Monday Merry Mausoleum

All the news that's fit to rant aboutThe live transit of Venus webcast from down under begins tonight. Miss it and you’ll have to wait until 2012.
The first network color TV broadcast happened on this day in 1953. Ford began designing the Edsel in 1954. Before Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, there was the $64,000 Question. It debuted on this day in 1955.

Happy birthday Tom Jones and Prince.

  1. Give up your CrackBerry? You might have to. The US Court of Appeals hears arguments today that Research in Motion, BlackBerry’s Canadian parent, violated US patents. The plaintiff, NTP, seeks to bar the popular little wireless e-mail devices in the US. Fortunately I lost mine in a cab years ago and I’ve already recovered from the withdrawal.
  2. Steve Jobs is California’s richest CEO, despite only getting $1/year in salary. Jobs received $74.75 million in stock grants last year.
  3. Apple is expected to announce the launch of iTunes Europe on June 15.
  4. Pictures of Apple’s next G5 desktop have leaked out but no word on when it will ship. The next big Apple event is the Worldwide Developer’s Conference June 28.
  5. Pop-ups are back. According to CNET News, advertisers have figured out how to get around the popular Google Toolbar and its pop-up blocking. Other third party pop-up blockers are also less effective. I haven’t noticed any problems with browser based blockers in Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari, however.
  6. Cisco has released a patch for the Linksys WRTS54G 802.11g wireless router. The box has a flaw which gives an attacker access to the routers configuration page without a password. If you’re using a WRTS54G make sure your router’s firewall is turned on or download the patch from Cisco.

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13 Replies to “Monday Merry Mausoleum”

  1. I’ve noticed that the Google toolbar isn’t blocking all the pop-ups anymore. Luckily I keep IE around mainly for testing and I do my serious surfing with Firefox!

  2. Josh. It’s been tried. They are not going to take him back. He’ll return
    to a network on his own terms.

  3. I use MyIE2 and really love it. Pop-ups blocked this session: 153. It says so right down there in the toolbar.
    Glad you are still accessible, Leo. I miss seeing your face on the small screen…

  4. Thanks for heads up on the G5. I have been “hankerin” for a new G5. What should I do Leo?
    Should I wait, and just use my G4 867DP? Boy is it loud!!!! Sounds like a jet taking off.

  5. Josh that’s very thoughtful, but how do we know Leo wants to go back? I hear rumors that he might do a SpikeTV show including nearly naked beautiful young ladies bouncing all around him. Think Benny Hill presents tech. 😛

  6. I was shocked to learn of your departure from Tech TV. I have enjoyed your shows and gained many valuable tips from you and the staff at Tech TV. I will no longer watch the combined G4Tech TV.
    My only hope is that you and your talented peers will resurface and drive ComCast into the ground.
    I wish you all the best the world has to offer and look forward to seeing you again soon.
    A friend and supporter in Jacksonville, Florida

  7. I received the following response from G4/TechTV Merger………. [Notice the “hook” regarding Leo…]
    Dear Loyal Viewer:
    First, thanks for taking the time to send us an email about the merger
    between G4 and TechTV. We’re very interested in hearing what viewers
    like you have to say and appreciate your comments.
    While the programming lineup for the network is still being finalized,
    we’re paying close attention to your requests.
    G4techTV will represent the best of both networks. Our goal is to make
    G4techTV the nation’s premier television network about games, gadgets,
    gear and gigabytes. TechTV shows X-Play, The Screen Savers, Unscrewed
    with Martin Sargent, and Fresh Gear – to name a few – will now air on
    the merged network. For a full listing of series that will air on
    G4techTV, please log onto .
    We’ll also premiere new, original programming in the coming weeks.
    **** Here’s the “hook.” *****
    In addition, Leo LaPorte can currently be seen on The Screen Savers.
    The merged G4techTV is currently in negotiations with Leo – and several
    other TechTV hosts – regarding future on-air opportunities. We’ll have
    more to announce soon!
    Thanks for your patience and stay tuned to see what the new G4techTV has
    to offer.
    Kind Regards,
    G4techTV Viewer Relations

  8. “Steve Jobs is California’s richest CEO, despite only getting $1/year in salary. Jobs received $74.75 million in stock grants last year.”
    My message to Apple: Bring back Woz, and I’ll buy a Mac the same day. The departure of Larry “I Have a Small Ego” Ellison is not enough to elicit a purchase on my part.

  9. I hate to even suggest it, but I wonder if the lessening of Google Toolbar’s power is not so much companines getting around it, but more like companines cutting deals similar to the Yahoo deal with GAIM and WhenU for the Yahoo Spyware Remover?

  10. I know I’m a few weeks late here… but Leo, wow, you are missed on TSS! No disrespect to the folks on there now. They are smart, entertaining people… but you were the heartbeat of that show and you are greatly missed.
    I hope you surface somewhere on a channel carried by DirecTV so I can continue to watch your work!

  11. In response to Leo’s June 7 report, #5: I just visited Screen Savers of Tech TV on the web, now with the new G4 added in as part of the address.
    ( )
    I’d just like to point out that my rock-solid pop-up blocker does not stop the “Best Buy” little “floating” add that comes up, right there on what I consider Leo’s baby (or what was once Leo’s baby). If that isn’t a pop-up, then what is it? And I have also seen a similar looking little floating window on Yahoo. At least the one on Yahoo disappeared. The one at Screen Savers has to be clicked off.

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