Tuesday’s Tiny Dancer

Time for ToIP: tech news over IP.
Skype for Linux is out.

Bilbo Baggins returned to Bag End on this day in 1342 (Shire reckoning). Charles II established the Greenwich Observatory in 1675. The doughnut was invented in 1847. The voting age was lowered to 18 in 1970. Florida bans the thong in 1990.

The first American born world chess champion, Paul Morphy, was born in New Orleans on this day in 1837. The voice of Boris Badenov, the Haunted Mansion, and the Pillsbury Doughboy, Paul Frees was born in 1922.

  1. The EFF, Sun Microsystems, the Consumer Electronics Association, Gateway, Intel, and the Baby Bells along with many others are throwing their support behind a new bill from Virginia Representative Rick Boucher to re-write the Digital Millennium Copyright act. The bill would make it legal to circumvent copy protection as long as no violation of copyright occurs. The Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act would allow the FTC to regulate CD copy protection as well. Time for Congress to read Cory Doctorow’s brilliant speech on why copy protection doesn’t work, is bad for business, and is bad for society.
  2. Long live the 45. Universal is debuting a new Pocket CD format in Britain. The three-inch CD is big enough to carry a couple of songs and ringtones. The record company is also abandoning CD copy protection in Germany, citing consumer dissatisfaction.
  3. The US Army is building a new supercomputer based on 1,566 dual-processor G5 Macintosh computers. Mach 5 will cost $5.8 million and will be used by the Army to model the complex aerodynamics of hypersonic flight.
  4. Never recharge your laptop, PDA, or cell phone again. New portable fuel cell technology will make it possible to plug in little methane cartridges to keep your device running. MTI Micro Fuel Cells will announce their new Mobion cells this week. Duracell will sell the replacement cartridges just in time to power my wearable cell phone. The FAA has yet to approve fuel cell use on airplanes.
  5. Cablevision is offering its three million New York City customers cable TV, high-speed Internet, and unlimited long-distance VoIP phone service for $90.

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  1. Hoo boy – $90 for all that, in NEW YORK CITY of all places? Kinda gives me more of an incentive to get that apartment I’ve always dreamt of.

  2. I though everyone knew if you weren’t a millionaire, you were a nillionaire. Might have interpreted Nillion as a proper noun.

  3. OS X’s AppleSpell process flagged ‘nillion’ in TextEdit. What program do you use to write your posts in?

  4. 3-inch CD’s are nothing new. I have a whole stack of them from back in the early ’90s. Cool concept if the price is right.

  5. Mayor, I believe that you need to make a small correction.
    Paul Frees was the original voice of Boris Badenov, not Bullwinkle on “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”.
    Bill Scott was the original voice of Bullwinkle.

  6. hey Leo,
    You are awesome…too bad i can’t watch ya anymore ’cause TimeWarner Cable in NY dropped G4TechTV last month…I’ve written letters to both the FCC and TimeWarner but cant get any clear answer on a resolution…any suggestions?
    My TiVo is starved for some good shows…please help out!

  7. hey Leo,
    You are awesome…too bad i can’t watch ya anymore ’cause TimeWarner Cable in NY dropped G4TechTV last month…I’ve written letters to both the FCC and TimeWarner but cant get any clear answer on a resolution…any suggestions?
    My TiVo is starved for some good shows…please help out!

  8. Hey
    I want to find a good RSS Reader for OUTLOOK 2003(free, please). I’ve done a google search, I found Intravnews, and I don’t like that one, becuase it wouldn’t let me create a new account, everytime I tried, it would say “No RSS feeds” or something like that. I LOVE NewsGator, but it costs $30. So if you have any suggestions, please help….
    Email me: qwerty2007@gmail.com
    or comment on my RSS entry of my blog: http://qwerty2007.blogspot.com/2004/06/rss.html
    thank you!

  9. >>A new supercomputer comprising 1,566 dual-processor Apple Xserve servers is expected to be the >>second most powerful in the world, with a peak performance capability of 25 Teraflops per second
    I’m sure Intel and AMD will claim that because their chips have faster processor speeds, it’s not possible. Most PC users KNOW this as a FACT that a faster processor is what is really important. (sigh)
    Processor speed is the ONLY factor in determining how fast a computer is! NOT!

  10. “All I’ve seen are Linpack benchmarks, and that’s not why we buy computers,” said Scott Studham, manager of computer operations at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Molecular Science Computing Facility. “The science impacts of these systems still haven’t been demonstrated, and the fact that they disappeared from the most recent Top500 list tells me that the first system didn’t work or it was put together solely for Linpacking, which isn’t a useful measure of a supercomputer.”

  11. LOL at your OS X’s spell checker thinking “nillion” was a word because I’ve received false positives from spell checkers before too. The caper was recently when Word’s spell checker wanted to change a perfectly spelled caterpillar to catapillar, now go figure that one!

  12. Mac Supercomputer huh?? LOL,I just bought my 3rd PC (intel) and am nowe wondering if I shoulda gone Mac..I know all you Mac users love them. Maybe next computer will be, and not all PC users think processing speeds are a measure of the computers worth.. 😛

  13. Hi Leo and Leovillians!
    The Texas free wi-fi at rest areas reminded of a thought from last year on I-35, why not wifi billboards. Especially, and this is why the thought came about, the food establishments. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t want to take the time to stop and discover a place didn’t have it so continued on and settled for fast food.
    You could see the menu and place an order and save time.

  14. Leo;
    As others stated above. Paul Frees did the voice of Boris Badanov as well as The Ghost Host at The Haunted Mansion, Fluid Man on The Impossibles, John in The Beatles Cartoon show, Malbruk in The Last Unicorn, etc.

  15. TSS is still on G4TechTV.. well whats left of it anyway. After Patrick goes, I highly doubt I will be watching it anymore.

  16. I stopped watching when the merger happened… not a fan of G4 and really want nothing to do with it. The shows aren’t the same anyways.

  17. Googlemail has really been operating well for me, I think the average user will ignore the ads given a choice.
    Leo keep up the great work!!

  18. Leo,
    I’m devastated by what has happened to TechTV. I’ve never called in to the TSS, and I’ve never sent in questions to Call for Help, but I ALWAYS watched both. I watched every single day, for as long as I can remember. While moving from station to station in the military, I could always count on one thing to be the same everywhere I went. I would always have my TechTV. I know it’s kind of still around, but we all know it’s fading fast. What a mistake … G4 show hosts will never be able to live up to the standards that you guys have set. They’re awful..
    I’m a sad but proud fan of X-Play, Call for Help, and The Screen Savers. Two of my buddies are in Afghanistan; both hardcore fans of the same shows. Breaking the bad news to them will be like telling them their dog is dead…
    G4 I don’t like what you’ve done, and I hope the TechTV posse can find something better than that network. Good luck Leo; you rock!
    Oh, and my wife Treena says hello.
    John Williams
    Edwards AFB, CA

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