On The Road Again

Off we goI am going on a 10-day road trip starting tomorrow. I have no idea what kind of Internet access I’ll have, so the news updates may be spotty for the next week and a half.
First stop, Washington D.C, where Patrick, Kevin, Sarah, and I will tape segments for a special The Screen Savers in Washington week which will air May 24-28 with an hour long special on May 30. Watch your program listings for details. I’ll be at the Air and Space Museum to interview John Glenn and the newest members of the astronaut corps, then it’s across town to the FCC to take a look at their newest technology and interview FCC Chair Michael Powell.

I’ll do the radio show Saturday from DC.

Then it’s off to Montreal to moderate a panel at the SAS Users Group International’s yearly meeting at Le Palais des Congrès.

Finally, I’m heading south to Palm Beach, Florida, to speak at HBO’s Sales & Marketing Summit. Jennifer and I will take a little R&R in Florida before heading back at the end of the week.

Call for Help will be running “encore presentations” May 11-17, but we’ll be back with all new shows, God and G4 willing, May 18.

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  1. Have fun Leo, and G4 if there smart will have you and Cat back live on Call For Help when you return.

  2. That’s quite an itinerary. West to East Coast, then a Canada-Florida one. Have a safe trip, Mayor.

  3. if you still have the 3650, t-mobile’s internet GPRS plan, and that powerbook, you can access the internet in most places in DC.

  4. Travel safely mayor!
    Hopefully we will all have a much more clear picture of the television future when you return.

  5. Encore presentations — nooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Hope we’ll see you live again soon.

  6. If worse comes to worse – you could go to a Starbucks around the corner from a Starbucks on Pennsylvia Avenue. 🙂 Or the Mall, part of it is supposed to have wifi. Have fun in DC(which is hard to do on a working vacation). Best wishes on the R&R.
    Well wishes on the whole G4 transfer and that there will be a CFH to watch. Really like the Tech Guy radio show.

  7. Will any of the segments for The Screen Savers in Washington have a studio audience? I’d love to be there. (And I’m available during the day.)

  8. Have a great trip! Can’t wait to see the segment(s) with John Glenn. Not really a fan of Michael Powell, however. (I think the FCC is totally overblowing the so called “crackdown” on the media and is verging on the infringement of free speech.)
    Anyhow… remember to only use the light adhesive on the “ole toupee” in case you’re randomly searched at the airport d’OH! j/k

  9. Howdy Leo! Have a Great Trip and Rest and Relaxation! You Deserve every minute of it! Are the kids coming along too?
    Hopefully see you back on TV in a week!
    We’ll Miss you!
    Have a Safe Trip! and keep us updated on your moblog

  10. Will you be making any public appearances in Florida? I live here and watch “Call for Help” and “Screensavers”. I can’t make it to San Fran to see the shows live so it would be cool to see you in my home state.
    Have fun. And welcome back!!

  11. Leo you put the c.o.o.l in kool. I’m am so pleased to hear that you are back on the air. I drive my wife and children crazy watching the show all the time, But when PC’s go down guess who they come to? Me
    Keep it real always man
    Robert Welch
    Enginnering & Quality Manager
    Continental Lighting
    Sterling Heights Michugan

  12. What a great idea to take TSS to Washington, looking forward to seeing what you guys cook up there, try to stay out of trouble. 😉 Have a fun, safe trip Leo. Sounds like you’ll be needing some R&R at the end of that whirlwind schedule!

  13. Looking forward to “TSS go to Washington” segments.
    “God’s Speed” to You,Patrick, Kevin, Sarah,the Crew & of course, Jennifer.
    Have a great trip!

  14. Please ask Michael Powell some tough questions….
    Ask him why he unfairly fines broadcasters like howard stern while perpetuating a double standard and not fining people like oprah winfrey for speech that is even more vulgar and airs when children are actually at home.
    and why he doesn’t fine spanish speaking radio stations who use blatant curse words on the air? he can protect white and black children but not hispanic children?
    and why is Ryan Seacrest not fined when he lets the “F” word air several times on his terrible radio show?
    Why has he totally reversed from when he was first appointed. He went on and on about how the government had no business censoring speech, and that the marketplace should be left to define community standards.
    if you let him slide on this one you’ve lost at least one viewer Mr. Laporte.

  15. Agreeing with Litehedded. The most important question to ask Colin Powell Jr. is why they have said that Oprah is beloved and can’t be fined yet they can fine a lightning rod like Howard Stern. Tell him to stop this stupidness that they are doing and just tell people to turn the dial. Also, you should ask him, what makes him think he deserves that job, besides for being Colin Powell’s son and a puppet for Bush. 80,000,000 people watched the SuperBowl and somewhere like 1,000 FORM letter complaints were sent in. Yup, that proves that a stop to indecency is demanded by the people. People can tune to another station if they don’t want to hear Stern, but what about the majority who does want to hear him? Where are we to go??

  16. I agree with those guys. I’m tired of Howard Stern being crucified while people like Oprah get to do whatever they want. At least have a common standard. If Howard can’t do it, neither can Oprah. Save Howard! Vote Bush out! It’s sad that I’ll use my vote to get Bush out rather then vote for a candidate who will do the best job. Go Kerry!

