Thursday’s Thigh-high

All the news that's fit to rant aboutIt’s Space Day. I’m at the new Air and Space Museum in Washington DC celebrating with Patrick, Prager, and John Glenn.

The airship Hindenburg exploded into flames on this day in 1937. Roger Bannister cracked the four minute mile in 1954.

  1. According to the Anaheim California poilce, a widely circulated email warning drivers not to signal cars that have their headlights off, lest they become the victim of a violent rite of passage among gangs, is a hoax. Police say that even though the email appears to come from the department’s gang unit, it’s a “suburban legend.”

  2. Guess I was on the wrong plane yesterday. Sheryl Crow performed hits in the aisle of a United flight from Chicago to LA to help launch Sony’s new music store.
  3. They’re getting into the business just at the right time. Apple sold a record 3.3 million songs last week – a new record for online music stores.
  4. TechTV laid off 285 workers today in the wake of its acquisition by G4, a subsidiary of Comast. Read the details in my story below.

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  1. Hey Leo,
    So you’re coming to Palm Beach. Planning on making any public appearances? Let the South Florida fans know. I’d love to meet cha! Now that TTV is going away, I’m glad I can still get my tech fill with your radio show. The only other alternative was Kim Komando and she sux!

  2. Techtv has been going downhill for quite a while, and with Comcast taking over, it’s completed it mission. If Call for Help is going to be reinvented anywhere, I would watch it. I live in CT, and I’ve been watching Leo and the assorted and changing gang for years – ever since is was Kate & Leo. 🙂

  3. Even if they don’t. We have to let Laporte and the others know they are too good for G4 or whatever it’s going to be. Or gain the capital and have Leo and the gang be trustees of their own tv channel.

  4. G4 is in Canada now, and there is no fine. If people complained, they would investigate and could drop G4 from programming in Canada, but usually only if they are in direct competion with a Canadian company, which they are not
    check out

  5. Leo are you going to post today, or just check into a room and get drunk? Not that I would blame you. It must me nice to know you have so many people that have never meet you that’s so concerned. Of course that will not pay the bills. Bon chance

  6. I sure hope that all this firing doesn’t mean that the girls (Morgan Webb for one!!) won’t be posing for Playboy! I wanna see Morgan Webb in all her glory 🙂

  7. Kevin Rose’s site has a list of shows from TechTV that will be kept, and Call for Help is not listed…. :'( Plus, Leo has removed the TV link from Not a good sign.

  8. comcst sucks everybody should dump comcast cable and get dish or direct tv and say this is forleo patric kevin sara yoshi fo and the whole crew of screensavers and call for help COMCAST SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It seems that TechTV is to be gutted to become a gamer channel…is there an anything else available for non gamers to watch?
    Or maybe somethng on the horizon?
    Sure hope so…
    Don S

  10. Leo don’t take this the wrong way, but if any negotiations are keeping you quiet, it must be an obnoxious amount of money involved. 😉

  11. I sure wish cable TV were an a-la-carte type buisness so we could vote with our $, now that will be another wasted channel on my DTV box, and they just raised their prices too. Maybe I should just dump the whole thing and get DSL. So Sad 🙁

  12. Ahh man! You should have said you were going to be at the new A&S museum. I literally live 5 minutes from it (Fairfax County w00t!). Hope you had fun w/ Mr.Glenn 😀

  13. If it happens, then the thread title needs to be changed to “How to lose all of your viewers in 1 easy step”.

  14. Could have been better if TechTv was handed over to “Bill Gates” instead. Oh well, just wishful thinking……….

  15. TechTV left c-band satellite last night, so I won’t have access to this channel anymore.
    Hope everyone finds ideal employment.

  16. You’re at Udvar-Hazy today??
    Oh man, the best Thai food outside Thailand is about a mile from you.

  17. As suggested by someone above, just start a “LEOTV” channel and hell, I’ll buy a dish system just for that. Especially if you bring back Sumi Das to co-host with you.

