Comcast Fires TechTV Staff

I‘ve just learned that G4 has fired the entire staff of TechTV.
Per the WARN Act (governing plant closings) all the employees of TechTV have been given 60 days notice. The San Francisco operation will be shuttered by July. 100 of the existing jobs will be posted for those willing to relocate to LA.

Outgoing COO, Joe Gillespie will say good-bye to the troops tomorrow. Incoming CEO Charles Hirschorn will say hello (and good-bye) on Monday.

No word on which shows G4 will keep or which hosts will be kept on.

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  1. I really appreciate all that I learned from Leo and all of the other
    personalities at TechTV. I guess Comcast does not understand that people buy from companies they trust. Thanks for everything!!!!

  2. I will miss watching call for help. It was a great show. I wish Leo all the luck in the world. I’m crossing my fingers that the people on The Screen Savers gets to stay. Without them on there, there’s no other program I want to watch on g4.
    I think that it will prove to be a big mistake for the people of g4. They have turned it into a big advertisement for games. I like playing games but goodness…

  3. I know time changes but quality doesn’t. TechTV’s gang has produced some fine shows
    over the years. For us who want more than shooting and snowboards their loss hits home.
    Good luck everybody.

  4. I wish everyone the absolute best! This is pretty disheartening news, to say the least.
    Hopefully something good will come out of all this, though at the moment i can’t fathom what. :[

  5. This is truely a sad day. I hated G4 to begin with, but once I saw the meger coming, I prepared the bomb shelter. I knew that something like this would happen.
    Comcast can expect my cancellation…YOU SUCK ASS.

  6. I have watched Call For Help and The Screen Savers for as long as I can remember. Leo is what makes Call For Help and Techtv. This merger is not good and I will never watch this channel again. I hope everyone else will do the same. After the last episode of Call For Help today that channel will be locked out for good on my remote.

  7. I learned just about everything I know about computers from watching TechTv. Mostly from watching Call for Help and ScreenSavers. When Leo wasn’t on The ScreenSavers anymore, I knew something was up. But fire the WHOLE techTv staff? I’ll tell you one thing, I will not watch G4. Without the TechTv staff, it will probably crash and burn anyway.

  8. i just want to wish you and all the techtv cast and crew the best of luck in whatever you do .you all will be sorely missed i learned so much from you guys.there will no longer be any reason for me to watch.some people don’t know a good thing when they see it right in front of thier nose.the best to all of you.hope to see you on tv again soon.

  9. I have been watching some of the g4 stuff(cheat and filter) and I just hope any tech tv stuff that does make it doesn’t end up a lesser plastic reprodution of its self. One of my favorite things about CFH TSS X-play and unscrewed is it doesn’t feel like tv, but more like hanging out with a bunch of friends.
    Good luck guys

  10. I have a Masters Degree in computers and I still learn from watching TSS and CFH. Leo and the rest of the TechTV group really know their stuff and I hope we see them again when G4 gets its act together.
    Good Luck TechTV group

  11. How DARE Comcast!!!! First TechTV tries to get rid of Leo… Leo comes back… and now this. I am boycotting TechTV and G4 and Comcast for that matter!!!
    I hope that everyone else does the same. Leo is what has made TechTV / ZDTV. I have been watching the channel for years and he was the reason why. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

  12. I hate stuff like this. Companies with money that have no clue what paying subscribers want. I’ve only been watching TechTV Canada since October of 2003 but thanks to Leo, I’ve learned so much. I love Call For Help on TechTV. G4 can consider me a former customer after May 21st.

  13. Leo, why not work with Foo on another book? I’m going to be alot more inclinded to buy it since you will not be onair.

  14. Leo, and all the hosts at techtv, Over the years I’ve watched your shows and learned quite a bit of stuff that my college profs never mentioned. I’ve wathced all your shows and enjoyed them. I wish all the best and sincerely wish you the best in everything you do, I will miss you all.

  15. i think it is a sad day when another independent voice is silenced due to hard times in the industry this place,you guy’s are the only reason i hav’nt thrown my pc out the window, now we do without thanks guys…

  16. ….Comcast needs to die with their poor excuse of a channel! G4 SUCKS TO MUCH! TechTV Blows G4 away. AND I CANT STAND THE CHEAT HOST!!!

  17. I’m sorry to hear that it’s the end of the techtv
    crew, i’ve been watching Call for Help & The Screen
    Savers since i was 13, and i’m gonna miss you guys,
    i think what Comcast is doing is horrible, and hope
    they lose viewers, it isnt gonna be the same without
    the shows i loved to death, 🙁 good luck to the techtv
    crew, -Chris

  18. G4 is total shite. I really miss the Techtv website. Check it out, if you dare. It’s all gone to hell.

  19. Like anything worthwhile and good, the people made Tech TV (ZDTV) what it was. Wherever you go, Leo, we will follow. We, the people, can tell the honest from the rest. It can’t work without quality people.
    Keep being Leo.

  20. OH! I forgot to mention all the real fun I’ll have now that I have time to watch the highly rated and critically acclaimed show, Starcade, on G4! To think of all the time I wasted watching Call for Help, Screensavers and Unscrewed! Starcade! yeah, man. That’s were it’s at! NOT!!

