Leo Laporte Come On Down!

Seen in the June 2004 Mad Magazine:
Leo Laporte come on down!

So the question is, what did Dick DeBartolo know, and when did he know it?

Thanks, Dick!

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  1. Wherever you go Leo. we will follow you.
    (Not in a psycho stalker manner, but as loyal viewers)

  2. Classic TechTV brings forth emotions of nostalgia already. Very sweet and comfortable memories.

  3. we miss you on tech tv why did they make such a big change? The web page isn’t as good as the old one.good luck steve in nothern california

  4. Leo, I just got back from Japan, been there two months and Call for Help is gone. I e-mailed the clowns at G4. I am not going to watch that network. I’ve been there with you since ZDTV. I sure do miss those days. Good luck I’m sure your going to have another show soon.

  5. I think we, as viewers, are better off with out Leo on G4TechTV (or should I just say G4?). Leo is moving on to, I think, bigger and better things! 🙂

  6. Leo, if you were here in front of me, I’d probably hug you.
    In the most heterosexual, tech-y way possible, though.
    You’re the link that brought my father and I closer. For that, I thank you for giving us both a reason to finally hang out and have conversations about technology. And it’s all because of you.
    Again, thank you.
    I’ll spare the immense praise I have for you and your work. You probably get it all the time. We miss your appearances and will continue to until we get our fix of Leo wits and smarts.
    Thank you,
    Hugo Gomez

  7. I’ll have to look at that comic strip a little closely. I always liked Mad Magazine.
    Don’t get it as often though.
    And don’t give up on The Leoville TV project. Some fans are thinking of starting a Leoville TV fund to help you make that dream a reality. It’s better than moping around waiting for some tv network to grab your talent and then toss you away when the ratings slip. You and Patrick, Cat and everyone else deserve better than that.
    Have faith.

  8. ROFL! I think DeBartolo is a major goof (which is a good thing in my book) and probably psychic, too 🙂 I’m also guessing that you know about stairs and how they work.

  9. I have been watching since the ZDNet days and have learned most of my computer “smarts” vi Leo’ knowledge. Am a 77 year old youngster who wishes I had been able to get into computer jargon and knowledge at least 20 years ago. Hope That Leo and everyone of the Techies can line up with someone who realizes their potentials and can be on satellite tv with their wealth of knowledge. Comcast has now idea what they have done to the tech knowledge base by buying and practically discarding everything of value that they bought. Who on earth wants to watch gaming constantly? I certainly dont and Patrick,Sarah,Kevin and Yoshi etal are wasted with their expertise with the format that they are having to stick to. Miss the experts that Leo had on that were interesting scientifically etc. Keep up the good work wherever and whenever you can find it Leo and all your cohorts.

  10. Well, Leo, if Mad is a monthly, Dick probably has a deadline four to six weeks before publication. Assuming the May issue comes out in late April, his deadline might have been around mid-March. Didn’t the Comcast announcement come out around that time?

  11. I am a 54 year old geek. I have been watching the new network and trying to figure out what it is I do not like about it. I think the biggest problem is that the new network does not span the age range that the old TechTV did. You guys had something for all of us, and we in turn could talk to each other. I also get the feeling that somebody at Comcast had a talk with all the on air people and that we will be seeing less and less of the types of stories that tell us when some thing is a piece of junk. I hope I am wromg, but the whole thing seems to be turning into an infomercial for 12 to 20 year olds. I will miss the mix of old and new, the light hearted and the serious stories. But most of all I fear I will miss knowing that the on air people called it like they saw it, no mater who made the product. Just look at which shows got cut first. Leo, thanks for all the info over the years, you will never know how many people I have had watch your show in order to lighten my work load.
    Al Hill
    Product Manager
    LAN/WAN Services

  12. I live in NJ and moved to a comcast area specifically to get Tech tv. 2 days after I move in Tech Tv turns into the Yes network and I have been waiting for Tech tv ever since to return.
    I was a loyal techtv website user watching every call for help clip on-line I could find. At first, I was dissapointed that you replaced the nerdy kid, but that quickly changed after being mezmorized by your talent.
    Thank you for being you!

