Thanks, David!

Thanks to New York Times columnist (and good friend) David Pogue for his heartfelt column in the Thursday New York Times Circuits section. [free registration required – but it’s worth it]
David got it right with one exception. He writes:

In fact, G4TechTV is indeed in negotiations with Mr. Laporte about an increased role at the new network.

He’s quoting a company spokesman, not me. I am not “in negotiations” with G4. We have a cordial relationship, but if they have plans for an increased role for me at the channel they’re keeping it a secret. And you couldn’t characterize our infrequent conversations as negotiations in any way.

I am, however, talking with a number of people about new TV shows. I’m hopeful something will come of that. I’ll keep you posted when there’s something more to say.

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  1. Leo,
    We need you back on the tube, I am becoming way to productive around the house without CFH and TSS on, and the wife is beginning to notice. 😉
    I need a channel with the old days of TechTV, with Audiophile and with John C . Dvorak, as well as my 1 1/2hrs of TSS and CFH. circa 2001. Heck, I’d watch reruns of the old stuff.
    Sure I play video games once in a while, but I’m not gonna watch TV programming devoted to it. You play games not watch endless hrs of TV about ’em.
    Oh well.
    Back to mowing the lawn.. Waiting for your return Leo.
    Greg – Bflo, NY

  2. Leo, TSS is not the same without you. I never watched G4 because it did not interest me. TSS was the reason I watch Tech TV. It caused me to enjoy other shows such as Call for Help and Tech Live. These shows are missed. G4 cannot force people to watch shows about gaming or learning how to cheat at games. My love for Tech TV was TSS and still is and it is a crime that these shows are gone( with the fine people that hosted them). However tell Patrick we enjoy him but the dark tipper is not you.

  3. Leo,
    I have been a fan for years, since the zdtv days. I just wanted to say Thank you!! Your shows TSS and “Call for Help” have helped me so much. It was a sad day when TechTV went off the air. What are us techies suppose to watch now. If you ever get another show I’ll surely watch it. I am sure G4 has its place, but to me it is just to much gaming and I consider myself a gamer. TSS is now the only show set to record on my Tivo. I sure hope they don’t screw that show up by taking Pat off. My poor Tivo will be in the hands of my wife if that happens. Anyway Leo, I love your work and hope to see you on air again some day soon.

  4. Leo, don’t be in a hurry to have anything to do with G4-Techtv. They made a big mistake turning their backs on the shows you were involved with. I watched ZDTV and Techtv almost everyday after getting my DirectTV hooked up, which was during the time you shared TSS with Kate. There were some quality shows that were produced, and much knowledge and “geek wisdom” passed on to my family. Better to hold out and be involved with projects that are where your heart is at!

  5. The beginning of the end was when ZDTV became TechTV. The next step was TechTV letting Kate Botello leave. You and Kate had a better chemistry than Regis and Kelly or Kathie Lee. I was surprised that Chris Perillo wasn’t the end of Call for Help. Bless his heart, he has a charm that really didn’t mesh well with CfH. Next, John Dvorak was fired. Silicon Spin was unique. I loved getting the opinions and rebuttals from several IT/Tech celebs and experts.
    Anyway, I mourned for many episodes after Kate left. I’m not much of a gamer, so I rarely watched Gamespot TV or Extended Play. So after she left TTS, she was totally gone for me.
    Slowly, my wonderful ZDTV that I discovered with my new DirectTV service in 1998 has dwindled away. This bizarre merger will probably go down in history as an example of how to kill a network.
    My biggest regret is that I wasn’t able to come see you and Magen or you and Kate when you were in Louisville, KY. I remember how I was floored when you mentioned Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. It was kind of surreal to hear one of my favorite Tech Celebs endorse one of my favorite restaurants.
    Thanks so much for teaching me most of what I know about computers. If you ever have a reason to visit Louisville again, let me know so I can point you toward some other great places to eat. Heck, I’ll even treat you if you don’t mind leaving the tip.
    I look forward to whatever you do next if you aren’t with G4TechTV.

