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afs_call_for_helpYesterday was one of the saddest days of my life. We put Call for Help to bed Wednesday. You’ll see the last episode on Friday, but for those of us who have been making the show for six years a huge and important chunk of our lives is over.
G4 is shopping the show and it’s possible another network will pick it up. I pray someone does. I’ll keep doing it if I have to fly to Sandusky twice a week. Somehow, somewhere, Call for Help has to live on, if only for the folks who have come to depend on the show for their computer help. I know so many moms and grandfathers and kids and just plain folks for whom Call for Help was an introduction to technology. The show helped get so many people on track, and I feel like we’re letting many more down by not doing it any more. Cross your fingers that some network executive somewhere is willing to take a chance on a funky little show that makes such a big difference in people’s lives.

Meanwhile G4 has asked me to keep doing the daily 90-second pre-taped tips on The Screen Savers indefinitely. I said yes, of course. It’s better than nothing, and it will leave me lots of free time to try to find somewhere else to do what I do. Vinnie Longobardo, the VP Programming for G4, also asked me to ask you to stop filling his inbox with mail. I appreciate your efforts but at this point it’s probably useless to keep harassing the poor guy. G4 is going for a different audience and my work is not really part of those plans. I understand that – I even agree with them. It’s time for all of us to move on.

Mostly I’m going to miss the people I work with. It’s going to be so hard to get up in the morning and not see their faces. You never met a nicer, harder working, more committed bunch of people. We loved what we did. And we hate not getting to do it any more.

Some will continue on with G4. I think Roger, Cat, and Ian will move to LA. George is getting his real estate license. Dan will be bagging groceries at the local Stop ‘n’ Shop. I’m not sure what Fawn’s plans are. The studio crew will continue working until July 2 when 535 York gets shut down for good. Then they’ll all go on to other jobs. They’re the best in the business and won’t have any trouble finding work.

We had six good years. That’s more than most TV shows get. And we are very proud of what we did. It’s just hard to let go, especially when the show was starting to click. We’d had our highest ratings ever in March – 500% growth over the same time last year. The December Call-For-Help-a-thon earned us a big article in the New York Times. We had finally made it back into prime time. So close. So close.

I’m not complaining. I have my family, my radio show, and my memories of an amazing little channel where I got to do pretty much whatever I wanted for way too long. I am just so grateful to have had that chance. And I’m even more grateful that so many of you seemed to actually like my work. I’m not giving up. I’m just going to take some time off to say a private good-bye. Then it’s on to the next thing. I’m sure it will be wonderful and fun and all that. But there will never be another TechTV. For all its flaws, it was pretty great, wasn’t it?

Happy Trails!

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  1. Thanks for all your helpfull informatiom and lookind forward to seeing you on a better network. Best of Luck Friend

  2. Hola, Leo
    Antonio from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
    We will miss your show, it help me in a lot of ways.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
    Dios los Bendiga

  3. I hate to say this but I think it’s my fault your show is no longer. It seems that every time I get into a show it goes off the air. I have learned alot from watching so I thank you.

  4. Please start your own website. Build it and we will come. You couold buy ZD in a few years. 🙂
    GB (www.waitingforthenextAlmanac)

  5. Leo,
    Thanks for everything.
    and same to Roger, Chris and the
    sweetest face on geek TV, Cat…

  6. I feel that a part of me has died today. Leo, thank you for everything during the past 6 years. I’ll miss you, Cat and all of CFH staffs. Good luck and best wishes to your future endeavor.

  7. What I was going to say was pretty much echoed by several others here so I will just say the the most important words:
    Thank you, Leo. 🙂

  8. Sorry to see ya go, Hope some network genius will see fit to pick it up. Thanks to you and all the crew for your efforts an all the Help thru the years.

  9. it’s so sad! there’s nothing to say that havent been said, and yet… it’s hard. however, hope remains and maybe someone WILL buy the show.
    i hope you get on quickly!

  10. Hey Leo….. A comment on Leoville said that you were ‘on a plane to Texas while Rome burns’ If you’re coming to Austin… I’ll join you at ‘The County Line’ for some BBQ Ribs….

  11. Leo, as has been said in so many ways before me, you WILL be sorely missed! Best of luck on any endeavor you embark on.

  12. my screenname: “Yesterday was one of the saddest days of my life.”
    Holympus: I feel like he says that every other

  13. Wait a minute. You could do your 90 second spots on the Today show. Maybe start out on MS/NBC to showcase your talent. . . .

  14. Keep us posted on when you return to TV so I’ll know when I can turn the tv back on. Best of luck Leo and I hope I see you soon.

  15. No one does a better interview than you do. No matter how awkward the guest, you make it comfortable and interesting. And you always know your stuff. You’re the real deal.

  16. Thanks for all the good help, always with a great attitude! Good luck, ‘hope to see you on another awesome tv spot soon =).

  17. Leo, Thank You for all the great advice you shared and showed me.I will miss the show. Best of luck in what ever you do. Thank you again Dave

  18. Thanks for everything Leo, watching Call for Help/TSS was always awesome with your great attitude. ‘hope to see you doing something great again soon!

  19. A VERY VERY SAD DAY!!! Leo, you will be truely missed. You have been a huge part of our family’s life for the past 6 years. Leo, we even got our daughter’s name from your daughter. The entire Kulpa family wishes you the best of luck.

  20. I wanna see you and Patrick together on a show again! It was the combination of you two that made me a TechTV fan in the first place.

  21. I just found out the show was going to be over tomorrow. I feel like crying. My whole family will miss you greatly Leo. You are God!!

  22. Leo, what can i say, you are the best. I hope another network picks up the best show on tv. Good luck. P.S. WE WANT U BACK.

  23. Leo, I enjoyed watching you on Call For Help and The Screensavers about 2-3 years ago when I had TechTV. You made technology enjoyable. And you were hella funny!
    Thanks man!

  24. Leo,
    It’s a sad day in mine and my wife’s life. We couldn’t believe it when found out that CfH was leaving the airwaves.Take care and to all of the crew we will miss seeing your faces everyday.
    …..SND & BD

  25. Thanks leo your show was the best! please start a new Tech TV lol. Well have fun where very you go.

  26. Very sad! You are a great host! What’s the point in having digital cable if CFH is not on anymore.
    I hope your show get’s picked up somewhere. Thanks for all your help….

  27. Leo you have taught me more about computers than I ever could have learned elsewhere. You will be missed.

  28. Well, at least I got to know you in an ON AIR kind of way. I’ll still be reading this blog and hope that you get picked up somewhere with Call For Help. I’ve been watching all six years, this is truly a very sad day indeed!!!!

  29. Leo,
    I first saw one of your segments on a Flight on Jetblue’s Direct TV back 2001. Ever since I have been hooked on TechTV. Never missing an episode of Call for Help or The Screen Savers. I myself work in the IT Field and your shows have been very help. I know the Screensavers will continue, but it will not be the same.
    Best of success.

  30. I’ve been watching TechTV since it was ZDTV and you have been the face and voice of the channel for us. I wish you the very best and I’m glad we’ll still see you a bit on TSS.

  31. Thanks for the many fine years of advice. It’s a shame that such a fine program is not in there line up. Cream always comes to the top and i’m sure you will do fine
    Jim Smith

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