Call for Help Newsletter Madness

Help!First a disclaimer, I no longer work for G4/TechTV and have nothing to do with the newsletter and have no inside information, however…
I am getting numerous emails from former subscribers to the Call for Help newsletter who are suddenly being flooded with email. I think what’s happened is that Tom Merritt, the outgoing web producer, changed the newsletter from a daily email sent out to viewers, into a mailing list where everything that is sent to the list is broadcast out to each subscriber. Naturally this is a confusing change, and with a list this large it can generate an overwhelming amount of mail.

Do NOT send an unsubscribe message to the list – that will just be sent out to all subscribers and exacerbate the problem. Instead, follow the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the message.

[UPDATE: I have learned that this is not the MAIN Call for Help newsletter. That’s no longer going out. This is a Yahoo! Groups newsletter that was created a couple of years ago when we changed newsletter providers. Fortunately all Yahoo! Groups emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom.]

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  1. I think everything that can be said has been said. I’m thinking “letter campain” to the sponsors; might work, then again might not. But it will make me feel better! LOL
    I’ll keep visiting Leoville until we get some “good” news.
    I will not watch the new channel. And yes I’m a gamer, but I did fine without them for many, many years and will continue to do so.
    Good luck Leo, keep us posted!

  2. I loved the show “Call for help”. Why would Techtv destroy their image. They have all jumped off a cliff or their minds have been hacked!
    This was a show I loved to watch and shared with with friends at work. You could always count on Leo and the gang. This is a sad day for me.
    I am a 44 year old white female. Why would they want to keep us down?
    Think about that. I e-mailed Oprah. I hope her giantness in the media world or Bill O’Reilley, can get the word out, and help get Leo and the guys back on soon.
    I won’t watch g4techtv, and am cancelling that part of my cable.
    I will be miss you all. Good luck!

  3. I loved the show “Call for help”. Why would Techtv destroy their image. They have all jumped off a cliff or their minds have been hacked!
    This was a show I loved to watch and shared with with friends at work. You could always count on Leo and the guys.
    I won’t watch g4 and am cancelling that part of my cable.
    let’s hope FOX picks them up!
    Good luck, Carmen

  4. The only show that is worth anything in the G4 shows is Arena, the rest are a waist of time. I watched some of the shows that rate the games from G4 and they don’t hold a candle to X-Play ( Morgan is hot ). Someone should find out who we can contact to voice our concerns on this matter. Leo and the rest were ‘downsized’ and they took the best show and left Cinematech!?! What a waist of time. CFH is in the top 4 shows on techtv. I mean, who wants to watch someone play a game…I want to play. Lets all call Fox or the Discovery Channel and let them create a ‘tech’ channel and hire all the old crew from techtv. Tech Live is much better than Pulse.
    Leo, please tell all the ppl that got rearended in this deal that we miss them and want them back.

  5. G4 is a joke. Leo as soon as you hook up with a new TechTV I will be there.
    I had my REPLYTV set up to copy a months worth of “The ScreenSavers” and “Call for help” “The Tech of” and “Fresh Gear”. What a disappointment when I found out what they did to my favorite shows. I could only do the things I have done with my computer because of TechTV. I went to the web site to pull info I knew I could always go and get. NOT THERE. The new web site sucks. Who do they have making these decisions? As big a Comcast is I assume someone gets fired pretty quick. Please someone have the decision maker fired. Has anyone started a petition? I emailed Comcast TV and I went to the G4 website and voiced my views. I think everyone should do the same.
    I am not interested in any Game channel. I do play a game occasionally. I will not let my daughter play any PC games due to the brainless violence involved. This is all I have seen as commercials on G4. I had G4 hidden on my TV because I had no interest in it.

  6. I agree with this:
    Leo, I can honestly say the new network NEEDS you. The G4 people seem so… plastic… They are to gaming what Carson Daly is to music. It is a sad state.

