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  1. I’m another 4dtv viewer and hope that TechTV works out a deal with NPS so we can continue to watch Leo and friends.

  2. OK, I gotta ask – Why does it say, “… if you are able to read this message …”?

  3. Oh, crap. i don’t want this to happen! no no no o o o o*cough*
    i’m so scared 🙁

  4. @Geek: I hope they lose TTV Canada and give us the American TTV. I’ve seen both versions and we do miss out sometimes.

  5. Any word on the effect this will have on TTV Canada? I hope we get some info soon on the future of our beloved network.

  6. I just turned it on and you’re still there. I’m glad you’re back on call for help. It’s hard to get home and watch by six and I end up missing it half the time. I’m lucky to get done by seven.
    I hope you plan on doing a lot of itunes segments. I want more info! what’s the new lossless itunes about? what’s the easy way to back up my music? How do I move a copy to a windows machine? and if for some catastrophic reason I manage to lose all my downloads, does itunes let you download your purchased music again as audible does?

  7. Here’s a great link regarding Apple’s iLife suite of programs including iTunes. In fact Jim has had some great news regarding the iTunes update. Read his postings from this past week at this site.
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    P.S. I eagerly awaiting Jim’s updated iLife book.

  8. I checked my cable provider here in Rapid City, and you;re still there.. No message. You’d think that Comcast would like to get as many viewers as possible, and therefore allow their signal to stay as is and let the older C-band users keep it.

  9. I hope this doesn’t mean it will only be available on Digital Cable. Digital Cable set top boxes still don’t perform well… it takes to long to render the screen when you change the channels. No good. Anyways, I cable companies are able to convert the digital signal to analog.

  10. It’ll never happen John. Can Con laws state that they must have 30 percent Canadian content on TTV Canada. I just wish they’d spend money and create more shows. Dave Chalk’s show is a great indication on what can be done. I guess with the new G4 concept they can throw together a few new shows in Canada.
    And just think… more programing to cut down on the repeats… woo hoo… hopefully.

  11. As for Can con, we get Tech tv with lots of bad filler, like Dave Chalk. Dave Chalk has never seen a product he doesnt like. His show is one long informercial

  12. I received the warning on my TV screen as well. But come May 1st, it seems my cable company did what they had to do… I live in a smaller town in Canada, so our cable company gives us channels from across North America… I luckily get to watch the American version of TechTV and do not have to suffer through the “infomercials” that make up Dave Chalk content…
    Keep the faith Leo

  13. This has little to do with the Comcast merger, and more to do with the fact that the channel just turned 6 years old. The lease on their C-Band slot is about to run out, and they’re moving to a cheaper-to-rent digital satellite spot.
    The end of “in the clear” that goes along with this is something that an established cable network gets to do. Those who watch C-Band signals that are in the clear get to see networks in their early days when they’ll do anything to find an audience. However, if you want to see them now, you’ve gotta pay a subscription fee which will send a few pennies of the total TechTV’s way…

  14. I just hope that, after the purchase is finalized this week, there will be programing and a broadcast operation available so we can “ensure that you can continue to enjoy TechTV”.
    My fingers are still crossed….

  15. Wait, i’m scared. It’s May 3rd and i still have TTV as well as the blue screen coming up. Does this mean that i won’t get TTV anymore? I am trying to get on to my cable company, someone, give me some solace! I am so scared TTV goes away;;(

  16. Hi Leo and all,
    Just to clarify, the TechTV / G4 satellite changeover is not just an issue for C-Band or big dish viewers (as Leo has previously indicated). I turned on Tech TV over the weekend and saw the same “blue screen of death” (bad joke, right?)
    I live here in rural eastern Maine and have enjoyed TechTV, which has been carried by our small local cable provider as part of their basic tier, but apparently that is about to change.
    As soon as I post this message I am calling my cable provider to see if they will be picking up the new digital signal, but I suspect they will not. My guess is that if they carry TechTV at all, it will be part of their more costly digital channel tier, and I simply can’t justify paying the extra amount in order to watch one channel — as an aside, has the cable TV programming landscape become a complete cultural wasteland, or is that just me..
    So it looks as though, at least here in Down East Maine, the TechTV run has come to an end.. I will miss CFH and The Screensavers. I wish it wasn’t so, but nothing lasts forever.
    Leo, I will still listen to your radio show (over the Internet).. you’re doing a great job there! All the best

  17. Dave Chalk is an infomerical variety show. There used to be a computer show out of Hamilton (before the days of ZDTV) that operated on the same premiss – earn revenues by pretending to “discuss” products and “interview” companies. It’s also pretty obvious that Dotto’s Data Cafe runs on a similar principal, with their strong ties to HP and to a possibly lesser degree, Norton and Apple (to name a few).
    I agree that TechTV Canada is missing out sometimes, but “ep” and “reviews on the run” (which I believe are Canadian) are far, far, far better than X-Play.

