Monday’s Man Bites Dog

All the news that's fit to rant aboutA quick news update before I go to bed…

  1. Survey says the witch-hunt is working. One in seven adults have stopped illegally downloading music since the record industry crackdown. But the Pew Internet and American Life Project reports that the number of Americans who download music – including legal music – has increased from 18 million in November to 23 million in February.

  2. President Bush says read my lips, no net taxes, but Congress may not agree. The Senate is debating whether to renew the Internet tax moratorium.
  3. The newest Bagle variant contains poetry of a sort:

    “Unique people make unique things
    That things stay beyond the normal life and common understanding
    The problem is that people don’t understand such wild things,
    Like a man did never understand the wild life.”

    Fortunately the code is as bad as the verse and the virus is not spreading very fast.

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14 Replies to “Monday’s Man Bites Dog”

  1. Oh, Man! I thought Goddesy was makin’ a funny when he said “I’m 60 yo.” Then I realized he was saying “years old” not the very urban “Yo.”
    “Goddesy in the hizzy!”

  2. Hey Leo!
    I came across your moblog. I’m from Pakistan, I try never to miss your show call for help……
    I’m a great fan of yours 🙂
    Thought I’d let ya know!

  3. I would love to continue to have no internet taxes, but it won’t last forever. Best buy stuff online and tax free while you can.

  4. Wait…was internet acess already taxed in America? Well I think there should be NO net related taxes at all.

  5. i think that if you translate the results of my japanese final that i’ll be taking tomorrow, my answers will sound about as logical as that poem… wow! i could be a hacker too! if i didn’t have a dirt slow internet connection and no attention span…

  6. If you check your phone bill, you’ll find an ‘indirect’ tax if the guise of “Federal Universal Charge.’
    This may not be much per person but added up by all the telephone subscribers, you’ll find a huge amount of money going t support Federal Universal Fund which is supposed to help keep local phone rates affordable for all Americans. There is also a FCC Charge for Network Access on my bill is $6.50 monthly or about 15% of my total billing less Long Distance charges. I pay $9.37 monthly added to my basic service all related to ‘improved’ telephone service. Is this a tax? I think so .BTW, these taxes are charged monthly no matter if you make a purchase of the Net or not.

  7. Where is Leo ?? I’ve waited long enough thru these “returns to CFH” teasers. Tho WW did a good job, he has too much personality for TV ( except for a Treckie job ). I’m 60 yo, and need the direct and concise info that Leo provides. If he doesn’t come back, I will wait for him to STAR on another show. CFH just isn’t for me without him. A Loyal Fan

  8. Leo, you’re like a sadistic drug dealer. First you get us hooked on your site, then you don’t update it every day (or update it WAYYYY late). Come on! The techno-addicts are going crazy here! Besides, there’s no treatment for this because it’s not a disease. It’s the CURE!
    Leo, Leo….. I need a fix!!!!

  9. Leo have you gagged yourself to avoid controversy with Comcast in the coming weeks? If you haven’t, you might want to think about it! Low profile baby, less likely to take a bullet. 😉

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