  13. I live in NJ and moved to a comcast area specifically to get Tech tv. 2 days after I move in Tech Tv turns into the Yes network and I have been waiting for Tech tv ever since to return.
    I was a loyal techtv website user watching every call for help clip on-line I could find. At first, I was dissapointed that you replaced the nerdy kid, but that quickly changed after being mezmorized by your talent.
    Thank you for being you!

  14. I live in NJ and moved to a comcast area specifically to get Tech tv. 2 days after I move in Tech Tv turns into the Yes network and I have been waiting for Tech tv ever since to return.
    I was a loyal techtv website user watching every call for help clip on-line I could find. At first, I was dissapointed that you replaced the nerdy kid, but that quickly changed after being mezmorized by your talent.
    Thank you for being you!

  15. I live in NJ and moved to a comcast area specifically to get Tech tv. 2 days after I move in Tech Tv turns into the Yes network and I have been waiting for Tech tv ever since to return.
    I was a loyal techtv website user watching every call for help clip on-line I could find. At first, I was dissapointed that you replaced the old host, but that quickly changed after being mezmorized by your talent.
    Thank you for being you!

  16. I tried to watch some of the new network. No interests for me. G4 will probably fail because they are chasing sponsors, just like techtv did the last year or so. You can’t make quality programming trying to appease Madison Avenues visions. If you make good TV, they will come to you with the money, or at least your sales staff will not be at war with production. You try to target your audience of course. Advertisers are more fickle than viewers. You can try to wrap a whole season around the wants of a few sponsors, and they can dump you two weeks into it. Do it right, do it good, and the money will come. It will not be a Frasier or Friends, but who expects to get filthy rich off a cable channel? This whole new channel will be nothing but an infomercial for the gaming industry. Leo I knew you where leaving a while back, or rather I could tell you were unhappy. When you took the KFI job I was sure you wouldn’t survive another contract extension. No pun intended but a lot of soul left the network with Michaela Pereira. I don’t really mean this to insult anyone, they had a bunch of amateurs in front of the camera. You can’t turn an ex-intern into on screen talent by giving them a new job title. A few of them was cute. Turning the whole show over to them was pathetic.

  17. G4 is terrible. If your not interested in watching others play video games, the channel has nothing going for it. I’m in my early 20’s and the new programming doesn’t interest me at all. Just more shows to watch, learn nothing and wonder why you just spent that hour in front of the TV.

  18. Brian,
    I detest that statement! I’m 14 and I absolutly HATE g4’s website, and I despise most of the programming! Young people sometimes have some sense! (But what you said is true for the majority of 15 year olds!)


  20. I think Brian’s statement was correct. I said in a comment last week that the site appears to have been designed by someone with no training. It looks like they sat one of their gamers in front of Microsoft FrontPage with no prior training and told them to design the site. I could find some 11 yr olds with more web design skills. *sigh*
    As for the programming, again… I agree. It’s completely uninteresting to the vast majority of TechTV viewers. We watched for CONTENT… not to watch others play games and talk about their favorite cheat codes. (Since when should cheats be promoted anyhow?) This just goes to show why our society has become so lazy and wanting everything handed to them… kids are growing up with video games they don’t even want to *WORK* to beat, they just watch G4 programming and find out the “cheats” to get past that level they can’t seem to beat. *rolls eyes*
    I sincerely do hope that another network picks up all the TechTV employees and shows and that Comcast gets a big “screw you” from everyone involved — including us, the viewers. Comcast deserves to take a HUGE loss on their balance sheet because of their choices… and if shows like Call for Help and The Screen Savers get picked up somewhere else, where they are APPRECIATED, then… so be it.
    G4 was a pathetic channel BEFORE their acquisiton of TechTV and they are now pulling TechTV down with them. Ridiculous. And I have no doubts they will end up being forced to remove “TechTV” from the network name. Afterall, I count only about 3 programs which survived… and I have a feeling The Screen Savers will be next to be pulled from the network. :/ It’s pretty sad, I never really cared much about XPLAY and now that’s what the entire channel is devoted to. How pathetic.