  18. Well it seems that our Cable Company (Comcast analog service in the DC/Metro area) has switched to the new source. The Funny thing is though that as I’m watching Call for help right now, it looks like Leo is doing a bad Max Hedroom impression (Didn’t tech tv get rid of that show). It seems like the same kind of problems a webcam has when there is too much motion and it also affects the audio.. I can’t complain too much though because I at least still have the channel..

  19. We are 4dTV C-Band users which gives us digital channels that we subscribe to. If the TechTV signal would be put into the “absolute digital pkg” or similar so we could see Comcasts G4/TechTV feed, we would be extremely happy.
    However, if G4 decides not to make this available on the less expensive (for G4/TechTV)digital side of C-Band through our programmers, we are cut off forever. (We’ve had NPS programing service for years)We live too far from town for any Cable providers ever.
    If they don’t allow this feed, they will be loosing a lot of viewers of TechTV for good because we all have put too much money into the 4dtv satellite systems & won’t be able to change over to a much more high end pkg on a small dish.
    I thought the whole point of buying TechTV was for the added viewership!
    This move to make it unavailable on digital CBand, means they will be loosing a big chunk of viewers….. I don’t think they realize the impact that would have on them.
    So far it’s looking like after watching TechTV, [TSS & CFH] several hours
    a day EVERY day…..for 6 years faithfully we will not be able to see the
    best shows on TV, period, anymore……
    It is more than sad, it’s disappointing etc,etc. We certainly would not subscribe to G4 unless TSS & CFH were on it! 🙁
    BTW–Yes we are calling NPS right away to see if they know anything yet. Can’t find anything but rumors on line so far.

  20. Just on observation to some of the posters here…..It seems some of you don’t understand that C-Band is a very Big Dish system that has been in place a very long time. It has the “first generation” picture.
    We have a 12′ mesh C-Band-4dTV Dish. Wonderful system!

  21. Like BarbG, I am also a C-Band/4DTV user. I just called my provider and found out that the feed has been removed altogether. It will only be provided to small dish concerns, and cable MSOs. To me, this makes no sense, as 4DTV makes 99.9% of all other channels available to me – and subscription percentages available to those who own the channels. But of course Comcast wants you to subscribe to Comcast…which I will never do.
    (Unfortunately they have my internet, but not one penny more. Especially not when my 4D services offers so many more channels for 55% of what Comcast wants per month.)
    After I see what becomes of the Tech TV programming, I’ll make the decision whether or not to piggyback a small dish system onto my big dish.

  22. I used to watch TTV all the time at home, and I don’t know what the situation is there but I do know that I haven’t seen anything TTV related since christmas since I can’t afford cable on the funds I have as a poor college freshman). I MISS YOU LEO!!

  23. The C-band drop apparently has nothing to do with Comcast. The following is located at the Tech TV affiliates website meant for cable companies and the like:
    “TechTV will be transitioning our analog feed to compressed digital. As one of our analog affiliates it is necessary for us to provide you with a complimentary single IRD for each of your systems that carry TechTV on analog. We are notifying you so you can give us the appropriate contact name and location for the shipment of each IRD.
    Following is a timeline for this transition:
    IRDs will begin shipping in March. The shipment of the hardware will be staggered, but all IRDs will be distributed within four to six weeks, after we receive the completed form below.” ….text continues…
    That seems to imply that the changeover was planned months in advance, and well before Comcast had announced the purchase agreement.

  24. I’m another C-band/4dtv viewer (ex)…
    Don’t leave us out in the cold!
    Lone Oak, TX

  25. I’ve watched ZDTV since it’s enception, knew about it from the biggining as it was talked about in the delphi GI forum back then, anyways I see int he new 4dtv forums that there’s a link for people with a powervu IRD, BUT is this still free to air ?
    does Leo ever answer any of these questions in here?
    TECHtv is worth what it is beacuse of Leo (we also miss kate) I was hoping Comcast would see the value of putting it in DCII but it looks like they went with something we Cband user can not get.
    there is still 1/4 of a million of us Cband users paying to see the rest of the channels . Do they think we will just drop Cband to pay for 55.00 bundles ?? I hope they hold their breaths

  26. I recommend that you offer Tech TV on a 4DTV channel. Most C-Band owners currently watch Tech TV and wish to continue.
    Don Sloan
    Dorr, Michigan

  27. I have both Dish network and big dish. I am not going to pay $120 more per year to move up to the next level with Dish Network just to watch one channel I want.
    Dish network had to block out channels recently to renegotiate a contract. The price that the networks was wanted was to high. More satellite and cable providers need to do the same to keep Comcast and other networks from having all the power to raise fees. Without viewers the networks are out of business.

