Comcast Fires TechTV Staff

I‘ve just learned that G4 has fired the entire staff of TechTV.
Per the WARN Act (governing plant closings) all the employees of TechTV have been given 60 days notice. The San Francisco operation will be shuttered by July. 100 of the existing jobs will be posted for those willing to relocate to LA.

Outgoing COO, Joe Gillespie will say good-bye to the troops tomorrow. Incoming CEO Charles Hirschorn will say hello (and good-bye) on Monday.

No word on which shows G4 will keep or which hosts will be kept on.

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  1. This sux!! I watch Techtv everyday. Fuck you Comcast!! I hope you bastards pull an Enron and die!!

  2. This sux!! I watch Techtv everyday. Fuck you Comcast!! I hope you bastards pull an Enron and die!!

  3. This sux!! I watch Techtv everyday. Fuck you Comcast!! I hope you bastards pull an Enron and die!!

  4. This is CRAZY!!! Why are they ruining something that is so good! Is there any way we the fans can prevent this from happening???

  5. What made TechTV worth buying in the first place, if not its great programming, loyal following, and SMART, FUN, CHARISMATIC, and QUIRKY hosts? What is G4 thinking? It’s like buying a new car and gutting it. I have one word for you, fans of TechTV: BOYCOTT.

  6. I can’t believe this! How can it be? I love TechTV especially The Screen Savers and X-Play. Things will never be the same, and I’m incredibly sorry to all those who lost their jobs. This totally blows and I think i might go cry too.

  7. thats just lame.
    i was shocked when i heard…. cant us geeks have one damn channel with out some money grubbers getting their hands in there and messing it up.

  8. Oh man.. what am I gonna watch in the afternoons now? Star Trek TNG and Deepspace 9 I guess. ARGH!
    This sucks hiney!

  9. Very sorry to see quality programming ( LEO ) go to sh!t. Will follow you where-ever you go.

  10. Unreal, I’m starting to question why I own a TV anymore. I could get by fine with just a DVD player and PC now.

  11. I have been a viewer of TechTV since 1999 and have followed the channel through all its changes, but I don’t think, no I know that I will no longer watch TechTV when the channel is turned over to G4 and Comcast. I hope all the employees and hosts at TechTV the best of luck and give them all a job well done.

  12. It truly is a shame to see anything happen. I will be searching through whatever sources I can to get a decent base of past TSS and Call for Help shows saved for future viewing pleasure, has even constant reruns of those will be more entertaining than anything else on T.V. except maybe the Simpsons and Southpark.

  13. I want to marry Morgan Webb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. This whole thing disgusts me. I am very sorry for everyone at TechTV & will hold good thoughts for them.

  15. This is a sad day. Screen Savers is an awesome show, and TechTV is one of the few channels that actually get it right. I like the family atmosphere of the hosts. I’ll drink a beer for y’all tonight…

  16. I signed the petition, and I will send a note to comcast and G4. May not change things, but they should at least know the dimensions of the game here.

  17. OMG does this mean those morons from will be taking over the screen savers? God I hope not.

  18. Die Die Die, Now I hate Comcast even more, not only for their crappy “high speed” internet service.(long live WideOpenWest)

  19. Have you people at comcast lost you’re minds?
    No one will ever support your new venture at G-4.
    Kiss your new venture “Dead in the water”!!

  20. This is like losing friends. I hope the folks from TechTV can make the journey south. Though I would have to think really hard about it.

  21. Leo Sorry to hear that Comcast is doing this to the best tech channel that I have ever seen, I will miss your great show and I hope you will be able to find a job on another show to help us technology junkie’s get our fix.
    Thanks for the great show

  22. this blows i love that network, call for help, X play(especilly x play, and the rest of it. it is rilly a stupid move on g4s part to the staff im sorry

  23. This is like losing friends. I hope the folks from TechTV can make the journey south. Though I would have to think really hard about it.

  24. There is a newer thread going. You guys might want to start posting on it instead of this one.

  25. GOOD NEWS for the L.A. staff in need of show hosts!
    I am available. My only salary requirement is that I have one (a salary).
    …and you thought I was going to say, “I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.”

  26. Is it me, or are there some reaaally daft corporate idjits out there?…
    Applause for the TTV staff, and here’s hoping the G4 business model does a crash and burn.

  27. I’m stunned, speechless and moreover sad to see a great host of people fired. Perhaps this is G4’s way to lash out at TechTV for having superior shows and higher ratings, but who really knows. /looks to Charles Hirschorn for an answer!

  28. This is just going to help in sinking comcast’s ship. They obviously do not know what a good and successful staff is… kudos to everyone at techtv.

  29. Maybe this will encourage the TechTV hotties to take up that offer from Playboy.
    /looking on the bright side

  30. Man this is sad, I thought the G4 buy-out would be good. Now I don’t know what I’ll do for my tech-fix.

  31. This is horrible. I have been a regular TechTV watcher for a few years. I watched G4 a few times, but the shows are really bad. I am going to miss X-Play and TSS. Wish TechTV staff the best of luck.

  32. This is a load of crap. What are they going to replace it with? Martha Stewart in jail TV show?
    How big idea is this. I love all those shows on Tech tv and All of the cast. Save them all

  33. COMCAST SUCKS!!!! I’ll never watch TechTV again… I don’t care if they bring in Willy Gates himself to talk about tech…

  34. This is not good. This TechTV is the only reason I have Digital Cable here… Fire Comcast Instead.

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