Monday’s Missprints

Here’s the latest in the fast paced world of high technology…
Sir Isaac Newton published the Principia on this day in 1687. The bikini debuted in Paris in 1946.

  1. It’s Evaman for himself. The new Evaman worm is on its way. Today’s a holiday in the States, so don’t expect any fireworks until tomorrow. Symantec is rating it a medium threat. The worm is using the address database at and arrives as an .exe or .scr attachment.

  2. In a fairly surprising ruling, the Massachusetts 1st Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that an ISP wasn’t violating the wiretap act when it went through a customer’s emails because the email was in “electronic storage.” The court said that Congress didn’t mean to protect electronic communications as stringently as oral and wireline conversations: “We observe, as most courts have, that the language may be out of step with the technological realities of computer crimes. However, it is not the province of this court to graft meaning onto the statute where Congress has spoken plainly.” Until Congress passes a new law you should assume that anyone can read your email. You can download a free copy of PGP here. You can download my public key here.
  3. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is going after the top 10 bad patents, including those covering VoIP, streaming audio and video, and online testing. The EFF will attempt to find prior art to invalidate the patents. You have to love the patent belonging to Acacia Research of Newport Beach, California which covers systems for “the transmission and receipt of digital content via the Internet, cable, satellite and other means.” Acacia has sought license fees from adult web sites and nine cable and satellite providers.
  4. I guess government computers work differently than most. In a response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Justice has refused to hand over a copy of the its database of foreign lobbyist activity because copying the database “risks a crash that cannot be fixed and could result in a major data loss, which would be devastating. In addition to running the risk of data loss, this is a new feature request which would be costly and take a considerable amount of time to implement.” Copying a database is a new feature? How do they back it up? And since when does making a copy of anything risk an unfixable crash? If this is true, IT at the DOJ is in more serious trouble than anyone would ever have thought.
  5. The six year battle against Microsoft is finally over in the US. A US Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed Microsoft’s 2001 settlement with the Department of Justice last week, turning down Massachusetts’s request for stronger penalties. Microsoft says, it’s ready to move forward, and it hopes the European Commission has learned something from this.
  6. Michael Moore says it’s ok that copies of his film, Fahrenheit 9/11, are on the file sharing networks. “The more people who see it the better, so I’m happy this is happening.”
  7. Netflix membership is up 82% over last year. More than 2 million people subscribe to the DVD by mail service.
  8. John Kerry will announce his running mate via e-mail. Kerry’s web site, by the way is running on Open Source. Bush’s on Microsoft’s IIS. I think that says it all.
  9. Australia, the UK, and the US have signed a joint cooperation agreement against spammers.
  10. Even Microsoft-owned Slate is recommending Firefox over Internet Explorer.

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  1. I bet 50% of your fans are republicans. We don’t like it when you make fun of us. Carry on.

  2. It’s hugely relevant. Check the Kerry campaign’s stand on copyrights vs. the Bush Adminstration’s record.

  3. >I guess government computers work differently than most.<
    And in the Bush Administration, so do the laws of physics (not to mention Constitutional law).

  4. Leo could you take a look at “avast” free virus program I’m using it but in these times your never sure,or get the opinion of anyone else using it. Thanks

  5. I was going thru Leo withdrawls…glad you’re typing again. I have rescheduled my 7 p.m. (eastern) tv slot for my beloved Yankees now that there is nothing of value on.

  6. Leo, I enjoy your technical comments but don’t appreciate your political comments. I’m sure it isn’t much to you but it reflects poorly upon you.
    How can Open Source and Microsoft indicate any political beliefs? I detest Microsoft and their policies and I have used Apple products since 1981 and bought my first Mac in 1984. And, I know Jobs is a huge Kerry supporter but I buy computers for how I like it and not political leanings.

  7. maxdamage, it’s a blog, it’s going to be full be of Leo’s opinions (political or otherwise).
    Leo, glad to see you feel well enough to update. 🙂

  8. I enjoy this blog, political or not. It’s our right to speak freely!! Maxdamage you have the power of free will and you can always abstain from reading this or any other blog that doesn’t appeal to you. Keep up the good work Leo!

  9. Uhhh Joe, Maxdamage was just exercising his free speech, no need to lynch him.
    Glad to see you back Leo, maybe you could explain the dangers of making a backup to us on your radio show next week 😉

  10. Some of you might have seen this site, but for those who haven’t, you might find it fun like I did. Suprisingly, I turned out to be an independent voter. I tend to vote Republican, but I have a “green” streak in me as well.

