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  1. One thing should be fairly obvious by now: there’s a market for real programming about non-gaming technology. For myself, most of my TTV time has now moved to The Science Channel and various members of the Discovery family of channels. The really unfortunate thing is that G4TTV wil probably not get the chance to win me back as a viewer, because I’m already out of the habit of checking to see what’s on. I can only handle so much dreck,a nd G4TTV has already passed that limit.
    Someone mentioned Icons a bit ago. I watched the recent one on D&D. It was OK, if you believe something that calls itself a history of Rome can adequately begin with Caligula. Come to think of it, it was probably a pretty good indicator of the G4 attitude: the universe begins and ends with computer games.
    Sorry, I haven’t seen anything on the new G4TTV that’s worth the electricity is uses. Yes, TTV had its share of klunkers, but when you mix something that’s (say) 50% crap with something else that’s 100% crap, the level of crap in the resulting mix can’t help but increase.
    Tech Live and Fresh Gear may still be on the new channel; a brief look for them didn’t turn them up at any time slot I was interested in watching. I won’t work hard to fing a TV show; pulling the diamonds out of the rubbish heap is not my job. So long TTV; it was fun while it lasted. I’ve moved on.

  2. Right on Illiad! I’m sorry but G$ is ridiculous. I’m a gamer but G$ is too much. XPlay was enough. I know you want to say but can’t Leo, G$ and TechTV merger, BAD IDEA!

  3. John Buffan, let’s pick that statement apart shall we..
    First i’ve been reading Leo’s posts for a few months, never posted before though, so
    I didn’t just “head to this website” to disagree. Personally I wish G4 moved down to
    SF and lost most of their shows, and TTV save most of theirs, but guess what, Comcast
    bought TTV, TTV didn’t buy G4, to bad.
    Second, ok a lot of people lost jobs, that’s to bad, i’m sure they can get new ones,
    that’s what people do when they lose jobs. What was Comcast supposed to do? Keep two
    seperate studios with 2 full production staffs, in 2 different citys, for 1 channel?
    If you think any other company would have done any different than you are blind sir.
    Look now at the newest post, someone already posted the SAME LINK that was posted here
    there that talks about the merger!
    So in finale, Sign your petitions, mail letters, call people, email, protest with
    picket signs outside of Comcasts office for the next decade for all I care, just
    stop complaining about it where it won’t do any good, and serves no purpose.
    Hmmr wonder if anyone will even read this heh. Oh well, I tried.

  4. The comic definitely hit the nail on the head.
    To Amelia and all the other apologists. Don’t waste my time. Try doing what Leo is doing.
    You won’t be so quick to rag on him and the others when you’ve walked a mile in their shows.

  5. to Amnesia
    We wont stop complaining, how do you think anything is changed, when you pay for a service, you have the right to complain if you are not happy, go back to G$ and quit whining because people here care. Lots of companies run many studios, it would not be unusual
    As for people just finding other jobs, do you think San Fran is a hotbed for people in that line of work?. They didnt even think about them, its uncaring for people who worked so hard for so long. I hope you lose your job, then you will consider how out to lunch you sound.
    Leo was there, he knows what it was like for the people, you werent and have no idea, and I much rather take the word of someone I respect than a complainer who should go elsewhere. As for being Blind, stick your head back in the sand, and go away

  6. You just don’t get it Amelia…
    As a public group we have a right to say what we feel. Showing up and telling us to hush and eat your veggies is just going to pi** us off.
    If you don’t like what we have to say – you have the right to post – but accept our viewpoints as we accept yours. We had the better channel – and comcast took it from us, stomped it in the ground, and shows us low brow, low IQ drivel that just blows our mind that they think we’ll enjoy.
    Isn’t that the purpose of a television network? To generate income by selling ads to shows that entertain as many people as possible? It sounds good to me – but G4 programming is garbage and we’ll say it until the channel is gone or Leo is paid by a better network.

  7. This new G4TECHTV network sucks. And TSS is tanking more and more every day. I feel my dumber each day after watching anything on this new crap network. Cudos to Leo for not giving up on real TechTV.

  8. best thing about tech tv was leo laport and he gone. they have lost my viewship. so long leo

  9. The cartoon says it all – g4techtv – is that an oximoron – is absolutely terrible, I no longer watch the channel.

  10. Remember folks, the best way to keep complaining is to complain direct to G4. Not only does the channel suck, the website sucks. Supposedly the merge of the data from the old servers to G4’s servers is complete, but most of the show notes are GONE! The design sucks, they can’t even setup a simple virtualhost entry for thescreensavers.com.
    I feel as much as most of you do, but the best way to handle this is to inundate G4 with email, calls, complaints, etc and keep them coming even if it takes a couple or three months of calling and emailing them. Either that, or what will happen when viewership and ratings drop, they will start slashing shows from the new network thinking it will help raise their revenue. It escapes me how clueless they are for demographics. Having worked in broadcast, it’s simple, you target those who have the bucks and will spend them at your advertisers. plain and simple!
    Anyway, folks, the best thing to do here is just keep writing and calling G4 over and over again (don’t just say “hey you guys suck”, make sure it’s constructive criticism, tell them the shows you don’t like and the shows you do like and why). Otherwise just wait for ratings to drop and they will cluelessly drop shows, many of which we care about.

