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The-New-Call-for-HelpersI‘m very happy to report that I’ve agreed to host a daily show for G4/TechTV Canada starting later this summer. We’ll produce the show here in Toronto. I’ll fly up one week a month to shoot. It looks like the format will be very similar to Call for Help, and, yes, we’ll be taking calls. Once we get the web site up and running there will be a place for you to submit your questions as before.
Pictured at left, my co-hosts (and actual Canadians) the lovely Jelena Mihajlovic and the geeky Andy Walker.

More details to come. Stay tuned. Now we’re off to see the Jays and the Dodgers. I’ll post pictures.

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  1. Congrats Leo! Too bad I do not live there. But doesn’t being gone for one week out of the month fly in the face of wanting to spend more time at home with family?

  2. YES! Can’t wait to get to the Twin Cities for vacation this July – hope they get G4TTV Canada at the Hotel!

  3. Man, I doubt the new show in canada will air here in the US. Dont matter though. I hope you have fun with your new job. Congrats.

  4. I’m happy for Leo but this is a loss. How can going from the premier Tech channel in the US to a Canada outlet be a win? I’m even more depressed now over the defunct TechTV. The fat lady’s definitely singing on TechTV.

  5. This is fantastic, I’ve been sort of dragging my feet about canceling techtv, just in case, and now my laziness is justified!

  6. Considering I’m an hour drive from Toronto, I just have three words: Live Studio Audience.

  7. hey leo thats great! i might get to finally meet you some day! that is if i can make it to toronto again from where i live in canada! glad to have you back!

  8. All right Leo! Welcome to Toronto! 😀 Any ideas when the launch date is and what the show will be called?

  9. This is the best news I heard all year. TechtvCanada Rocks
    Looks like they know what We all know a call tech help show is
    badly needed & will be supported.Welcome to Canada Leo
    Have a beer eh!

  10. Good Grief Leo, the picture looks as though you’re about to spit nails. I don’t suppose any of us in the States will be able to see the shows.

  11. I just hope that whatever new shows that Leo’s on will be available here in the US and on the web.

  12. Congrats Leo… looking forward to seeing your smiling face again! can’t tell you how many people stopped watching G4 when they axed Call For Help!!! WOOHOOOOO!!! YIPEEE!!!

  13. I just hope that whatever new shows that Leo’s on will be available here in the US and on the web.

  14. The Canadain health care program always looked good to me, but this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Canada, here I come!

  15. This is great news! I live just a couple of hours outside Toronto, any chance there will be a studio audience.

  16. You look perturbed in the picture, Leo. Good for you, but there are only 5 episodes per month? Anyhow good luck!i wish comcast here broadcasted the channel. Irony, eh?

  17. Congratulations, Leo. Could you also explain the relationship, if any, between TechTV Canada and any of its counterparts in the US?
    Thanks, and congrats again!
    (You’re on a channel that I don’t get.)

  18. From TechTV Canada’s website (
    About TechTV in Canada
    TechTV launched on September 7, 2001 as the ultimate television resource for technology news, information and entertainment. Co-owned by TechTV, Rogers Media Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc., TechTV is Canada’s first television channel 100% dedicated to technology, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The channel features the latest technology news, information and entertainment in an exciting and high-energy format. TechTV is available on digital cable and satellite.
    Basically its not owned by Comcast, so it broadcasts some of whats on G4Techtv as well as other shows. Im not sure if you can get the channel in the US, but its for digital subscribers of Satellite of Digital Cable only. This is what I understand at least… Hope this helps

  19. Wow, Congrats Leo!
    As a Canadian I’m thrilled that you will now be on the TechTV Canada airwaves! I just feel bad for our southern neighbours who will not be able to view the show (most-likely) 🙁 Still, some Leo is better than none 😛 Nothing will be as great as Call For Help, but this is definetly a start! Out of curiosity, how will this effect Leoville.TV and other projects? Hmm…
    Montreal, Canada
    Bon journee a tous, et bon chance avec les examens pour les-autres etudiants ici!

  20. Congratuations Leo…
    I’m not to clear as to if we can watch you in the U.S. But I do hope your brodcast on Directv but regardless congratuations!

  21. I suppose this is part of the tradeoff for Pamela Anderson becoming an American citizen. Don’t we also get an entertainer to be named later in this deal?

  22. Congrats Leo! You deserve it! At least the Canadians appreciate you! I just wish us lonely Leo-less Americans could see you too. Oh well. Congrats again!!!!!
    Rob- D

    IM SO WATCHING THAT!!!!!!!!!!
    Since im canadian and all. Ill see if i can record all the shows and ill post videos on the web. If i can!

  24. Hey Leo! Congratulations on the new show. Too bad we won’t be able to see it in the States (I can’t even get G4ttv since Time Warner Cable New York took it off). I’m sure it will be a great success!

  25. Awesome news Leo, I’ve been slowly going insane with tech withdrawl ever since I cancelled my satellite service when you were originally fired an eternity ago. I’ll definetely have to renew my satellite service again.

  26. oh no! not the CYBERWALKER! don’t do it, leo! you’re too good to stoop to his level!
    his columns are woefully uninformed and sensationalistic–you could only do worse if you got the infomercial meatheads at chalk-talk!

  27. Good luck Leo. I wish there was a way to see the show, Lose the co-hosts. They look too perky to be credible.

  28. Very happy to hear this. I’ve always loved Jelena on TV here in Ontario where I live. Seen her face a bit here and there over the last few years. I’m so happy for her too.. I don’t subscribe to Tech TV anymore here since I sold my digital tuner, but I hope that G4 will still put little clips on their site. It’s what I’ve missed since the old Tech TV site went off.

  29. Way 2 go Leo…
    I hope my satellite TV provider (ASTRO) will take TechTV Canada instead of
    G4TechTV. Since 27 May, I do watch (G4 Media)TSS, still I have not see
    G4techTV logo at the bottom of my screen TV.
    Must it TechTV Canada I been seeing?

  30. To clear a few things up:
    * Its not TechTV Canada, its G4techTV Canada.
    * G4techTV in the United States, and G4techTV Canada north of the border air the exact same programming except a few additions here in Canada such as Medical Intelligence, Tech Books, NextTV, and now Leo’s new show.
    Also, US cable and satellite carriers do not carry G4techTV Canada in the United States. The ONLY way to get G4techTV Canada is through a Canadian carrier such as StarChoice and Bell ExpressVu.
    Hope this helps you guys.

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