  18. Regarding that headlights hoax… In the 80’s and early 90’s that very same rumor was spread around, only the means of distribution was by fax rather than email.

  19. A smart investor who sees this would sweep up all of the techtv staff and create a new channel 😉

  20. Boo Comcast, boo!!!!! Very BAD move.
    I will be loyal to TechTV till the end. No one knew what would be the absolute result of the merger, but I don’t think anyone expected this. Leo, I hope the best of wishes, not only for you, but for everyone else. Like I said before when you were on your “vacation”, in some manner, we will once again see you on the air. I stand by those words not only for you, but everyone else that has worked so hard on TechTV.
    This makes me very happy now that I am a DirecTV subscriber over a Comcast cable subscriber here in the Bay Area.

  21. We are condemned to live in interesting times.
    Ancient Chinese Proverb seems to be highly relevant.
    I have no doubt Leo will remain high-profile somewhere. I do note the article Leo posted said a production facility will remain in SF. Another poster already speculated Leo will be doing whatever production he is going to do from there (or not at all).
    Leo may even know more than he is tellling…..
    I am less stunned than when Leo was first fired, or whatever that was, but nevertheless disappointed.

  22. Wish you were having audiences on your road trip to DC. My station manager and I are big fans of ScreenSavers and CFH. Saw my home area in Kevin Rose’s moblog pics. If you get to Charlottesville stop by our TV station, we’re hiring!

  23. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”… Large group inparticular=Comcast! What are these air heads thinking? Tech-TV,THE best group of shows on the air waves and Comcast shoots them down in flames… My cable subscription will be gone by day’s end in support of all the Tech-TV family. You folks are the best and feel like family. I have learned so much from your shows and have enjoyed them immensely! What a freaking ridiculous thing for Comcast to pull. One would think that the only 2 cities that exist in the United States are LA and New York. How about the rest of us?

  24. Leo if you see this please pass on my best wishes to all at TTV!
    and I think they have just made a *HUGE* blunder!!!
    I have enjoyed a mix of tech on TTV, some all games channel is not gonna cut it.
    any chances for some folks from ttv after say 90 days to go to work for some other media company that wants to start a tech show? or will that be VERBOTEN for you folks??

  25. You know what hurts the most? We fought so hard to get Leo back on the air only to have G4 do this. They knew what they we’re doing when they decided to “appease the natives” by rehiring him. Simply put, this is a classless act by a classless company. Leo, best of luck to you and the rest of the Techtv staff. Please keep us posted.

  26. There isn’t enough information yet for me to truly get angry. I can only think about the great guys that have put together shows like The ScreenSavers, Call for Help, and Tech Live who will now be joining the ranks of the unemployed. I’m not to worried though, TechTV has a group of talented and respected individuals that shouldn’t have any problems finding new jobs. I certainly hope that Leo, Pat, Kevin, and the rest of the are at least retained. It would be idiocy to kill off such a great group.
    As to G4 (who the hell are they?) I can understand the approach of cutting cost and integrating operations. However, since I, and many others I bet, have never even heard of you before this merger, I’m willing to wager that you are firing the wrong group. You may have truly screwed the pooch.

  27. Well, Paul Allen was fishing for a buyer of TechTV for quite some time, so the writing was on the wall so to speak. It was just a matter of who was going to fit the bill and consume it for it’s more attractive aspects.
    I currently work at AT&T Wireless (not proud at all), and Cingular will have a fire sale with this company for sure. In fact, right now, AT&T is losing something close to 15 mil a month on bad debt and GoPhone problems, so Cingular has been pressuring the execs here to seal the deal asap or the they will cancel the deal (and the impending bankruptcy will almost certainly happen).
    Personally I’ve been preparing for layoffs for years. Now I just hang around to watch the fun.
    Anyway, sorry for the offtopic banter. You can read more fun stuff about the death spiral we’ve been in by reading this article (and the fun comments at the bottom) at by heading here:
    Good luck Leo. I’m sure you’ll do fine.
    *waves bye to the spirit that was TechTV*

  28. Dont get mad at comcast. Its clearly not their choice. It was simply an order by the government. Havent you heard of the government decree? It goes like this: “every good show on television must be gone by 2006, so that all we have left is MTV and Bill ‘O Reilly- we want only the shittiest shit for americans to watch.” Really, we should have seen this comming. Everytime something good happens, people have to take it away in the name of “profit.” This is what is wrong with the world, and this is why we keep getting stripped of things we love. Fight back. Sign the petition: and God Bless Capitalism.

