Wednesday We Want Money

More tales of corporate greed in today’s thrilling tech news summary.
Venus will transit the Sun June 8 for the first time since 1882. The trip takes six hours. Kallahar only took six minutes to go from LA to Oregon.

James Gibbs patented the sewing machine on this day in 1857. The first night baseball game under lights was played in Ft. Wayne in 1883. Surveyor I made the first soft lunar landing in 1966.

  1. Looks like the ad sales guys got to the Yahoo programmers. The new Yahoo toolbar, which contains a “spyware scanner” from Pest Patrol doesn’t, in fact, remove the loathsome Gator and WhenU unless you check a box each time you scan. Yahoo has a partnership with Gator creator Claria. I’m sticking with Spybot, thank you very much.
  2. And yet another entry in the Annals of Greed… Paul Graham wrote his “Plan for Spam” advocating the use of Bayesian filters in August, 2002. In December, 2002, Network Associates applied for a broad-based patent on anti-spam technologies including, what a coincidence, Bayesian filters. The pathetic USPTO just approved that patent. No word yet on how NAI will apply their patent, but it could impact every spam program out there including numerous free open source programs like SpamBayes and Spam Assassin. Symantec and Postini also have patents on anti-spam techniques. Read the discussion on Slashdot.
  3. The original greedy buzzards, the record companies, are considering employing copy protection from Macrovision and SunComm that will limit the number of copies you can make of an audio CD. The protection could be applied to digital downloads, as well.

    Sony's late great PEG-UX50

  4. Sony is abandoning the Clié in the US, citing plummeting sales for PDAs. The company will focus on cell phones instead. Analysts say the increasing popularity of smart phones combined with a weak upgrade market in PDAs is killing the category. That’s kind of a shame – Cliés were the most advanced of the Palm devices and the UX-50 with keyboard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and camera may have been the coolest PDA ever.

  5. Intel has announced three new Mobile Pentium 4 processors: the 538, 532, and 518 run at 3.2, 3.06, and 2.8 GHz respectively and are intended for desktop replacement notebooks. They’re based on the 90nm Prescott chip. There’s a new Celeron M, too, employing half the cache of the Pentium M.
  6. Intel also plans to work with CollabNet to release the source code for a reference BIOS later this year in an effort to make PC boot-ups more consistent and reliable. The BIOS will be released under the CPL.
  7. Sun says it will open source Solaris, its proprietary OS based on UNIX. Expect a licensing model similar to Java. COO Jonathan Schwartz said that while open sourcing Solaris was inevitable, Sun wants to avoid the splintering into distributions that’s happened in the Linux world.
  8. The first beta of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 10 should ship tomorrow. The chief new feature will be the ability to synchronize music libraries with MP3 players ala iTunes. Not surprising since Microsoft has announced it plans to take on the iPod with a device that will “look and feel as good” for as little as $50. CORRECTION: Paul Thurrott points out that Microsoft didn’t say they were going to make the devices, just support them with software.
  9. I’m going to Case Western in my next life. Students now have access to fiber in their dorm rooms, and there’s a wireless 802.11g network campus-wide.
  10. Strongman Robert Mugabe has clamped down on Zimbabwean ISPs, requiring them to notify the government of any “malicious” e-mail messages. Last year 14 people were arrested for circulating an anti-Mugabe email. ISPs say they don’t have the technology to monitor all the emails going through their systems. Hey, just ask the FBI – we’ve got a great system here in the States.

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  1. Wow, I would love to go to Case, it sounds like a great fast place. Although any university which gives free tuff must be alright!
    Hurrah for corporate sponsership!