  11. If you guys think TSS sucks wait till Patrick leaves and the g4 execs replace him with some twentysomething dumbass. Who can’t find his ass with both hands let alone tell people how to fix their computers.

  12. Things have really gone to the crapper since the change of TechTv.
    I personally have stopped watching the channel for now, I will check back ever now and then to see if they (Comcast) have wised up and gotten rid of all the gaming programsor redused them back to reasonable number.

  13. Help Leo! … there’s a virus called G4 that screwing up my TechTV … How do I get rid of it without unsubscribing from the network? Seriously, we are sure missing your humor and IT knowledge.

  14. G4-TechTV Blows! As soon as it switched over “The Screensavers” (my favorite show on TechTV) moved it’s airtime to a time while I’m at work. I miss Leo,Kevin,Patrick,Sarah & Dan. Comcast has always sucked, their cable internet sucks and I was cringing as soon as I heard about the merger. There are some people out there who don’t sit on their butt all day and watch shows about videogames and feel like they have to CONSUME everything flashed infront of them. I could go on forever. I miss ya’ Leo!

  15. Oh my, I want LEO!!!! Im glad its not just me, I miss Chris Lerary too, (never thought Id say that) Games are good and all, but I love tech news too… TSS seems to be changing too, for better or worse, that remains to be seen. I think its time for DOS on Comcast _>
    Keep up the good work Leo we all miss you, at least I know a web site i can find tech news http://leo.typepad.com !!! 🙂

  16. Yeah, I agree completely with that. I met people from G4 at E3, not by choice, but by them trying to force these annoying orange shirts on everyone. They just wouldn’t go away, that annoyed me, but I can’t stand what they have done to TechTV. I used to love the site, I dropped by the site today, and I got a giant ad for I-robot blocking the only content on the page (not really even content), and 50% of the page was ads even after the i-robot ad went away. G4 is awful and they have made TechTV in to a bunch of commercialized, marketing BS. I am sad to see TechTV go, it was a great station, but now it is nothing.

  17. I had both G4 and TechTv for the past few years on Adelphia/Comcast. I always felt G4 was like the homebrew wannabeanetwork channel presented by puppets heavily burdened by sponsors (I always thought it was the EB Games network!) without much to offer against TechTV’s useful content and engaging personalities. If the two channels had to merge, the TechTV staff should have been the ones sitting pretty. G4 was and is…. well…. crap.

  18. Leo, I miss you on The Screen Savers! Its just not the sane great show. I worry how good it will be from LA,
    WHY? Why would G4 buy a great tech network )Tech TV_ and cut out all the tech? Sounds like a waste of their money. I am tuning out except for TSS. Matbe sonmeone else will pick up the other great shows (and Leo) so we cab have a sort of Tech TV rather than watching hames and hosts yelling over each other.
    I am happy for Leo for his new Canadian show…but what about the rest of us? When will you be back FRIEND?
    G4TechTV SUCKS It really SUCJS!!!!!
    Tech TV shall rise again! Rest in peace Tech TV. We will miss you for a long time to come. Bye!

  19. I was a HUGE fan of the old Tech TV. With Call for Help and such. Now its just horrible. Last month I had posted someone on the forum asking others if they had noticied that the shows on G4TechTV were really bad or not? Of course I got bashed by forum politics , but now there are many other that agree with me. G4 Tech TV = CRAP. Thanks Leo for Quality programming for a such a long time. I live in NY now .. maybe I can get that new Canada show Leo is doing down here? haha

  20. Hi Leo, I watch Call for Help all the time, you are the greatest, and I am a big fan. Anyway, I wish you guys would have Peter Sharpe on one of your shows. This guy does some awsome stuff with Bryce, Poser, and Photoshop. If you have not seen his work go to http://www.petersharpe.com/
    Thank You,
    Stephen Belser

  21. Now, that they canceled Call For Help,I’m lost. You Leo,Cat and Roger are my mentors. I hope G4 tv brings you guys back on the tele. How can I get computer questions answered. Call For Help needs to come back on the air.

