59 Replies to “Don’t Whine, Don’t Moan”

  1. Thanks Leo!
    Thanks for the memories. I will follow you where ever you go. You are my PC guru.
    Howell, MI

  2. Thanks for the mp3’s Leo. Kinda sad though. When is somebody going to wake up and HIRE YOU?
    G4 is a Leoless world, I will not be watching.

  3. Thanks for the mp3’s Leo. Kinda sad though. When is somebody going to wake up and HIRE YOU?
    G4 is a Leoless world, I will not be watching.

  4. Leo,
    Go out on your own and build a new show. The heck with the suits @ G4. You know the secret formula, use it.

  5. Leo was the only reason I watched TechTV. Take care of yourself and stay healthy for us and your family. We already miss you.

  6. Leo was the only reason I watched TechTV. Take care of yourself and stay healthy for us and your family. We already miss you.

  7. My world is grey, my hopes are dashed, my heart is heavy. O Leo, Leo, wherefore art thou Leo???

  8. Leo I love Henry’s Boogie!!! Sounds great! You really can jam in garage band! Keep up the good work!

  9. Leo why can’t you have a show call it F1 and steram it to your web site? Sell adds and time on the site. Just can’t get over it. I have only been watching it for two and a half years and it’s just not fair.

  10. Leo why can’t you have a show call it F1 and steram it to your web site? Sell adds and time on the site. Just can’t get over it. I have only been watching it for two and a half years and it’s just not fair.

  11. Leo,
    Thanks for the File….now I will listen to it from time to time when I need my CFH fix.

  12. Leo,
    Thanks for the File….now I will listen to it from time to time when I need my CFH fix.

  13. I want as many sound bytes as possible, I already canceled my digital cable, i miss you guys already.
    Bring back the TSS and Call For Help!!!!

  14. Well now that you have the slogan, all you need now is the Call For Help theme song. The whole thing. I can format certain parts of it to use as my startup sounds.

  15. Vulcan in fact DID sell the toilet seat in the garage sale. They stamped it G4, painted it annoying colors, installed a rumble pack and sized it down for “younger users”!

  16. Are you sure Comcast doesn’t own the rights? You might want to check if Vulcan hadn’t sold your toilet seat in this garage sale.

  17. I’m not a gamer either. I don’t have much interest in the new channel. I will be watching when the change-over occurs, though.

  18. Thanks Leo now I can get a smile whenever I shut down my personal confuser. Just what I was hoping for!

  19. If someone was really smart they would do a new channel and hire the old TechTV staff. I fear we will never see another technology channel like TechTV. Anyone for ZDTV?
    Note to Leo, this has been such a tough year for friends of mine in IT and TV where I live. Looks like it hit you guys as well. This has been a year with too many changes!
    As for G4, sorry but I’m not a gamer…no interest, zero, none. If they are going for a younger audience that’s not me.
    Leo, you gave us humor and fun when dealing with “Personal Confusors”. (Like many others I’m stealing that line but will give you credit for it!)
    Mike (Computer and Ham Radio Geek)

  20. The TV bunch is probably pretty much dispersed now, but you know “Call For Help” was really a great deal like a “DIY” for computers and people who just need a little help with that strange Box and its relationship with something called the Internet —- Hey DIY Guys why not pick up this show !!!!!!!!!

  21. Leo, thanks so much for the files. In memoriam, I have made CFH the wallpaper on my new PC. This shutdown sound will definitely add to the quality. One boner, though. The dreaded %20 showed up! I realize you probably did this in haste, but one thing I tell my students is that when they see the %20, it probably means the webmaster didn’t know what he/she was doing…. arrrrrgh!

  22. Well I’m an older gamer that loves XBOX and I still want no part of G4..they can keep it!! Leo , I had my season pass setup on Tivo. You will be missed.. If CFH is picked up I’ll be there.. The show was not just for the people just starting out with a computer. I have been in tech support for over 10 years and loved it!!

  23. Thank you for all the knowledge you imparted to me over the years on Call For Help and Screen Savers. You made life much easier for me on my several computers during the life of Call For Help.
    I just wish I could delete files on data CD’s I’ve recorded or even rename those files.

  24. Leo…
    I was away for 2 weeks and I returned only to find my TechTV world upside down.
    Clearly, there is something to be said about the clueless factor in mega mergers.
    I’ve been a TTV viewer since the beginning (and, yes, I even have a taped show with you and Kate Batillo!)
    The G4 acquisition is essentially the coup d’grace of TechTV.
    I’m sure that it’ll be a matter of time before the “techtv” part of the G4Techtv tag will be dropped.
    Leo, there are hundreds of talking heads on television. You, however, are the consumate teacher. You shared a wealth of information with your viewers succinctly and in an entertaining manner that no one…NO ONE…can match.
    In losing TechTV and Call For Help, we have lost a great part of our family. Not a cousin, not a brother, but a great part of our family. (IF I could post a pie chart I would!)
    The good news is…
    that TechTV established a formidable market comprised of a wide spectrum viewer base. (Unlike G4 that is focusing on a niche market). And hopefully it’ll only be a matter of time before someone, somewhere…who is “in the know”… will recognize this abandoned viewer base and develop a new Tech network. And, although this would be a major undertaking, the market development would be realized overnight.
    And so, Sir Leo, if you have any purpose or mission to prioritize in the coming months, it is what I have just mentioned. Get the business plan program out, seek the capitalization for the new network and go for it!
    With continued appreciation and loyalty, I am
    New York City

  25. Do I recall in about 1997 Mr. Gates and/or MS bought about a 7% stake in Comcast? Wonder how much they own now and are any of them on the board of directors (ole boys network etc.)? Might explain why they push a gaming channel. Let’s see … Leo likes Apple, Linux, ‘Free is GOOD’ etc.