  17. Leo is a closet Stern fan.
    Leo has never been one to pass up a dick joke on live television. Don’t be a wuss Laporte, ask Colin Powell JR a tough question about free speech. Just think Leo one of your off color jokes could cost you $500,000 if the senate passes that bill.
    I’m a 20 year Stern fan and a 6 year Laporte fan. I don’t have a criminal record or abuse women.
    Hey you G4 a-holes lurking around. You better hire Leo. How many 14 year old horney hacker boys does it take to sustain a network? You had better give us big people something to watch. G-4, no Leo, no me and my 80,000 a year.

  18. didn’t know if you guys would agree with me on this one or not.
    but leo if you guys just gloss over this it will be a HUGE letdown. especially from a fellow broadcaster like yourself.
    i don’t wanna have to add Ziff Davis (or whoever the hell owns that station of yours) to my clear channel boycatt.

  19. Craig Crossman used to do a computer radio show in palm beach every sunday. he might still be doing it as far as I know. I can’t believe you’re finally coming to this area. From the sounds of it though you’re not making any appearances. DARN THE LUCK! I wonder if the week off has anything to do with transition pink slips. We’ve lost too many already. It would be nice if they’d bring a few back instead. Good luck to everyone and have a great trip.

  20. If you do ask Powell any questions, ask him why he went over everyone’s heads by implementing broadcast flag technology without the benefit of a vote or anything resembling the way a democracy makes decisions.

  21. Welcome to South Florida. I used to live in Palm Beach County. Now I’m in St Lucie about 40 miles to the north. I’d ask you if there were any personal apperances, but alas, I’ll be in Butuan City, Philippines about the time you are down here. Good luck on your trip!!

  22. Awesome! My home town of Montréal- I live about 15 minutes from Le Palais des Congrès (Palace of Congress). I volunteer very often with my High School at the Old Brewery Mission to feed the homless, which is at most a 1 minute walk from le palais. Enjoy your trip to the Paris of North-America!
    Salut et bon voyages!

  23. On your way to Washington DC, can you stop in Michigan and pick me up? That’d be great.

  24. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but I have a bad feeling they won’t have jobs to return if the merger turns out the way I think it will. But against my better judgement I’m going to hope for the best.
    God speed to you and Patrick my friend.

  25. You may be right Steven, but sometimes you just do everything you can and walk away. You can also work the contacts, which a nice road trip gives you an excellent chance. It will take time to merge these two channels. Contractual obligations must be met. It would take months to build new sets and move facilities to So Cal if that’s their plan. Some shows will continue for a while just to keep from having dead air. Right now only two shows shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but that doesn’t mean all the staff and talent are along for the ride, just the shows name.

  26. I can’t add any more to what most have said on the overblown witchhunt that has occurred since the Super Bowl. Let the people decide what they want to hear by listening and, in turn, not listening to what they decide is inappropriate for them. Some things may be considered indecent but it’s up to the people to get rid of such by just boycotting it, not government intervention simply because they think it’s “the right thing to do.”

  27. Leo I really hope that your still with us when G4 takes over. It makes me very mad that there doing this but whats the use of complaing it want solve anything. Anyhow best of luck be safe and hope to see you soon

  28. Leo, most of what I know about computers I learned from you. I am sure that I speak for many in saying that, as good as Call for Help, and the Screensavers is, there is a very important element missing, and that is your warmth, fun, and effective style of teaching. You created a 64 year old geek here, and here’s hoping to see you soon back on the small screen. Have a great trip my freind.

  29. Bonjour Leo!
    Hope you enjoy your stay in Montreal (my hometown)! Have a safe trip!

  30. http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/HTML/plc/
    When you talt of Powell why not talk about broadband over power lines. There is an ever growing concern from users of the radio spectrum that this technology will seriously degrade radio communication. The above URL from the American Radio Relay League may give you some question ideas.

  31. Hi Leo,
    Would love to drop by the Palais des Congres and say hello. Hope you have a great trip.
    Take care

  32. I really will miss all of you if it comes to that. Certainly Comcast is fully capable of screwing this up

  33. I can’t tell you how bummed out I am. I have watched you for over 4 years and I never try to miss an episode of either the Screen Saver (before you moved) or Call for help. Can’t believe it. Comcast is going to ruin something that has become so great and pollute it with a bunch of redundant shows about video games. At least the Tech TV programing was informative, funny, and most of all helpful. Most kids play games…they don’t sit around and watch TV shows about them. Leo I wish you good luck and I hope these idiots pick up your show…you made techtv what it is and without you the future doesn’t look bright. Man…I still can’t believe it!!! I have learned alot for you in the past years and feel like you a big reason for my love of technology. Your also a big reason why a started my own consulting business 3 years ago. Thanks Leo…and once again good luck!!!

  34. I agree with the group. It looks like Call For Help is gone, Screen Savers is staying. But no word on host or anything on the GT4 website. Both of these shows deserve to stay and were top rated. What Robotwars, Thunderbirds and Unscrewed make it. I am sick to my stomach. It wasn’t just the show names, but the hosts that made it. While we could nitpick about some of the contect these were the best TV had to offer. And why isn’t there current info on either the Tech TV site or GT4.com. No one is really saying anything except the names of the Tech TV shows staying.

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