Monday in Space

In the year 2525… tech news will still be alive.
Zager and Evans released “In the Year 2525” on this day in 1969.

  1. SpaceShipOne became the first privately funded manned space initiative to actually go into space today. The project, headed by Burt Rutan and funded by Paul Allen, took pilot, Michael Melvill, 100 km above the Earth, just outside the atmosphere. At stake: the $10 million X-Prize. To win it SpaceShipOne will have to carry three astronauts into space, return safely, then do it again two weeks later.
  2. The Texas Department of Transportation is taking bids from vendors to set up free wireless Internet access at rest stops and travel information centers in the state. This to encourage drivers to take more frequent breaks. The department iplans to choose a vendor in July. TxDOT has been testing roadside Wi-Fi hotspots since last fall.
  3. Intel has released its Grantsdale and Alderwood chipsets. The 915 and 925 support the new PCI Express bus, DDR2, HD video, 7.1 surround, and dual displays. The company also announced the Pentium IV 755, topping out at 3.6 GHz.
  4. Meanwhile the US Supreme Court ruled against Intel 7-1 this morning, saying the company had to turn over confidential documents to European anti-trust investigators. The EU is pursuing Intel due to a complaint by AMD Europe.
  5. A handful of bloggers will cover the Democratic Convention this summer with full press credentials. The Republicans haven’t decided what to do.
  6. Sprint and the Swedish National Research and Education Network (SUNET) have broken the Internet land speed record, transferring 840 GB 10,000 miles in 27 minutes. That’s an average speed of 4.23 Gbps.

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7 Replies to “Monday in Space”

  1. WOW! I wish my internet was that fast. I could download linux in less than a second!

  2. Wow.. If I had known I could get full press credentials to the DNC as a blogger, I would have tried. That’s very cool.. Btw, do you have a list of who’s blogs will be there?

  3. You can’t download linux in less than a second because your harddrive will not be able to write information at that speed,

  4. I thought the news footage of SpaceShipOne was interesting. At the bottom of the screen it says “Courtesy of Discovery Channel and Vulcan Productions”. [insert bitter, sarcastic remarks about TechTV/G4 here]

  5. Hi Leo.
    I’m putting my comments under June 21/04 because there are just to many posted in the previous days postings about your leaving and the new show in Toronto later this summer. I need to tell you that I just can’t wait till you light this one up! I am very disappointed with G4/TechTV. I am fast losing my interest in Call For Help. I like Patrick and Kevin but it lacks ‘Leo’. And what is this nonsense about repeats three days a week and two live days while they tape new shows? Who wants to call in on those days? Part of the kick was to be heard on live tv. I thought Call For Help was always live and when they had to, they would air a previous show. And the other 99% of scheduling is devoted to gaming of which I have only about 10% interest. I live in Toronto and look forward to being part of your audience. My girlfriend Kathy(who has expressed her comments to you several times also) and myself would love to attend your ‘inaugural’ show. I really feel sorry for your fans down in the States if there is no distribution of the new show. I read a lot of the previous comments and it looks like we may have a influx of ‘new’ Canadians.

  6. This is not an exact quote from HardOCP. But, about the internet speed record. I could do the same thing if I could kick about 10 million of you people off the Internet. 😀

  7. Regarding your June 21, 2004 item on TXDOT wi-fi at rest stops … you should also know that at least for the past two years, TXDOT has also taken great and extensive steps to REMOVE toilet facilities from many Texas roadside stops, in a reported effort to keep folks from loitering at said facilities and risk being preyed upon by various and sundry predators and assorted serial killers.
    We can’t take a piss at a rest stop any more, but now they want us to sit at one in our cars for extended periods, surfing the internet?!?!?!?
    *sigh* — my tax dollars at work. Signed – a concerned Texan.
    PS: Sounds like they have the same “New Coke” level of mentality at work as those G4 idiots who shut down Call For Help.

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