  28. The channel is still at the moment on the same sat on the same transponder, just a much smaller portion of it. And as of last report it is still free to air, just encoded using the international standard of DVB-S. There is still hope for those of you lucky enough to have access to one of those 10′ wonders.
    Yes it does look like they went with the less popular with the c-band users option of DVB-S over DCII, but this is a rather steady trend in the industry as dvb-s irds can be had for less then a similar model DCII ird. This is due in part to the fact that DVB-S is a published standard that can be had for ALOT less then the fees that would be needed in order to manufacture a DCII ird.
    You can pick up a DVB-s IRD for approx $100-200 usd. And as long as you can tune 4dtv/DCII signals with your current setup, it should be fairly easy to add one of these units to your mix.

  29. What most of you are missing is that the PowerVU feed is already encrypted. The FTA DVB feed that is up there is for some of the cable headends that are still making the transition to the PowerVU equipment. If you want to buy PowerVU equipment yourself then they will authorise your receiver, but the equipment will run upwards of $800 and you will only get this channel as no other network will authorise a PowerVu receiver for you.
    The official PowerVu feed is on IA7 Transponder 14 and is encrypted. Scientific Atlanta’s PowerVu equipment is DVB complaint and if they wanted the network to be FTA they would not be encrypting it.
    The other unoffical feed that is currently FTA in DVB is on AMC10 Transponder 12 and is piggybacked on top of the analog signal. My guess is that this will go away when the transition to G4 is complete. So no more FTA TechTV.
    C-Banders with 4dtv systems need to call their programming provider and request that we be authorised to receive the DCII feed that is current on G4r Transponder 22. This could be added to the absolute digital package from NPS or your provider. While your at it ask them to add Hallmark and FX too. Keep in mind that HITS (Headend in the Sky) is designed to feed smaller cable operators, but their tansmissions are DCII and are a 2nd generation signal. Also keep in mind they are jamming 7-12 channels on a transponder and their symbol rate is only 19510 with 3/4 FEC. After the math this means that their total usable bandwidth per transponder is 2.4-4.1Mbit per channel. You may notice some reduction in quality compared to what you are used to seeing. Something is better than nothing.

  30. Fortec Guy, where did you get your information about them authorizing a PowerVu ird? Is this from a website or posibly an email? Not calling your honesty into question, I would just like some more information about this.

  31. This could explain why there been a recent pick up of quailty here in Australia. Signel gets bounced around the world or though cable links to Australia

  32. This saddens me to no end. I was just a young tike, maybe 14 or 15 when i first found zdtv on my c-band. The honest to goodness truth is that every day after school i would come home, make some ravioli, and have just enough time to turn on the tv to watch call for help with leo. Back then, i hated the screen savers, i thought it was a joke show. It grew on my though, and when kate left, i was sad. Then came pat. He and leo made the show excellent. I dont remember if this was before or after techtv starting, but it doesnt really matter. I stopped watching call for help when chris came on.. I’ve watched very little techtv since september since i’ve been at university, but when i came back leo isnt on tss, the show has become iffy again. NOW to make EVERYTHING worse, i can no longer watch it. I am 19 now. I will be living away from home more than at home from now on, but the fact that i can no longer watch it, makes me feel like dung. It has been a great ride techtv, and leo(you define techtv to me)

  33. With my not a home offten, and no way to get tech tv at other locations, I was only able to watch it once every few days a month. I did really injoy it. It came a complete surprise to me when I found no broadcast on C4-12 a few days later. I do want to tell you though, I can’t see watching it anymore if they don’t have or atleast offer the complete tech. staff there jobs back. Acquisitions like these in the tv industrie where one tv program is conserned rarely work out to the fans likeing. Sorry,but i don’t hold out much hope for this so called g4/techtv. I’m also glad comcast didn’t get Disney. I see a clone of a Bill Gates here.

  34. Hi Tech TV fans
    I am but a lowly TVRO tech here in GA and I have found Tech TV on DVB (well at least the video anyway still looking for the audio). The quality of the picture has a lot to be desired but all in all it will satasfy my fix (as soon as I find the audio). I found the TP Freq, The Sample Rate S/R but the PID’s were very vague @ http://www.lyngsat.com. Click on America HTML @ choose AMC10.
    Go down the list and look at the transponder slot and all that info will be there. A ditgal free to air recever is required and can be bought for around $150.00 to $250.00 at skyvision.com
    cheeper if you look around.
    If any body out there has found the Audio PID let us all know and save us from hacking the numbers (40,000 different possible varations). I would look but time at work is to be devoted to clients and not for looking at TV. I hope this helps every one, cross your fingers and hope it does’nt go completly away.

  35. Darn! You konked out on me just as built my own computer thanks to inspiration from the show. It was nice while it lasted. I will be getting The ScreenSavers on C-band. . . more like C for “Computer”-band. Other than to find computer information with a few key strokes, I won’t be going out of my way to reach a geeky channel with hosts (other than Pat and Leo) who forget to comb their hair! Must say, though, Sarrah is charming as was Kate. And I thank all of you for the help. You got me started and now, I’m on my own. My blessings. -MikeA

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