  2. Oink, Oink, Oink… what else is new? Greed is everywhere, even present in ourselves, to a certain extent. But it is nice to see contributions to the open source community.
    I sure would love to have access to a fiber connection…sigh.
    Oppression sucks. Some people just can’t take a little criticism

  3. In addition to Case Western Reserve, The University of Akron (Akron, OH) is also up in the top of the list for Wireless areas across the US. So Northeast Ohio has been noted as one of the most wireless accessible locations by Intel’s survey.
    more here:
    However, that fiber in every room at Case is most definitely awesome.
    As for Yahoo Toolbar, I’ve never liked any of the add-on toolbars… not even Google. Now I know why. :/ I’ll stick with Spybot & Ad-Aware for spyware, and EMS FreeSurfer for blocking my pop-ups. 😉

  4. Hmmm….
    I also heard this rumor about a $50 IPOD, but…..
    Gizmodo reports:
    So we heard about the Microsoft $50 iPod-killer rumors yesterday, too, but held off posting anything because it just sounded so out there, and wanted to get some clarification. Glad we waited, because Engadget has dug up the transcript of Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi and it’s clearly being misinterpreted by the different sources. I mean, read this. You’ve got to be trying really hard to sift a $50 iPod killer from Microsoft out of this.
    I�ve spent time with a bunch of hardware manufacturers who will launch hardware products when we ship our service that will look and feel as good as the iPod product.

    It�s for people who really want to sort of look at music videos and not just music, which is very powerful, we�ll have that offering. And then a bunch of devices in between, little ones that cost 50 bucks and you can go running with.
    Don’t know who is correct? However, there are loads of $50’ish small MP3 players that you can go running with now!
    I would guess solid state, and not hard drive based.
    Again…just all rumors and speculation..

  5. I would think that the patent for the Anti-Spam stuff could be overturned as prior art. The patent office must do no research whatsoever on any of this. Trial lawyers must love the patent office’s incompetence!
    Brian Sakowicz

  6. See Leo, you’ll be able to spend time at Ohio’s ‘high speed’ halls of higher learning during the off hours from the production of Call For Help in Sandusky, Ohio.
    We knew you were kidding when you slammed Cleveland on more than one occassion on CFH and TSS. 🙂

  7. Hey, hey, hey…..
    Didn’t mean to inadvertently bash Leo’s researching, I like his news blog. Just didn’t want people to think that MS was actually making anything close to an IPOD for $50. Kind of an impossible task with the price the micro hard drives used inside the IPOD and IPOD mini. Ok, MS could price-dump them to gain market share, or maybe the next generation of MicroHD’s could get the price down. I find it hard to believe either will happen this year.
    Only time will tell.

  8. You add a spyware scanner to your toolbar that doesn’t get rid of the most notorious spyware unless you tell it to. Methinks it’s time to knock some heads together down at Yahoo.
    Meantime, I’ll stick with Mozilla and Ad-Aware, thankyouverymuch.

  9. I confess I got the story from iPod Hacks which quotes the Denver Post. In fact, Medhi said he’d spoken to “a bunch of hardware manufacturers who will launch hardware products when we ship our service that will look and feel as good as the iPod product,” and that some of them would be as little as $50. So Microsoft is NOT getting into the iPod business.

  10. Thats too bad about the Clie… cell phones are killing off the PDA… I had a palm pilot back in the day and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now who needs to carry around both a phone AND a pda?

  11. No wonder I always thought Yahoo messes up your computer. I uninstalled Messenger this morning as well and things have sped up dramatically on my system. BAD YAHOO! BAD!

  12. Leo, if you can afford it, why don’t you put up that old Indian head test pattern on I know you’re saving by not having a site now, but it would be fun. You could use the pattern without the head if the head’s not PC enough. Make a banner with updates. I would suggest a short audio test tone, but maybe that’s too much. 🙂

  13. Hmm i think RIAA and those companies might be setting themselves up for one huge smack in the face. They keep pushing the consumer around like this people are gonna start doing illegal things to get music and i don’t mean more p2p networks. This could get ugly or wait… someone is gonna figure out how to go around it, nice try. If these people would have paid attention a bit more to history they should know by now that no wall is gonna keep people from doing what people want or have to do. It just a human factor that we have to live with. *sigh*

  14. Man this gee-fore is such a bad plan! Maybe this great accomplishment
    that you are leaving has ripenned to the point of “The stinky burst.”
    Hold your head high and smile as you Run Upwind. Thanks for all the great

  15. **# I’m going to Case Western in my next life. Students now have access to fiber in their dorm rooms, and there’s a wireless 802.11g network campus-wide.**
    Ah, the more fun it would be to get an Orinoco card, Ibook, and Kismac
    *grins darkly*