  22. Say Hey Leo,,,
    I have been with you since ZDTV. Back when the Screen Savers actually did some saving. And “Call for Help” Really helped, till they gave the show to that Gilbert Godfrey wannabe . I knew that was just an actor when he messed up the install on that Canon Scanner. My nine year old sister installed and used that scanner .
    I was watching when you did the very first UGM. Now my back up file server is faster than that.I just use it to back up files. Thanks to you I have never lost a file …. Because like you say ,,,Always back up. And I heard you good, because the copies are stored at another loction.
    I miss the old show . I miss Leo and Kate . I miss the real info and updates . G4 ain’t________________________-….. I like Patrick ,,,,some,,,, but Kate was what the geek guy looked forward to ,Wanted to come home to .Easy on the eyes and she liked tech. She knew her back side from a hard drive. And would not get mad if you went out and bought a new hard-drive.
    The “Screen Savers” when I first started watching , was like the ” Wayne’s World ” of geekdom .
    Ever since Yech TV (Tech TV) took over they went money. They went for the entertainment value. The only reason I kept watching the “Screen Savers” after ZDTV was because of Leo still being with them . Now that you don’t host the show ,,,I say Flush the whole network ! No Offence to Patrick .
    I wish I had the Money . I would start a whole New network . Both PC and Mac friendly. The new “Scren Savers” show could be called
    ” Inside the Box ” (white box of coarse)Just a little more technical.
    I am sure others like myself would also be able to come up with ideas for better informative shows than what G4 supplies.
    I do not think we could get her ,,, But I would like to have Kate back on the new network too. She was kind of the geek guys pin up girl there for a while .( At least she was mine)
    I miss the value of what was presented . I can’t keep up with all the tech reading on everything . The old Leo and Kate show filled in the gaps. And the Fresh Gear was really fresh .
    I could go on and on and on ………….. I just cannot convey almost 10 years into the space allowed .
    Leo,,, You have a space in the heart of everyone you have helped . If the radio stations that you are on subscribe to XM radio I will go buy it now . But G4 can !!!!!!!!!!!!!My !!! and so on. I have no way of getting Canada TV channels in southeastern Iowa.
    Thank you Leo for all your help
    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You

  23. I really miss the old ZD TV days. At least Tech Tv kept the hosts and shows. The G4 from Commie Cast has killed it. Someone with big cash needs to give Leo (and all the old ZD/Tech TV hosts) a new channel ran by Leo.

  24. I agree with everyone. you canadians are the luckiest people on earth. Having Leo and the Call For Help show up there is alright. I hope Cat and Roger get on once in awhile. Leo,have fun up there. Canadians are good people.

  25. Hi Leo, hope you and your family are well…the joke says it all….lol (and chris K nailed it too)….as I had thought, Tech TV should have bought out G4…the deal was backwards….there is just not enough gaming content diversity for a whole channel….maybe in a few years…
    and there is not enuff tech content to be of much help for us geek-wanna-bes….
    wishing you the best,
    hey…let’s start our OWN channel !!!!!

  26. Always watched call for help. A great source of information. Now I that tech tv has been discontinued, I do not have any source for tech info. After reading the comments maybe I’m better off. Time Warner Cable in NYC does not carry G4. Miss Leo, Cat and Roger.
    Lost in NYC

  27. It’s sad to see such a great network go to waste. I have always hated comcast, and this whole merger (read: sore buyout) has given me reason to hate them even more. I enjoyed driving up to the city to watch the TSS shows and be part of the studio audience (as well as those few times I sat in before there even was a studio audience!). They had such an excellent facility in San Francisco. What really mattered were the hosts and the programming. Leo was the one that held the show up. Without him or Patrick hosting The Screen Savers, the show will virtually cease to exist. Kevin is a nice guy, but he hasn’t been in the business nearly as long as Leo or Patrick. The days of Megan Morone and Morgan Webb as sidekicks to Pat and Leo are long, long gone. I’m glad to hear that Leo is extending his talent to CFH in Canada. I never did learn much from the show in the first place, but it was great for the people who were starting out with computers and needed some tips here and there. I’m bitter towards comcast about this whole thing, but I’m also pretty sad that things went the way they did. I’ll explain my bitterness: comcast has no regard for customer service or customer satisfaction, all they care about is sucking money out of people. I’m afraid that this buyout is only screwing them in the end, because they’re losing many of the 80,000 viewers TSS had daily. I certainly won’t tune in much anymore. Look at the message boards about the death of TechTV – almost everyone agrees that the situation is a real shame. Look at the message boards about the comcast deal – many people are trashing comcast. Comcast should have really seen it coming, but even now, I doubt they’ll ever pay any attention to what we’re saying.
    I’ll make a thanks to Leo for being such a great host, and I’ll give thanks to Ken Marquis (TSS series producer), who was my contact over at TSS. I don’t know whether Ken is staying or not, but he did a hell of a job with what he had over there.

