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  1. Amelia
    You’re right about the broken record thing but chill a little. You don’t help anybody by freakin out. If you want to lecture people ’bout it at least use a little bit of optimism or something. You sound like an sociopath or something.

  2. Usually I’m not a big UF fan, but I got a kick out of that one. g4/ttv is now off my tivo season pass list…maybe the new leo show will win me back.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the funniest thing about reading Leo’s page today was the Google ad banner at the top…for G4.
    I’m not kidding. I wish I’d taken a screen capture.
    Rock on with your bad self, Leo. We love you.

  4. What bugs me…is the lack of video/audio sync. Its one thing watching Sarah and her lips don’t match the sound…but its worse watching Kevin or Pattrick when they are waving their arms and that doesn’t match either.

  5. Please just don’t stop the Almanac Leo. It’s the last thing I have to hold on to.

  6. I think G4 has screwed up! I believe G4 is too game centered. Now they’ve taken away one of their better shows, Call For Help. Not a good move.

  7. G4 is pretty much for children who got $$ for games from the parents that watched Leo. TechTV will be sorely missed in our house, but we will shop less. Sydney

  8. It is very refreshing to read these posts as I was thinking it was just me getting old. My TV used to stay on tech tv to learn, I guess those days are gone eh.
    I to only watch the screen savers now, still miss Leo.

  9. And here I thought it was just me. The only saving grace at this point on the channel is The Screen Savers. For me anyway.

  10. Instead of bitchin to Leo, how’s’about sending CC or BCC to G4 offices?
    ‘Course, ya GOTTA remember Paul OK’ed a lot of crap when he owned TTV, on the off-chance some of the audience WASN’T as interested in in-depth tech, like us.

  11. That says it all. G4TechTV is really really bad if you don’t want to spend the day watching others play video games. Very little educational material (if any).

  12. It’s better then two hot ohicks talking about space technology… Oh wait that coming soon from G4Techtv and Paul Allen.

  13. Agreed. How many shows about gaming can you have? One for Sports, one for MultiPlayer, one for New games…uh..one for puzzle games? It’s too many. This deal should’ve been the other way around. At least on TechTv, the weak shows were the MINORITY.

  14. I have watched G4/TechTV at different times during the day. It’s the same crap every day. “Hey! We’re cute. This game is boss. You just have to buy it. If you don’t, your friends….. bla bla bla bla bla……”
    I can’t stand it anymore. There’s no “tech” on the channel (except for The ScreenSavers, and I think in time that will change too).
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  15. Hi Leo,
    I have finally been able to come to grips with the unfortunate passing of
    TechTV. Now that the denial stage has passed I can accept that the one channel for the technology aware person is gone off the air. I guess it is like so many things that are good and pure. Some butthead (Comcast) comes along and puts their mark on it and it is forever stained and impure. It has been a sad series of events that will forever change my TV viewing enjoyment and technology enlightenment.
    I hope that some how or some way someone will see the benefits of TechTV and it may live again in some new reincarnated state. That is without 90% mindless video games and 10% useful information. As G4TechTV is now.
    Well enough of my ramblings I enjoyed you and your shows immensely and you will be sorely missed. Good luck with all you do and maybe we will still see you on the Regis and Kelly Lee show once and awile.
    Bye for now

  16. That’s pretty much it, more or less. The shows are more less then they are more, though. Ah remember the good old days when we learned and expanded our knowledge of the world of technology? Wait, wasn’t that last month?
    At least we still have TSS. A hollow shell of what it once was, but TSS nonetheless.
    As they say: “All Good Things Must Come To An End” – Whoever said that obviously never had TechTV.