  21. I watched the new channel over the weekend,& it is terrible.And g4’s website is even worse!
    I agree with Rj,I hope another network will pick up the Tech Tv staff& shows.
    And Leo- Don’t give up on starting Leoville TV!!

  22. Leo, wow listen to this… Wierd Dream! I dreamt I was in my office, watching CFH on my computer. I asked you a question and you stepted right out of the computer and proceded to show me the answer ! Then, after sying that was pretty cool, but not even wondering how you did it :), I asked when CFH and You would be back on tv.You laughed and held up crossed fingers, and said somthing really good was going to happen soon! I just think it shows how personal so many of us feel toward you, and that we personally have been robed! I hope it was kind of a tele-dream you sent out to give all us friends and admirers some HOPE!

  23. Okay, LaPorte. We know that you secretly PAID DeBartolo to appear in MAD, ’cause these days, you need all the exposure you can get! Thank God Comcast hasn’t purchased MAD Magazine (yet) Now Leo can be included in the “usual gang of idiots!” now that you have been excluded by the REEL gang of idiots at Comcast.

  24. The G4 stuff is awfull! I had put several of the old Screen Savers articles into my Favorites and they are all gone now. The new home page is REALLY BAD! Leo must come back on a good cable channel, not the CRAP that G4 is putting out.

  25. I hate the new G4. I have been giving each of their programs multiple “Thumbs Down” on my Tivo since they began. I don’t know if it will help any, but it sure feels good!

  26. Leo, You were an enigma..A talent that handled two hours of live television a day as well as anyone I watched growing up in the fifties and you did it while covering the cutting edge of technology and personal computing. I’m really going to miss you and the TechTV gang. Hoping to see the return of the “Big Broadcasts” someday soon. Lee

  27. Leo has already told us reading his blog to stop sending e-mails to G4 about them not keeping Call For Help. It doesn’t fit in with the direction the channel is going. They are shopping the show around, but they have no intentions to bring it back.
    I’ve watched the channel for the past couple days and so far I like most of it except Tommy on Judgment Day and Arena. The shows they carried over from TechTV, except for TSS, Anime Unleashed, X-Play, Fresh Gear, and Unscrewed, I never really cared for so changing the name of the station isn’t going to make me like them any better.
    It’s already been stated that the target audience are males 18-34. So you 14, 54, and 77 year olds posting here are not included. Nothing we say or write e-mails to will NOT change that. When the channel switched from ZDTV to TechTV or tried to do the all daytime news this with TechLive, people said the same things we are hearing now. It didn’t help any then, and it’s not going to now. Face it. The TechTV we all loved before is gone.
    I think what happened to Scott Harriot is the exact same thing that’s happening to Leo. Once Internet Tonight was gone, Scott didn’t have a place to fit in anymore. Now that CFH is out of the picture, the same thing is happening to Leo.

  28. So, about the T-Shirt. I’m surprise no one has commented. Who is the “BOB” on your t-shirt?
    Microsoft BOB? Bob Hope? Bob Vila? Bring Own Booze? Hmmm….

  29. Leo, could you possibly post some of your helpful tech tips and articles on leoville.com? I think it is horrible what G(eewhat)4 has done to the former TechTV web site! I realize you might not have a lot of time to do this but it sure would be nice. Thanks for all you do and best wishes.

  30. Well, DustoMan there are two 30 somethings in this house that do not care for the new G4 station. I avoid it now like the plague. I hate reruns of old shows but it is better than G4 anyday.
    And Leo that comic picture does NOT look like you! He needs to work on your picture some more.
    Keep us posted on the Leoville TV, that would be soooo cool!
    And bring all the people you can from TechTV too. They are the best team of people I have ever watched.
    You all talk about CFH but I miss TechLive also. Learned all sorts of cool stuff. I liked the ‘security alerts’ too by Becky Worly.
    I miss the old TechTV. It will never be the same.