  21. ….Comcast needs to die with their poor excuse of a channel! G4 SUCKS TO MUCH! TechTV Blows G4 away. AND I CANT STAND THE CHEAT HOST!!!

  22. Okay, this is the last one. I promise. I just felt I had to voice the fact that this merger is not G4’s fault. We shouldn’t be mad at G4. It’s Comcast that’s doing it. G4 has its own type of shows. After all, getting mad a G4 for producing its shows is like getting mad at cows for raising the earth’s methane volume. It’s not the cow’s fault. Yeah, this G4 business stinks, but blame Comcast.

  23. Comcast is evil! I just tuned into TTV, (first time in weeks,) and I saw this STUPID G4 show called “Cheat”. I was dissapointed. I am officialy canceling my membership and hopeing that TechTV goes to the cable line in the sky, it’ll put it out of it’s misery.
    P.S. Leo, you were too good for that network anyway.

  24. Not only am I going to cancle tech tv Im also going to cancle all my cable. Nice going G$ oh look g4 is really G$

  25. Tough break Leo, I’m sure you’ll be able to find somewhere else, if they’re not breaking down you door already. You have all my support and no matter where you end up i can garuntee you that i will be in your audience.

  26. I tried out G4… Their programming is so, C-class… its like watching a cheap police movie from Taiwan in the 60’s or something…
    All I can say is G4 sucked so bad and didn’t do good, they needed audience from TechTV… they won’t be getting much of that… not me anyways.
    I guess technology on air is no longer…

  27. I will really miss my favorite TV shows (Call For Help, The Screen Savers) with their superb hosts when these are off the air. Wish the merger never took place.

  28. Leo, why not work with Foo on another book? I’m going to be alot more inclinded to buy it since you will not be onair.

  29. This is the typical scenario of a business buying the competition than closing them down, CumScatt obviously has too much money.
    G4 Obviously couldnt compete with TechTV so the solution is to buy TechTV and shut it down than G4 can look good.
    I live in Canada and we know about Comcasts bad buisness practicess, like the Softcaps they impose on their Cable Internet users.
    Shame on ComQuad.

  30. I love you guys and everybody has already said it so well but, I am so sorry and my heartfelt best wishes to everyone at TechTv you guys are awesome.

  31. Hi, I just heard about this merger today, sounds like crap to me. Does anyone know what shows and hosts will be staying on.

  32. Thanks to all the crew at Tech TV for the years of comedy and good times for all us computer techies. You were what kept me sane during the bomb when I was working a weekend, 8pm-8am graveyard shift in a NOC just to keep food on the table. Thanks again, you will be missed.

  33. Leo,
    thanks for the inspirational 2 years of screensavers. You and the rest of the staff have opened my eyes wider to technology. I will never forget all the things that you have tought me. G4 can never replace that.

  34. cable access then the world… One would think that with some funding this crew could start a techTV of their own… I’m sure you have some connections that could help with this not to mention a good part of the community would likely be willing to help…

  35. NOT HAPPY! I’m also with Foxtel Digital in Australia and will sadly miss Call For Help, The Screensavers and XPLAY! Someone ship the gang to LA !!
    We only just started receiving TECH TV about 2 months ago and my days will not be the same without these guys, they are like family already in our house !!!

  36. Well I guess we are about to save ourselves some money each month as we cancel our subscription to the channel on TV. What idiots. I hope this bloody silly decision comes back to bite Comcast in the dangly bits.

  37. Send the message not only to G4/Comcast, but also their major advertisers. This is the kind of action that will get their attention.
    Sorry to see this happening. Leo/Patrick had a great show and it will be missed
    Send the message to …anyone who can come up with an advertisers list?

  38. If Comcast is smart they will recognize the magic formula that made them want to buy TechTV. Living in Mississippi, the only way to get TechTV is on DirecTV satellite. Neither Comcast or Time/Warner carries it. So perhaps this will get TechTV to the masses, and they keep it good.

  39. Not that anyone here reads anyone else’s posts, but you all might find this interesting:
    It includes a schedule of G4 shows that are airing on TechTV this week, and TechTV shows airing on G4. Hopefully all this doom-and-gloom “OMG TECHTV IS DEAD” talk might quiet down a bit now.

  40. Can’t believe Comcast is doing that! Tech TV is one of the best things to happen to television in a long time, and I’m a regular viewer of Call for Help and Screensavers! Who can we complain to?

  41. Thank you TechTV for years of valuable information and a haven from the family.
    What will I turn to now, with my morning coffee before work and cold beer on retiring.
    Best of Irish luck to like minded nerds.
    Larry F

  42. This is terrible! I will most likely never watch G4techtv again. I have only been watching for about a year, but this is still sad!

  43. I’m kinda happy to see them shutting it down. Hopefully all the yuppie losers(kevin, sarah, yoshi, etc.) will have to get a real job for once in there lives….who am i kidding, they will be sitting in front of some computer in an air conditioned office doing nothing accept putting more money in there pockets. useless lives if you ask me.

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