Monday at Midnight

All the news that's fit to rant aboutNews never sleeps. And neither do I lately.

Mount St. Helens erupted on this day in 1980.

  1. Intel is admitting it has “hit a brick wall” and will radically rethink its chip design strategies. Apparently the latest Pentium IV chips run so hot they’re slowing down.

  2. Passengers flying Lufthansa from Munich to LA today were the first to use sky high Wi-Fi. For $30/flight or $10 per half hour passengers with Wi-Fi enabled laptops could surf the net and send email via a satellite connection to the Internet. Five Lufthansa planes have been fitted with the service and all 80 planes should offer Wi-Fi within two years. Other airlines are also considering the service. The FAA has approved its use at cruising altitude only.
  3. Vonage has cut its Voice over IP (VoIP) service by $5 a month. The company is trying to build its customer-base quickly to stave off competition.
  4. Microsoft shills the Alexis de Toqueville Institution are try to spread a little FUD by claiming Linus Torvalds didn’t write Linux. Linus admits it – he says he was just covering for Santa and the Tooth Fairy. It’s one thing to blame terrorism on Open Source, but this is really going too far.

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  1. Re #4: But Linus didn’t ‘invent’ Linux. He based it off Minix, a Unix-clone for x86-based machines. Yes, Linus isn’t responsible for the ideas that Unix propagated, and Linux is a clone of Unix. So?

  2. Microsoft is so petty with statements like that, it makes them look weak and afraid of a fantastic FREE product. Wait till Linux evolves a bit more and is easier for the newbies

  3. We should push KGO to give Leo a “tech talk” hour each day (at least) I would love to hear him more on the radio. They could have him sit in for Watenberg… or even REPLACE him… ;>

  4. Leo – you are the man. You have a legendary place in the hearts of both the tech culture and the user culture. The past six years were very well spent and we look forward to many more.

  5. I did some math and found that since 1999, minus the time CFH had the “other host”, I had probably watched over 3000 hours of Leo on TV. That’s 125 days, or over three months. I think I at least deserve a piece of jewelry for investing that much time in a relationship. 🙂

  6. Leo! Keep on rocking the Free World. Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m not quite getting the whole “Open Source Helps Terrorism” type thing? Did M$ say that??

  8. Get some sleep Leo! We love your tidbits of info, but don’t sacrifice sleep just for us junkies!

  9. Hope you get some sleep. All that running around between time zones must have caught up with you!

  10. Funny how MS would bring up those “facts” about Linux. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and stuff. 😉
    Btw, I think Mt. St. Helens blew it’s top on May 18th instead of the 17th. Because the 17th is my b-day and I remember remarking at the time that the volcano blew it’s stack one day after my birthday.
    Joe C.

  11. Mt St Helen’s – I remember clearly it was a Sunday morning. I was at a trade show with my wife in Portland where we live. A show participant who had just flown in from Eastern Oregon (for the show) said their plane flight coming into PDX had been diverted due to signs of activity at the mountain. Within the hour, the mountain had flipped it’s lid. The winds were heading in an Easterly direction, so very little ash fell in Portland on that day. Subsequent bursts did shower the city with LOTS of “gutter fill”.

  12. I wouldn’t say “cash in on” because I have only once of an Open Source (Linux) developing company turning a profit for any amount of time.
    Funny how Microsoft tells the truth and everyone jumps on them like fire. When does Microsoft get praise? When they give away all their products for free?
    Folks find something better with your time….like researching your favorite OS and how it works.

  13. Dear Leo,
    Just heard about your leaving TechTV (I know, I know …I’m late but….)I wanted you to know that being married to an ungeek wife, who had to put up with at least two geeks in the house, that she loved you for your approach to interpreting the more (and less) esoteric aspects of our hobby. You always made what you talked about understandable, without talking down to your listeners. I gave her copy of the Almanac, the only technical book she ever owned (and read). I will keep track of you through the Report, hoping to catch you on the tube, again.
    Good luck and thanks for all years of great reporting.