  11. Kerry stands for anything that will get him elected. He has no straightforward policies. Bush I see as doing very little to help or hurt copyright laws. I wish all copyrights would only last for 14 years or something, but every political leader on both sides have did very little to help. At least at the presidential level. I can’t imagine how bad the Patriot act would be if the democrats were in office. It would have been much worse I am sure. The democrats are only against it because Bush supported it. Kerry really has no stance of his own if your looking at his record, Bush stands for something. He stands agaist the people who wish harm to this country. He has effectively moved most terriorists to one country. Look how much suicide bombings have decreased in Israel. Bush has his flaws but he stands up against evil and against midevil behavior like was shown in Iraq.

  12. The Patriot Act was the grand idea of John Ashcroft who
    had peered through the naked photos of women patients.
    Don’t you want your private medical files be kept private, not
    to mention your right?
    I’m not leaning toward any politcal stance. I just don’t like
    someone peering into my own file to find out if I had a wart removed
    from a doctor in Mexico.

  13. Frankly, I really didn’t think Fahrenheit 9/11 should be considered the “absolute truth,” like Moore makes it out to be. In the movie, he does a good job of pulling some things out of context and makes Bush look worse than he really is. Of course, that what Moore does, but I’m worried that in the future, movies like this could be used as propaganda to really misinform the voters…then if both sides use the such, how will people make wise decisions based off their beliefs and that of the political parties. I mean all it would takes is some very smart movie makers in the pockets of parties and every President could look like a bafoon.
    Good old George Washington could still be right about political parties.

  14. Leo, I’ve been watching and learning from you for years, and believe me, NOTHING you do reflects poorly on you… quite the contrary. (And, yes, I’m even including your dancing on screen.)
    And on a more personal note, I don’t believe you would be as successful as you are if you didn’t hold the beliefs implied in your blog.
    I’ve always wondered how much the open source community spends on lobbyists. And just when will Mickey Mouse become public domain?
    Note to Eric:
    Thanks for posting your comment about Kerry and Bush. I’ll take your word on the subject… Nah, on second thought, I think I’ll stick to the facts and what I can see for myself.

  15. Of course, there’s also Michael Badnarik who’s a former comp programmer running for the office (Libertarian ticket)
    They’re running Apache but I’m not sure if its on Windows, Mac, Sun, Linux, or Generic-UNIX. 😛

  16. I think you should research a little more before you start politicizing a website’s software choice. was CHANGED by the Bush Administration from Windows to Linux shortly after Code Red on July 17, 2001.
    Also seeing how was at a time of election year (2000), was running Linux ( However the changes in their hosting company look to have moved their choice in software as well. It is more likely that the hosting company works with Windows.
    To simply say “Bush” is for Microsoft and Kerry is for “Opensource” doesn’t show deep thought into your political beliefs. In fact it would be assuming.
    I respect your views however, you must research them more people trying to politicize a choice in software, for a website George W. Bush and many of his staff don’t visit.

  17. I don’t mean to bring reality to many of these posts, but I seriously doubt that George or John have the slightest idea or concern about what platform and software their websites are on, as long as their message is getting out. Do you really think that Bush sat there after Code Red and told his advisors “we need to get our website on to Linux”? It probably never even came up.
    And I am an advocate for people doing their duty by voting, but if you are being influenced on who to vote for based on what software they use to run their website, please don’t vote.

  18. First time I’ve left a comment for Leo, but here goes …
    Trying out Firefox for the first time because of your faith in it rather than IE. 🙂 Also, thanks for coming up to Canada to do the new show (early in my thanks, but we Canadians like to be polite 😉 )and can hardly wait to see it! I’ve learned so much from watching you and the others on TechTV up here in Canada … just glad that you’re going to be back for us. The “new” network is okay, and although I own an Xbox, the schedule does seem to be very ‘gamer’ focused. So again, thanks for coming back to us 🙂

  19. Bush is using a program made in America by an American company. That show his support for our country.
    Karry is using an open source project started in a foreign country. Maybe we now know who the foreign leaders he has been speaking to in secret about helping change the leadership in our country.
    Karry has also said that he and all of his campaign offices only use Macs, but in one of his campaign ads he is seen using Windows XP.
    Open Source, Macs, Windows XP.. Hmm guess who is flip flopping again.
    oh and I use Windows and Linux in our offices. We don’t take sides just help find the truth.

  20. I believe your political bias says it all.
    I do not agree with you on Firefox either.
    Disagreement is fun.

  21. I believe your political bias says it all.
    I do not agree with you on Firefox either.
    Disagreement is fun.

  22. hehe thats funny about Slate and Firefox. What can I say? The truth about Mozilla Firefox has surfaced. Glad youre back Leo.

  23. i think there was a time when Hotmail was running Linux/Apache 🙂 Shows you how much faith MS has in their own products.

  24. I believe your political bias says it all.
    I do not agree with you on Firefox either.
    Disagreement is fun.

  25. I believe your political bias says it all.
    I do not agree with you on Firefox either.
    Disagreement is fun.

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