  29. Was TechTV even making money? I doubt it, so all you “Smart” investors need to get a clue. On another note, Ive seen G4 and it is HORRIBLE! So lame with rerun after rerun. Also whats with everyone voting Morgan Webb the hottest TTV girl. Anyone knows its Sarah Lane followed closely by Laura, and Jessica. Good luck to the TTV guys

  30. Well, here’s hoping that Comcast comes to thier senses and re-hires most of y’all. while its true I do not currently have cable or dish to watch the channel with, its still a bummer because I liked it when I could see it, and planned to get a dish for that reason real short like here. I loved watching TSS. Xplay, CFH, even Tech Live and Future Fighting Machines. they could drop robot wars and the anime stuff, but I’m sure ppl liked that as well.
    Hope everything else goes well…

  31. As a member of Leoville, I wanted to let you know that I have a link to Leoville on my Candidate Web Page for Showtime’s American Candidate program.
    If you get a second, take a peek. Consider clicking the “Support Me!” button. To keep my Leoville username private, I am posting this here, instead of the forum. I hope it is not overly irritating. If it is, I apologize. I mean for this to be a positive thing.

  32. I just can’t believe this…I love TechTV so much and most of the shows that are run on the station. I wish that they would have kept the station instead of just swallowing it up and moving G4 into their space. I will certainly miss all you guys..Sarah, Kevin, Foo, Morgan, Adam, Cat, Roger….and of course Leo. It will be sad when it finally goes away and I will just have to go back to watching CNN all day…I will still listen to you Leo at leat you have that. Good Luck!!

  33. I have been an avid TechTV fan since it was ZDTV and Kate Botello was still with the team. However, I am very disappointed in knowing that hosts and personalities that I have grown to appreciate and respect have their jobs and passions at risk in a meager attempt for Comcast to help revitalize an unattractive, inadequate and un-popular proprietary technology network (G4).
    -Jason Richard Yee
    Good luck to you guys and here is the only hope I can offer some of the TechTV staff and hosts:
    Q: What will a typical programming day look like?
    A: The merged network will be the nation’s premier 24/7 television network all about video games, technology and the gamer lifestyle. The G4 programming day will showcase many existing G4 and TechTV series such as G4’s ICONS; PULSE; JUDGMENT DAY; PLAYERS, and CHEAT! as well as TechTV’s ANIME UNLEASHED; X-PLAY; SCREEN SAVERS; FRESH GEAR; and ROBOT WARS. G4 will also premiere new original programming which will be announced at a later date.

  34. Is G4 even going to use the DirecTV/DishNetwork/Other Cable channels that TechTV was on for thier new show? Or are they going to be extremely stupid and only broadcast on thier cable network?
    I’m sure that Leo will make some arrangement for him to do a once in a while show for them, when he is down in LA to do his Radio Show. Maybe (HEY HERES A WILD IDEA) broadcast the Radio Show over G4! It is possible. I bet it would get better raitings then the other original G4 Shows.
    Leo always lands on his feet. No need to worry folks.

  35. The whole “gang initiation/lights-off” thing is not just an urban legend; it started before the days of email – it was a fax-delivered urban legend.
    The Skeptical Inquirer devoted an article to this at least 6 or 7 years ago; I think it was by a professor who used this as an example of how urban legends mutate over time and space, and what about them encourages people to forward and/or modify them. Very interesting stuff.