  14. I’ve been thinking of giving Vonage a shot, especially since I am sick to death of Qwest. Hmmmm… I may look a little closer at it now. They seem hungry and eager. Beats “fat and complacent” in my book.
    Leo, I hate the fact that CFH won’t be making the transition to the new channel. I haven’t been a viewer for all that long, (+/- a year maybe?) but I never miss a show. Well, I will be missing it next week and on.
    Good luck to you and everyone involved in making CFH.

  15. Here’s the reply I received from G4/TechTv………..
    First, thanks for taking the time to send us an email about the merger
    between G4 and TechTV. We’re very interested in hearing what viewers
    like you have to say and appreciate your comments.
    While the programming lineup for the network is still being finalized,
    we’re paying close attention to your requests.
    The new G4techTV will represent the best of both networks. Our goal is
    to make G4techTV the nation’s premier television network about games,
    gadgets, gear and gigabytes. TechTV shows X-PLAY, THE SCREEN SAVERS,
    UNSCREWED, and FRESH GEAR – to name a few – will now air on the merged
    network. For a full listing of series that will air on G4techTV
    beginning on FRIDAY, MAY 28, please log onto
    . We’ll also premiere new, original
    programming in the coming weeks.
    In addition, the network is currently in negotiations with several
    TechTV on-air hosts. We’ll have more to announce soon!
    Thanks for your patience and stay tuned to see what the new G4techTV has
    to offer.
    Kind Regards,
    G4techTV Viewer Relations
    Obviously, if Leo is not on G4/TechTV —– I won’t be watching the station. How can they be so obtuse……..??????
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  16. I finally got an ipod. when I got home it was on my doorstep.
    after charging and loading it I’ve had it playing for a few minutes and this thing is nothing short of a Godsend. I’ve heard words in songs I never recognized. I bought a cable and drove around for a while. finally music I can stand to listen to without all the garbage.
    You really shouldn’t fret about the job Leo. There’s a whole slew of people who want to hear what you have to say. All you need to do is find the right outlet and we’ll be here waiting.

  17. Leo, you are truly gifted, and have a great way of giving it back to people. I would like to thank you for all your hard work, your effort, and most of all, that great personality that comes across that screen. I wish you and your family much happiness, and I am going to pray everyday until you get another television show! LOL Until we meet again Leo, please remember this quote ” if you make people feel good, then keep doing what your doing”. I hope you will and so does all your other fans.
    Take care, and we hope to see you again.

  18. leo,
    say it aint so…. i feel like i lost a good friend. i turned on your show every day after work and always learned something or just had a good laugh watching your crazy antics. ill miss you alot. you hang in there, your too good to not get picked up by someone who apreciates you as much as your viewers do. good luck and god bless you.

  19. Vonage is the only company I have ever dealt with that has lowered their prices…TWICE! It is only one of two companies that I would proudly do one of those sappy ass commercials that many comppanies put out…..I am that happy with vonage. Stave off? Some might be able to do the same thing cheaper, but they arent better.
    marti abernathey

  20. I too have had to walk away from something I created and loved for reasons beyond my control. I know the next few days will be rough. All things considered it’s been a good run. It’s impossible not to take it personally when you have put so much of yourself into it. It’s more than a hour TV show, it’s a big investment of your life. We hope our investments grow dividends, so try and be hopeful for the future. Laporte you’re too big of ham, somebody is going shove a camera in your face soon. 😉

  21. Leo, this is what corporate America does these days. It’s disgusting. You were super and the show was wonderful . Please don’t sit back and allow this to happen. Contact the networks. You can easily be the MR. WIZARD of computer technology!!! There will be someone to pick you up… get into the big time…you’ve got the talent and original programming is badly needed! The chemistry between the crew and the show hosts was excellent. Take a risk!!! Thanks or all you do and did over the years….

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