  17. about the same time techtv turned into… whatever g4 is suppoused to be… dish network gave us a few gazillion channels of sirius radio. so now my most watched channel has switched from techtv to a weird selection of music. so although my knowledge about tech stuff is going downhill, i am learning all about bluegrass…

    TechTV, sure Leo hosted 2 shows for a while, but they were different. ^4 shows are all the same thing:
    1 show reviews games
    1 show decided which games u should buy
    1 show looks at people who play games
    1 show goes to gaming conventions
    1 show listens to views stuff about games

  19. OMFG! They hit the nail on the head with that one! I tried to watch some of the G4 shows but games arent really my thing, I play them occasionaly but I’m usually too busy to game, and the shows seemed more like a commercial than a real unbiased review. And the X-Mods commercial they tried to make look like a ScreenSavers segment last night was terrible, I could almost hear Patrick cursing TPTB under his breath the whole time. One can only hope that with enough pestering and praying that CC will bring back some of the old TTV flava. Even if it doensnt include Leo, make it appealing to people who dont spend 8 hours every night shogunning Mountain Dew’s and playing whatever FPS is popular that week.

  20. G4techtv must evolve, and with it all of it’s programming as well. Personally what I feel should have been done was all of the shows gone through with a fine tooth comb and reshedule stuff to fit a balanced audience. Now some of Tech tv’s original stuff was excellent, and some of it was not so good borderlining on repetitive. Unfortunately 90% of all g4’s original line up is still repetitive. I believe that if they asked viewers what shows should stay from both networks and do some work to improve their own time slots (ie call for help and screensavers goto an hour and a half but only 2 days a week) you’d be able to get most of tech tv’s programming and g4’s programming to balance the rest. Just my 2 cents here…

  21. I think that what CC has done to TCTV is stupid on their part, because now most of the people who were hard-core TCTV fans are now offered nothing but complete stupidpity on G4’s part. When CFH was on I leared alot of tech stuff, now I have to sit though the same show like 20 times before anthing good comes on! And the only game show I LOVE is X-Play, they do everything right and all of G4’s shows do everything wrong. See the reason I wrote so much about this is because the only ones in our town that know’s what’s going on is my brother and I so there for there’s no one to talk to! Thank you Leo for bring 10 wonderful years to all of us!

  22. G4’s programming isn’t all bad. Icons is extremely well-done – a veritable “Behind the Music” for games. Pulse is a decent gaming news show.
    But indeed, a good amount of the rest of the programming sucks. But most TV networks only have a couple shows worth TiVO-ing anyway. The G4 crap replaces the endless Robot Wars daily repeats. That’s zero sum in my view. Losing CFH and Tech Live hurt, but the network was more than just those.

  23. Leo:
    $9.25 BILLION [emphasis added]. Is that correct? Larger than the tobacco settlement? WOW.
    “PayPal is settling three law suits from customers who contend their accounts were illegally frozen. The company admits no wrong doing but will pay $9.25 billion to settle the suits. As part of the settlement, PayPal agreed to change the way it handled dispute resolution.”

  24. BTW, I concur with many of the other posters – the new and improved G4TECHTV
    Sucks. I used to watch a number of old Tech TV programs now I watch only TSS.
    Your young hot execs are drinking way too much of the corporate koolaide. Dummying down to get the “right demographics” will make me go back to NGC, DSC, SCI, PBS (NOVA/FRONTLINE), HISTORY and A&E. Actually, I’ve been spending more time at the library and out on the jogging path. G4 sucks.

  25. Spare a thought for us unfortunate people outside of the United States.
    Since the new G4techtv launch, our international version of the Tech TV channel has been nothing but repeats. We are not even being shown the new merged channel.
    In Australia we are apparently not even going to be given the luxury of the new lacklustre G4 channel at all.
    On the 30th June they are removing the international feed totally.
    No screen savers, no call for help, no xplay!!! A sad day indeed when the ink dried on the merger papers.

  26. TechTV to close international TV service (Australia)
    Following the purchase of TechTV by Comcast, TechTV is unfortunately closing it’s international TV service. This means that TechTV (Channel 648 on New AUSTAR Digital) will no longer be available for AUSTAR to broadcast on our New AUSTAR Digital service with broadcasting ceasing on the 30th of June 2004.