  36. Once again, the consumer and the good employees get shafted in the rectum by the corporate brown-nosing. I say we fight back! Look, I’ve got 5.5 acres in Michigan here, there’s several open buildings nearby. Let’s get a lot of cash together and remake TechTV.
    My other question is: What about the contract with the Canadian Broadcasting Department (TechTV Canada)? Isn’t there a clause that they can’t change the content in a major way without a massive fine? Is G4 even IN Canada?

  37. I just read the news. Haven’t been able to watch techTV much in the past few months b/c I had to cut back to basic cable. I always love going home now b/c I get to remember how much I love TechTV since my parents still have it. Great programming, great hosts, great wit. Easily the best channel around for me and so many others right now. Make sure you all check out since if any good news at all can come it’ll have to come from there. And here’s a nice tool… from the g4techtv website.
    “Of course, if there’s anything else you want to know, send your comments and/or questions to You can also leave your comments and/or questions on our toll-free comment line at (800) 839-7880. ”
    I’m sending an email to encourage the G4 bunch to ‘get out of the way’ and let the techtv staff (on camera and off) run the show as they’ve done so well for the past years. The show list is a little encouraging (minus the lack of CFH), but really I think most of you would agree it means nothing without the hosts.
    Comcast has given the door of the email and phone number so lets make sure we bang on it to get across our point. Keep the tech tv staff and don’t go changing stuff that was already so much more successful than what your G4 ever could have been.

  38. I really hate to see what’s happening with Tech TV happen, especially since it seems like people’s jobs are being compromised for another network’s attempt to gain viewers… I wonder how Comcast is expecting to get gaming viewers when most of them can spend up to 12 hours on a PS2, where does that leave time to watch G4? I hope the new shows G4 are creating contain most (if not all) of the on-air personalities that are on Tech TV now… *Chris Pirillo seems to be getting his second shot at his own show, The show is “Geeks Gone Wild” it’s suppose to air on Comedy Central October 16, 2004 (… I guess it’s true about that saying “all good things must come to an end”, which sucks… For me Tech TV was just one of 3 channels I relied one to take my mind away from the war and people being killed, that was the channel I know I could go to… Before I pass judgement on this “G4Tech TV” I will watch it just to see if it’s “ok”.. One could imagine what the entire Tech TV staff could do to a network like PBS. Maybe Discover will launch and Tech channel (Discover Tech) and pick up a lot of Tech TV personalities… There are opportunities for networks to capitalize on Comcast’s lost and create a competitive product.. Till then more American Chopper, Monster Garage, Mythbursters for me….

  39. Eric, I couldn’t agree with you more. I also have head little tid-bits of information that some of the major news channels, (ie. FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) May get into the technology market, but as far as creating a “tech channel”, I don’t think that they would devote the cash to it. Discovery Tech would kinda be a nice thought. I guess that I could deal with hearing more of the 45 second “If you enjoyed this episode, you can give us $29.95 for your own copy of this episode.” As you can tell, I also watch a little too much Discovery Channel. American Chopper, Monster Garage, Monster House, Mythbusters, and more. Between those shows, then ER every Thursday night, and then TechTV’s CFH, TSS, and the occastional XPlay, that makes up my weeks worth of shows that I try to watch religiously.
    Once again, here comes comcast into the picture to make sure that their name gets tossed around. I still feel that they believe that “Negative Publicity is still publicity” since they are all just sitting back laughing it up that we are spending our times complaining about them in forums and everywhere else on the web. I just find it hard to believe that 2 stations running fine the way they were go to merge and now 285 need to lose their jobs? 285!?!?! I can understand if some of the management can be let go, I can understand if some of the writers can be let go… But 285?!?!?! I didn’t think that TechTV had 185 employees. Is Comcast just coming in and flexing their muscles just to put fear in the eyes of those employees that they are keeping? I don’t know… Just my 2 cents.