  26. Thanks for the clips, Leo! I couldn’t watch “Call for Help” last week, I just didn’t want to see the show die. I did click on KFI for your three hour radio program when I was home Sunday afternoon though and enjoyed it a great deal, except for those extremely long commercial breaks. : ) No matter, it was good to hear you doing a live program, and I do plan to listen again.

  27. Thanks for the files, Leo. A little CFH is what everyone needs.
    Good luck getting it sold somewhere else and your other secret project you’re working on. 😉
    Also I am planning a radio tribute special for you, Cat and Patrick Norton in June. It will probably air before or after I have my mini-vacation on the grounds of Disney World. 🙂
    All my best.

  28. Hi Leo,
    I can so relate to your post about the last day of work at TechTV. I share a similar one of the day the small market AM station I woned for ten years sold. That was the saddest day of my life.
    I just wanted to express my thanks to you for being the great communicator that you are. As someone who was in radio, it takes a person with good communications skills to catch my attention and you did that. I’m proud to say that you made me the geek that I am today. Again thanks for what you did on TechTV. I’ll be listening to the radio show on the net. Gotta keep up my training so the official “Geek For Life” card stays in effect.


  30. Would GM buy Mercedes and then start making Yugo’s. That’s what seems to be happening to Tech TV. I have talked to a lot of my friends that were watching Tech TV a lot more than the major networks. Tech TV was making major waves on the TV market. Why would a major corporation take a network that was working and just suck the life out of it. I have been watching Leo since he was an avaitar on MSNBC with Solidad O’Brien. Maybe we will be fortunate enough to see Leo reappear on National TV.

  31. I wish i could post in the older “Last Call” topic, however it has so many comments my web browser has trouble opening it. Which is saying something since i’m using Mozilla and Broadband.
    Anyway, I’ve been around computers all my life, I played my first game of mahjong at 3. I knew well enough how to operate dos to run a game at 4 1/2. My favorite was Cosmo, I remember.
    I started watching zdnet as soon as Dish Network picked it up. I’d watch Call For Help and The Screen Savers (Back in the Kate days) almost every night, as well as Internet Tonight occasionaly. I learned alot of what I know about Windows from those shows.
    I also started racing go-karts when I was 11, and I wanted to make the kart club a better website based on what i’d learned from you, Leo, and from Webmonkey.com, which i’d imagine I’d heard of from ZDNET. I made a simple website with tables, and soon was running the site for the club. After a few years of tips and tricks from ZDNET, as well as reading more on Webmonkey, I learned photoshop and made http:/www.cika.org/ what it is today.
    I never would have had the knowlage about computers and the web I do without you, Leo, and all of the TechTV/ZDNET staff. Thanks for the tips while they lasted and good luck in the future,
    Doug Smiley
    Oh, I’m 14 years old for those wondering.

  32. Leo-
    I have to say thank you for posting these. I will forever have fond memories of CFH, i remember watching Chris P. every day, and my dad even got to know him as, “The cool geek.”
    Leo, I have to say, that through all your work for the wold of technology, no matter what you do now, your name will forever be burned in my mind. I will quote you on my death bed, im sure of it. Your shows ment so much to me, TSS sparked my intrest in technology to the point where i now want to attend MIT and continue in a technology feild, something I would have never wanted to do if it werent for you.
    I kind of wanted to do something with this after i heard it today, it brought back memories. So i did a little “remix” with my old Fruity Loops 3 and Sound Forge 6, both of which i havent used since i got out of audio a little while back.
    http://www.mdipi.com/sorry/leo.mp3 if you want to check it out, its not that good, but its one way that i can remember your shows by.

  33. This week I turned on to Tech tv, not really thinking but more out of habit. As a professional television producer, I still learned an awful lot from you and the tech tv staff. CFH and TSS were in a class of their own.
    I’d like to thank you for all that you taught me leo, and wish you the very best of luck.

  34. Hey Leo–thanks for the sound bytes, that helps ease the pain a bit. Now, can you scrounge up a sound file with you and Pat doing the old “Saving the world…one computer at a time.” bit from the TSS ads? Please? 🙂 I liked that slogan even more than the CFH one, hehe.

  35. Leo, I’ve worked in the computer field for the past 30+ years. Started my career on mainframes and will finish it on PCs. I started watching you in the fall of 1998 and have been a fan ever since. Although much of what you discussed I already knew you were so entertaining I watched anyway. The other half of the PC/Internet jungle you discussed I did not know and have learned so much over the years watching your shows.
    As far as G4, I too am not a gamer, have no interest in their program line up and will miss TechTV, CFH and likely TSS after G4 gets their hands on it in July.
    With all the unemployed in front of and behind the camera types soon to be in SF looking for job I’m surprised that someone doesn’t seize the opportunity. (Hello Woz, is Woz out there anywhere?)

  36. Leo>> I will miss your show it was one and only talk show I ever watched I do not remember how I first came up on your show, I must have been channel surfing and came up on your show years ago. When I got my first puter they called me newbe that was all ok, but not after watching and learnig from what You and your show had to offer, my puter friends stopped calling me newbe. Well any way I will be looking for your new show hopefully. I built my first a month ago.
    Thanks for the responding to my email years ago. You are # 1 GEEK in my book:
    Wendell Haynes

  37. Thanks so much for posting those!! Hey, not to sound like I’m requesting too much, but on one of the last episodes during the credits scroll there was like a remix of audio clips of you and Cat playing in the background. Can you post this or give some information about it? Thanks!

  38. Hey Leo:
    I dont know if you personally read these comments but I took your advice and downloaded Firefox. I couldn’t believe how much better it is compared to Internet Explorer. I think I have found a new browser. You are right- tabbed browsing beats anything hands down.

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