to “Thursday’s Theosophist”

  1. Hey Leo,
    I am getting a ton of BLOG SPAM. I’m using MT 3.61. Any suggestions? How do I stop it? Any resources I can turn to?
    Have a grand weekend.

  2. my bad. I’m using version 2.61
    If anybody has any suggestions, that would be great.
    Also, I don’t think I have any software that I actually paid for. Maybe the Blog Spam and pirated (arrr) software is a type of KARMA thing. Blance my friends, balance.

  3. Big percentages on the pirated software for last year. Not that its really surprising but its dissapointing seeing the amount of that that was in the US.

  4. Kudos to Yahoo. It’s nice to see them doing well again.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Nextel deal and if it will effect any of their customers.

  5. Patrick, either you’re confused or I am. The way I understand it, for pirated/installed software, 36% is the WORLDWIDE average. The NATIONAL average is only 27%. That the U.S. average is that much lower than the rest of the world actually surprises me. This is only one survey, though. Others could paint an entirely different picture.

  6. Verizon says it’s willing to shell out $5B for that bandwidth, while Nextel claims it will end up being worth only $1.9B, after completing necessary equipment upgrades to make it usable. Uh-huh. I have a feeling Nextel is wringing its corporate mitts with glee over such good fortune. But hey… it’s all about public safety, right? Why should Verizon’s panties be in such a bunch over something so philanthropical?

  7. It is a shame someone didn’t realize the 800 Mhz problem years ago, all the 800 Mhz frequencies used by business two way radios across the nation where slowly gobbled up and eventually led to the obsolesence of the the equipment. Space was then made available at 450 Mhz, which required all new hardware. It cost my small business with about 100 employees close to $45,000…not only that the 450 Mhz band is inferior to the 800 Mhz band when it comes to clarity, signal strength over distance, and feature set possibilities.

  8. Yahoo! get a stock drop because it made a profit. Why dont they just may low expectations and get a huge stock jump?
    (so…. what do we do now?)

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