  40. It is NOT okay that all this is happening to TechTV! I watch TechTV religiously because I’m home most of the day due to the collapse of the EDA industry here in Beaverton/Hillsboro Oregon and I love computers (I run ProTools and am a songwriter, hopefully soon by trade). I’m Leo’s age and I know what it’s like being out of a job. I also know that it’s due to some squeaky management weasels trying to show how much they care about Comcast (read “kissing corporate ass”) that all this is happening to a station that could easily have gone another decade by evolving. There is nothing like TechTV in Oregon (I don’t know what else is available in other markets) and Comcast should have left well enough alone. Just one station that addressed everyday & future technology and fixing things–something that is NOT Survivor/The Swan/American Idol, shows that emphasize just how ugly and ignorant most of America really is. Yeah, the G4 freaks will make great guidance commanders for the next-gen pilot-less military drones, but otherwise they’re in the same league as old Star Trek nerds–living the life vicarious. See and you’ll know that CFH and TechLive are NOT coming back–SFO or LA–and then the questions “where will Leo go?” and “will we see Morgan on the new X-Play” still go unanswered. This whole thing stinks. Corporate America stinks! G4TechTV will be off the air in a year and there will be nothing! All because some dumbstick wanted to impress his boss with a face-saving idea on that crappy G4 station.

  41. I remember the day I turned my tv to channel 56… and I saw that guy who used to host fresh gear with sumi (sp?) on there… and I saw the computer… and then the ZDTV logo came up… and I was like… well what’s this… and that was the day my obsesion with this awesome channel began…
    I remember thinking Sumi Dos was a joke… like her name… SUMI DOS… like Sue Me Dos… I don’t know… I was I think 14 then… anyways…
    It’s gonna eb hard to watch TV… I hate MTV and M2 and everything else but the news cause everything is fake… except the news and techtv… I was watching the G4 sample… and the E3 preview I thought was ok… other than the fact that E3 has already started… and if they were so gamer focused… they would have about a 2 hour show from the floor… live… and then CHEAT! came on… the host… was about the gayest person I have ever seen… I don’t have a problem with gays… as long as they just don’t act overly gay… I think this guy was beyond gay… and the show was at the some comic book expo… its spose to be a video game show… not a comic book plug… anyways…
    Behind Marching Band and Music… gaming and computers are my passions… they are awesome… and this G4 crap taking over will just make tech mainstream… not that its not getting there… thats why we have so many… over violent games on the market… I’m not one of these anti violence people… but when everyone makes fun of Zelda Wind Waker for looking kiddy… comformist gamers… that game is awesome… and looks awesome… and I do play violent games…
    I’ve been playing video games since I was 5… I’m 18 now… and I feel that I have grown up along side the games… and now… the games are turning into the popular people in school… the ones that shun the smart people and artist people… oh well…
    Yall need to make your own network… and I’m sad to say that you won’t be able to compete with this new g4 crap… but you’ll provide the true nerds and geeks what we need…
    I’ll close with a comment that I’ll use to sum up the G4 network… it came form the E3 preview today… and one of the people (I think he was some editor on IGN or something… a site I go to regularly… along with gamestop…) said something that made me sick… they were talking about if a game came on all platforms… he said you would want the xbox version… cause the graphics are better…
    G4 and comcast… good job on screwing up the gaming world by getting more comformist into the game… I’m not expecting Nintendo to be around much longer… cause they make original games… something other than Halo (not that Halo is a bad game… but come on… if thats the best game to most xbox owners (comformist gamers if they say this…) that’s sad… it’s a launch title…)
    Sorry… that’s my opinion… no one may care… and it may sound dumb… oh well…
    I’ll see ya when I see ya… (i’m preying for you guys)

  42. I have been watching TSS for about a year and a half. It is amazing to me how we can become so attched to our extended friends, just by watching them on TV. Leo, Patrick, Kevin, Dan, Sara, and Jessie all have become my friends. There is no question that Leo was meant to be on TV. His great personality and ability to interact with everyone is exceptional. If I will not get to see them on the new station, I will try to follow them via the internet (man I love the internet). I am Leo’s young age and love computers and am also mostly self taught. This group of friends at TechTV have made this journey through life much more enjoyable and I hope to continue my extended relationship with them down the road.

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