  16. It’s interesting to note if you type “G4” hitting the key and the “G” key and continue to hold the key while hitting the “4” key, you get the philosophy of the G4/TechTV =================>>>>>>>>> G$.
    I guess “Gee Money” is all that is important for this network. I gave this station 3 minutes, and now I am dreadfully sorry that I will never get that 3 minutes back.
    Gaming is NOT part of my life. [Unless I am sitting in front of a KENO or POKER machine in Vegas.]
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  17. (Shift) G + (Shift) 4 = G$
    Or —— GeeMoney is all that counts with this station……… I don’t want a part of it in my life.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  18. I have quite a few friends and aquaintences that go to CWRU and while it is a wonderful school, it concerns me that they endorse Dell in their computer recommendations. The Apple endorsement doesn’t bother me as much because if they didn’t say so, there might be some confusion (among non-techie students) as to whether or not it was okay to use Apple computers on the campus.
    I imagine that Case has some deal worked out with Dell (especially since they have a Dell store on the website), but it annoys me that they only endorse that particular brand, instead of just saying what type of specs a computer should have (though they do that too).
    I’m probably overreacting (and in fact I am, but I think the points should be made anyway). I understand that it’s important for most colleges to have these types of deals (Miami of Ohio, where I went for awhile, had a deal with Microsoft, among other companies) to better serve their students. According to my friends at CWRU, they get free copies of Windows XP and Office, among other software, if they request it.

  19. Leo, I miss you, man. I’m a 31 year old guy who proudly turned into a geek after watching your shows the past many years (from the Kate and Leo days of ZDTV to recent times). I was at once afraid to open a computer but now regularly build (and rebuild and upgrade, etc.) them for myself and friends. I turned into the de facto system administrator at the small nonprofit association I used to work for and turned that place around by upgrading all the machines there, setting up broadband internet, a firewall, multiple servers, etc.
    I must admit that I was disappointed when Kate left TSS and Patrick came on. I have never been too impressed with Patrick – he tends to ramble on several different tangents at once and has an annoying holier-than-thou attitude. Regardless, I kept watching TSS mainly because of what you brought to it. Then you left TSS for CFH which I started watching (I have never been a fan of Lockergnome). I found the show a little too basic for my needs, but still watched it for you. And now, TechTV is an empty shell. TSS seems to have lost direction, and nothing else on the channel is any good. Even my wife (who prefers Trading Spaces to anything techy) misses you.
    So, if you’re thinking of doing your own LeoTV – I’m all for it! Kevin’s is an interesting concept, but I’m sure you could do far better with a web broadcast. And if you end up on TV again – I’ll be right there with you. Until then, I’ll just have to listen to your radio shows through the internet.
    Take care – I wish you all the best.

  20. Leo,
    I wanted you to know I will miss you on Tech TV. I was a loyal viewer of Call for Help and The Screen Savers and any other show you or Pat showed up in. You guys make Tech accessible to everyone. I think the G4 merger is a shame and to be honest with you I will not watch the new shows. I truly hope you get back on TV showing everyone that all people can enjoy Tech. You guys were responsible for me starting a new Custom PC shop years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done. You and the gang at the old shows touched my life and I’m sure you touched others as well.
    Thank you for all you have done
    Jerry Gulledge
    Pensacola FL.

  21. People, I know we’re all upset about G4 and TechTV, but try to be a little more positive. I mean hell still could freeze over and CFH be returned. But for the present let it sit for a while. I too have been watching Leo since the ZDTV days and understand the pain. But I’m sure Leo will get quite bored (if he hasn’t already) of everybody complaining about G4TechTV.
    But as far as the notes about missing Leo and hope to seem him on again (and live), let them roll.

  22. I heard Leo’s radio report this morning on KGO. At least he got 60% of the facts correct about Pop-ups, anti-spyware and toolbars. Yahoo’s toolbar is in Beta and DOES in fact remove Claria and Gator. I would think someone like Leo would do a bit more digging before jumping to the ‘evil advertising dollars’ conclusion. Maybe there is a reason why blindly removing adware is not prudent. I guess ‘popular reporting’ doesn’t equal ‘quality reporting’. 🙁
    As for the recommendation to use SpyBot, i wonder if people would make that recommendation if they knew more details about ‘the company’ behind the app.

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