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  1. Leo–all i can say is–thankyou. I will miss you and the show. I have learned so much. G4 is missing out on a huge market by dumping us “older” folks.
    I e-mailed them and got the same standard responce as the others. I personally do not think The Screensavers will survive either. Only long enough to draw in techTv viewers.
    It seems to be a fact of life when there is a take over to dump current employees or make it so difficult for them to continue that they leave. Been there done that. I have learned though, what goes around comes around and i dont see G4 lasting. They may now have a larger potential viewership but that does not mean people will watch. There are only so many kids who can devote that much time to a game channel.
    I really hope someone has the ability to realize the huge need and market for a tech channel that reaches all age groups.

  2. I’m sad to see Call For Help be discarded by G4. I guess higher-ups assume in this day and age that everyone is born knowing how to use those “personal confusers”.
    As I found that is not always the case, recently; we hired a lady who had woked in a mainframe environment about 10 years and thought she’ll have no problem using a pc.
    She lasted 3 days before deciding that pc’s are too hard to use.
    I enjoyed Call For Help ( even though I know most of the stuff ) and I know there are others out there who could use some help.
    I hope Call For Help find’s a station.

  3. I wonder too about the politics involved with this mega take over.
    Anyway Leo you have been such a big part of my viewing life, let’s get on the ball and get CFH back on another network. DIY for computers??

  4. WAAAAH! What a sucky time for me! Not only am I graduating from high school, but TechTV is GONE!!!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if G4 turns into an all out Anime network soon because of the demand, because it looks Anime-geared already.
    Well, Leo, let’s find a new cable network to put you on! I wonder if Nickelodeon would like a kid’s show about how to run computers…

  5. Hey Leo,
    Maybe you and the rest of the gang could hed up to TechTV Canada and have them start producing/distributing all of the cancled shows?
    Sad to see call for help go…(almost as bad as when you departed the Screen Savers)

  6. I was just trying to find new tips and tricks last night, typed techtv.com on the location/address, and was surprised by the g4techtv thing. then after google-ing, I had just found out what happened. I live in the Philippines, and the cable is running techtv about three weeks late. That means I’d still have about two weeks more doses of cfh. I think I’ll just have to listen to kfi on a dialup after that..

  7. Now that comcast has screwed this show up I sure hope to see them fail.
    It is very hard to understand how someone can be interested enough to purchase something so successful
    and then be so stupid. I pray for there failure. Than maybe they will see the errors of there ways and we can get call for help and the screen savers back the way that worked so well. Leo, you are the man that made this work. I tried to get 640 am at 3:00 pm on sunday, it did not come in. I’am very unhappy with this change.
    Jon DeMarco
    Sacramento, Ca.


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