  6. The worst thing that techtv ever did was to stop being an information TV on technology and become a god knows what tv. I have been a viewer since it zdnet and I want to thank you for all your help. I am sorry to see something so needed disappear. I will continue to listen to your radio problem and only pray that someday I will find another station like techtv.
    I knew something was up when the put junk on like robotwars, but I never thought that they would go to these extreme. I was truly embarassed for techtv when they put Martin’s show on. But thank God it was on at night, I am in shock. Don’t they realize that we “baby boomer” are more interested in learning then being children again. Oh well when they see that their rating drop because people like me, who use to have the station on all day and night are no longer watching then maybe they will learn.
    I just wanted to thank you Leo for every bit of knowledge and the way you
    delivered it so I could understand.

  7. Dear Leo,
    I think you shoul start your own production company with all sorts of shows based on technologie. That’s my $0.02!


  9. Leo:
    What more can I say that hasn’t already been said. I really miss you on CFH and TSS. You have a certain quality thats is very unique. You are a nautral in front of the camera.
    I know you could get ‘the gang’ to follow you to another TV show. People like Patrick, Kevin, Cat, Yoshi, Sarah….. The growth of a program like that would be huge.
    G4TechTV is going down in flames – no question about it.
    It must be overwelming sometimes to think about how many people you have influenced over the years. You are 1 in a million Leo.

  10. Leo,
    There’s not a lot that I can say that hasn’t already been said. I think the G4 merger went terrible. Honestly there is just something about the TechTV shows (Call for Help, The Screen Savers, X-Play, etc.) that makes them that much more enjoyable to watch. G4 programs are missing this quality. They just seem boring and poorly rehearsed. I truly miss Call for Help, and the great Leo. I was even sad when you left the Screen Savers. This is just terrible… If I had the power I would give whatever kind of show you wanted, whenever. Hopefully someone can realize how missed you truly are, and do just that. I wish you and the rest of TechTV nothing but the best, and hope to see ya around real soon. ^_^
    Kyle Jones – Massive (angry at G4) CFH and TSS fan.

  11. Leo,
    I’ve been an avid fan of Tech TV from the begining and I’m really ticked off with Comcast and the “G4-TechTV” management. I’m considering dropping my cable modem service with Comcast and moving to DSL because of their actions. You and the other members of the old Tech TV staff were outstanding and provided a wonderful service for the communities in which you were seen. I’ll be watching to see all of you where ever you pop up on the air. Maybe someone can start a new tech network. My best wishes and prayers are sent with this message…..:) Ron

  12. While I was not very pleased with the G4-TechTV merger, as many of you may heard by now, Time Warner Cable in NYC has decided to drop G4-TechTV from its lineup, citing that the new lineup of shows on the combined channel, differes greatly from the original TechTV. Granted I lost too many of my favorite shows, Call for Help namely, but now the sole reason I watched the new network was because of The ScreenSavers and now that has been taken away from me. I was worried how the show would be when it moved to LA, losing Patrick in the process, but I still would have watched it. I have no means of hearing about whats new in the computer world anymore. PC Magazine is great, but it’s nothing like an hour of what’s hot and new in the world of technology. I really wish another station picks you up Leo, maybe even get Patrick and the original gang back. This has just been a terrible week.

  13. Leo, not being on TTS full time was tough enough to take but at least we had Call For Help to make up for it. This merger is a disgrace. They have taken something that was part of our lives and turned it into garbage. I play video games as much as anyone, but I have never wanted a video game channel. Now what I didn’t want has hijacked something I did. uugggghhh. Where ever the road leads and whatever channel it leads you to, I will gladly follow…

  14. From the days of “The Site” and Dev Nul, I’ve been blessed to watch you Leo, offering high quality educational and entertaining television. I’ve often referred to you as “The Renissance Man”. Your depth and breadth of knowledge in so many facets of of life from high tech to literature is just amazing.
    I’ve been “wired” since 1983, but still learned something of value from each and every show in which you were involved. I have always appreciated your refusal to participate in platform wars.
    Your humor and sincere effort to help grandmothers like me will be missed. I hope you find a new “home” for your knowledge, talent and desire to make technology understandable and interesting.
    God Speed

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