  28. I know that this is what everyone is saying but I still will agree I don’t like G4..It has twice as many shows as tech TV does and that sucks, I dont see why they kept FFM on…A show about guns, and war, and death practically and not Call For Help…It makes no sence Oh wait…it does…Violence is alot more fun that knowledge (sarcasm). It was sad…I didnt even know about the merger for a while because I was in D.C. and they dont have that channel in the hotels…The only good show from G4 is Icons…I wish my old TechTV was back but the consumer whores have taken over our home we once called TECH TV

  29. I know that this is what everyone is saying but I still will agree I don’t like G4..It has twice as many shows as tech TV does and that sucks, I dont see why they kept FFM on…A show about guns, and war, and death practically and not Call For Help…It makes no sence Oh wait…it does…Violence is alot more fun that knowledge (sarcasm). It was sad…I didnt even know about the merger for a while because I was in D.C. and they dont have that channel in the hotels…The only good show from G4 is Icons…I wish my old TechTV was back but the consumer whores have taken over our home we once called TECH TV

  30. Man… I decided today that I would watch G4TechTV and see if anything good was on. First up was an hour of X-Play which made me happy, but then these other shows like … is it, Arena? And uhh.. Judgment Day and Cheat.. all I can say is “wow.” These shows blow. Thank goodness Screen Savers is still on, but anything G4 totally sucks. *sigh* I miss my old TechTV. Leo – start your own station! I’m glad CFH is coming back, even if it’s in Canada! Keep working hard, TechTV fans miss yah.

  31. im from california,im only 14 but i love tech tv, g4 techtv is ok but too much mindless things, games, girls, comercial, more games, more girls, then some more of both games and girls, let me think hmmmmmm…………..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………..im going to die!!!!!!!!!!! i started watching tech tv 2 years ago the first time i saw tss i stopped and watched then i watched for the whole day, tech tv the whole day, a little amount of games(cool),a lot of tech and computers(SWEET!), a year after……….i went 8th grade, homeschool………watched techtv(awesome!! TSS,CFH,TL(tech live),XP(x play),SS(spy school),and etc…….it was a school to me…….i did homework, played video games, watched techtv all day until the boring shows were on (ffm and wfs(future fightin machines and wired for sex and other shows)), and played with friends………the best school in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then a wierd thing happened….it said g4 and tech tv r gonna merge……..idk wtf g4 was so i said cool i guess……..it said it was gonna be about games, tech and ummmm somethin else iwas like cool!! then…………….somethinthat broke my heart……i watched cfh leo said that they r gonna be gone………i was sad then i watched tech live i was like its ok………..its just cfh thats the only show…….techlive said they were goin too………..NOOO!!!!!!!:( i didnt no wat to do……..more shows were gettin cancelled…….at least, i thought, xplay and tss r here…………:|……………then g4 techtv merged………..it was ok……..cheat(games)…..arena(games)………other shows(games) WHERE THE HELL IS THE TECH PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the shows but i believe techtv was perfect g4 tech tv is comercialized non sense……….TECHTV:INFINTE/10
    WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plzzz………we must destroy G4!!!!!!!!!! maybe that future fighting machine show can be useful……………..overthrow the corrupt techtv and bring back the old……….this feels like star wars overthrowing the evil republic and bringing the old one back, it also feels like rouroni kenshin the japanese anime………and other things………im glad im goin to highschool soon instead of staying home for homeschool watching the new and unimproved techtv………………………….
    THANKS TO ALL FROM THE OLD TECHTV AND SOME PEOPLE FROM THE NEW TECHTV………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  32. Well what you are seeing here is exactly what’s been
    happening thru out corporate america the past 10 years
    or so, replacing the competent with dolts.
    Hey they work cheaper and who gives a shit what the
    customer wants or has to put up with, with all the monopolies
    out there now they can price gouge the customers for shitty
    products and service.
    Pretty soon every decent job will be outsourced to some
    shithole and our economy and country will collapse, as the
    carpetbaggers that caused all this flee to some country that
    welcomes douchebags with tons of money….

  33. Unfortunately learning about new technology is dead thanks to G4.. I can revive my 8088 4MHz personal computer 512k ram and 2 5 1/4 disk drives because that is about as technology advanced as G4 has become. I’m glad the 360k floppies that I have will hold all the programs and info that I’ll need. By the way you should see my new cga monitor 16 colors, wow! I hear that a new version of dos or some other operating system is coming out soon, maybe in a couple of years, I think its going to be called windows (stupid name huh) Oh well, who needs the cutting edge anyway… Seriously, I hate the new G4 shows even the screensavers has become more of a gamers show than a technology based powerhouse.. All good things must come to an end.. Just wish it did not have to happen so soon.

  34. Comcast has killed everything. Maybe Rogers Inc. will rename G4TechTV Canada to TechTV and bring it global. I’m gonna gues less than 6 months till that. It wint take verry long for Comcast to realize they have killed everything and want to quickly get rid of it before it get’s to bad.

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