    Time for someone to start a new technology tv channel, and leo needs to head it off! 🙂

  7. Leo,
    I was devastated once I realized TechTV was no more! I survived on Show Notes, ScreenSavers, TechLive, etc. All of it. I learned so much. G4 has ruined Techtv’s website. I can’t find ANYTHING. I’ve read that TechTV was struggling. Well, G4 will definitely go belly up. I’m a gamer, but as the post above, I need a little mix myself. You guys on Screensavers were SO helpful. This buyout was a BIG MISTAKE. They’ll see. I know you’ll be on TV someplace in the future Leo. Your in too much of demand not to be. When I was trying to decide on which program to use to rid spyware…where did I go first?: TechTV-Screensavers…”What did Leo suggest?” Now where do I go? As everything else, once you get something good that the people want, look out – West Tennessee will miss you, take care.

  8. call for help was the best tech show on cable!!!
    i watched it everyday i used it as a reference when i needed to solve a problem with my computer or to find free file or just some fun info!!
    I will miss it a lot I hope that another station would pick it up!

  9. Leo,
    You were the main reason I started to watch TechTV and now your leaving is the main reason I no longer have the channel running in the background of my office day. Its good to know how to stay in touch and I will. Thank you for all the great techtv watching.

  10. Leo,I have been watching you when your CFH show had first started.My husband & I were lucky enough to visit you at the TSS twice.We are the full-time RVers. I was so shocked to think anyone in there right mind would not go the extra step just to keep the 2 shows with the same crew.I cried it was like loosing a family member or best friend.I am not a geek like so many of the younger followers but you are my mentor.I have all your books & will treasure them.Sure hope someone out there will keep me up to where you may go to help all of us lost soles.I did find your radio show on the west coast.It is not always a good time to listen.I cannot tape like I use to for the TV show.Lucky I can read the show notes.Thank You so much for all I have learned,YOU are the best!

  11. Leo, WHAT HAPPENED? I got a digital converter just to get CFH and TSS from SHAW Cable … and… poof… show is gone…. and all those web links all gone. I’m devastated!
    Well it goes to show ya the big players… BG and his cronies… like to keep the masses in the dark and clueless.
    Isn’t there a network out there that is smart enough to take over the show?

  12. As a Canadian we were not unable to get ZDnet. But I had heard about it reading issues of MacUser and PCmag. I waited in anticipation for the arrival of it on the Canadian dishes. Once on air it was already branded TechTV, that was about 3 years ago. Myself and many other “geek” friends were thrilled when we finally could watch Leo and the SS gang and tuned in regularly. The Screen Saver 11 PM MST slot became much like Carson’s and Letterman’s slot. OK the jokes were a little lamer, but I too learned so much.
    Let it be know that Canada is missing out as well. This is a terrible mistake. Surely, another network could pick up the pieces. Leo, I look forward to you expanding your radiocast from CHRB, Toronto to the west.
    At least we have the Flames – Lightning series to take our minds off this… for now.

  13. Hey Leo,
    It was sad to see all my favorite shows dissapear with the merge to G4. My favorites (CFH, TSS, Fresh gear & X-play) are all gone. At first, I thought it was just to give everyone a break over the summer (like they do with all the major tv shows) but it seems I was wrong. At least there’s still some of the gang on TSS but the channel just seems to have lost a lot and unfortunately, I don’t find myself watching the channel much anymore.
    Hope everything works out for you all.

  14. This was my email to Comcast:
    “I really hope that you are not planning to completey ruin one of the best sources of technological information that exists on tv today. The last thing we need is for tech tv to be turned into some glitsy network where useful information is nill. Now you are going to move to LA. Whoa! thats a technological mecca. let me get this straight, you are going to move from the richest source of technology (AKA Silicon Valley) to the vast waistland that is LA. Maybe you guys are just so smart that you lack common sense. Who will you gobble up next? I guess I will just have to wait and see who’s lives you will ruin next!!!!”

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