  27. God give it a rest people, you guys sound like a broken record, and really Leo, thanking
    him for that? What’s up with that, it didn’t have anything to do with you, the fact of the
    matter is, TechTV was for sale, and Comcast bought it, it’s not G4’s fault, it’s TechTV’s.
    So just deal with it people, every new post Leo makes that doesn’t even have anything
    to do with G4TechTV you guys bring up the same stuff saying it sucks, just get on with it
    TechTV is gone as you know it.
    Leo thanking the guy for the strip just ticked me off, are you really that sour about the
    whole thing?
    Oh yea, I have comcast.net as an ISP and it doesn’t suck, I get 3Mbps download 90% of the
    time, the only thing I wish is it had more uplaod, 256 sucks =/
    Of course I know this won’t change anything, because you have blind misplaced anger, that
    includes you to Leo apparently.

  28. I wouldn’t be so angry about G4TECHTV if they friggen TAPE NEW SHOWS. I mean, I have been watching re-run hell since the merge, and have yet to see anything new from G4’s programming (not that im looking forward to any of it other than Icons). And why is it that they bought every single one of the less popular crappy shows like “thunderbirds, “Future Fighting Machines”, and “robotwars” that have the fewest viewers while dropping that more informative, popular shows. It makes no sense on their part.
    Really all comcast did is buy out Techtv, and made it totally G4 with a couple techtv shows. I mean seriously, its so obvious that the hosts of “g4tv.com” are required to take separate stances on issues regardless of how they personally feel, so that all sides are represented. It’s not honest. What happened to FRESHGEAR, wasn’t it supposed to survive the merge?

  29. Sorry but other than The Screensavers G4TechTV is pretty boring. I doubt even gamers want to sit around and watch video games being played and hyped.
    Leo and the rest of the cast of the TechTV shows have given us some great information, really useful stuff…and made it fun too. Even the non tech people in my house enjoy it.
    I hope the people at G4 wake up and see what made TechTV special

  30. G4 is what it is. That is all that matters. As a 64 year old newbie I miss CFH,and will probably miss TSS. With just Patrick and Yoshi, it’s dying as I watch. C’est la vie folks. To any one old enough to remember Newton Minnows description of TV as ‘a vast wasteland’, this addendum: It is growing all the time.

  31. Eighteen months ago, I knew next to nothing about computers, had never used or owned one, except a microwave owen and the cable box. TV surfing, I came across Call For Help and I was hooked after one show. Mr. Laporte helped me to open my eyes to a world I didn’t know. He steered me to interesting issues and other bright minds. To-day I wonder how I got along without my laptop. It seems like the whole world is at my fingertips. I have never met this man, probably never shall, but he gave me such a wonderful gift of knowledge, and I thank him very much.

  32. Amelia is such a grump, and so blind about whats happened to the Network and the family of people who work there. It often stuns me that people like that who dont agree, seem to head to the websites of those who work there. Lost souls

  33. Amelia needs to go back to the G$ forums (no that’s not a misspelling).
    Comcast as an ISP or a cable channel – either hat they wear – they would sell your soul for a dollar.
    It’s all about the cash they can make by doing something. If it means breaking up a show and closing down a studio… to save some cash – done deal, the ink wasn’t even dry and TechTV fans could feel the stick – but where was the carrot? Austrial gets reruns and then nothing – they don’t have to put up with seeing this channel (you are lucky AU… really you are).
    Watching G4 is like visiting your friend after a car wreck and finding out he’s going to be in a wheelchair the rest of his life.
    ..!.. comcast

  34. Well I am a big fan of USerfriendly for years and Illiad is so funny. illiad makes fun of alot of tech stuff and tech related things. I remember he made fun of Windows XP and its commericals, and at that time I was working for Microsoft for XP tech support. I am also a big gamer, however I do agree that the new G4techtv channel is boring, it has 2 game shows I do like, X-play and Arena, other than that I dont watch it anymore. I agree its no longer about tech but about games. I will miss all those tech shows but maybe JUST maybe G4techtv will get smart and start some new tech shows, but then again pig may fly 🙂

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