  31. Yeah, what ron said. and ditto to all the favorites that I lost like Patrick’s astronomy sites. Who knew they’d all get pulled? Somebody at Comcast/G4 must have hated techtv. So they bought it to see how fast a channel could be destroyed.
    If you ever do get the power to pull the our old favorites back we’d all be indebted to you for life. two I can think of in particular…

  32. Leo, I tried watching the new network, but it is a waste of my time. It doesn’t appeal to my 19 year old Geek son either. Why did they discard all the good things that TechTV had archived and developed over the years? I was so pleased when DirectTV (Pegasus) picked up the TechTV network and I’ve faithfully watched from the early ZDNet days. I know you will land on your feet (not like the cartoon), but frankly, I think G4 is the one that will take the leap – right into no ratings.
    I did send an email to the address listed, but I doubt it will do any good. But we love you in Indiana, Leo. Ever think about teaching at a University? You would be a great visiting professor. Check out SMWC at http://www.smwc.edu and tell me if you like the looks of the place. Indiana is a great place to raise a family and you could be a very big fish in a little pond!

  33. The BOB on his t-shirt of course refers to Bob Barker of “The Price is Right”. The “come on down” also alludes to the show. I’m not quite sure I get the comic though. Well, some things better left untouched. Don’t let the dream of leoville.tv die. Good luck!

  34. Leo:
    You must come back! I don’t care where. Any where! I have watched your shows for many years and have continued to learn the things about computing that I have now been able to put in to place in my life. I have read “The Laporte Report” on June 1st, 2004 and was unsettled by some of the comments by some of the commenters. Do something! If there is anything I can do to help please E-Mail me with ideas.
    Concerned and hoping for more LEO

  35. Hey Leo,
    G-4 is horrible and I am not watching anymore. I was wondering if I could tell them what I think?
    I really miss you. I want to see you on Screen Savers more. Actually I wish Tech TV were still on. Anyway, I want to write so that we can get you back…..NOW!

  36. To all readers:
    I know what i am writing is a bit irrelevant to the sibject, but unfortunately the G4 website is just broken links and hard on the eyes- not to mention it doesnt answer my question.
    Ever since “G Day” only repeats of The Screen Savers have been aired- and fairly old ones as well, such as an “All Call Friday” from about two months ago. I live in Canada, and the g4techtv.ca website just shows the ‘demo schedual’ and has no further information. Can anyone explain why this is happening?
    write to me, rob_lynch_2004@hotmail.com
    Thank you everyone in advance!
    Leo- your awesome, thanks for being my ‘idol’ and teaching me such an astounding wealth of information these past few years. You deserve none other than the best and most prosperous future.
    -Rob Lynch, 14
    Montreal, Canada

  37. G4 Marketing and Adversting Droids–LISTEN UP. I got seriously addicted to TechTV in the last 2 years. I turned off CNN and MSNBC to watch The Screensavers, Call For Help, Fresh Gear and Nerd Nation. I watched the commercials and bought products from those advertisers. I also advised 18 to 34 year olds to buy the same products. I tried watching G4. I tried visiting the website. Both are crap. I’m 42 so you probably won’t give a damn that I’m taking my consumer dollars and viewer time elsewhere. See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya in a couple of fiscal quarters!

  38. There is a comic on vgcats.com about TechTV/G4 as well, more on the positive side for TechTV and bad for G4. Goodluck again Leo, we all know it can only just get better for you and your career. Gob Bless.

  39. People are complaining about not finding the archival info on G4. A day or two befor CFH went off the air, didnt they have a site from Cat that has all that info? I dont remember the name of the site. I wonder if it will have everything up to the end of the show. I really need and miss all the great downloads and websites. I guess I should have gone into each one (days and days) and copied everything.
    Leo, if you are setting up a “Leo tech” site, maybe you could swipe the archives and put them on your site! LOL

  40. I need a fix! You’re the Crack Daddy of Tech for the masses. Where are you? I’m shakin’ from withdrawal. G4 is like powdered sugar, fluffy and for the most part, useless!

  41. Words cannot express the disappointment I have for this G4TechTV BS!! Leo, you’ve heard it all before, so I am not going to waste time saying it all again. If you need any help, I am here, financially if need be. Hope to see you on TV again soon! Take care Buddy! God Bless You!

  42. I have 2 things to say on the matter 1. this topic has nothing to do with G4 and we sould not be talking about it unless leo does (thou G4 REALLY sucks). and 2. I think leo is in MAD becouse maybe he said somthing to dick about liking bob

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