Friday Morning Fact Fest

All the news that's fit to rant aboutTime for tech news.

Happy birthday, William Shakespeare!

  1. Make sure not to have the words “sex,” “porn,” or “girls” in your URL if you want Google to show your site. According to Cnet, Google’s optional SafeSearch feature blocks any site with those words and others in the URLs, even if they’re not adult sites. Sites like and won’t show up in search results if SafeSearch is enabled. Google says it’s best to be conservative. Others say Google should refine its techniques a bit.

  2. Meanwhile, the San Jose Mercury News speculates that the Google IPO may be imminent. The company my be forced to file this week due to SEC rules requiring companies of a certain size to go public.
  3. More quarterly P&Ls are coming in. Amazon posted a hefty profit of $111 million on sales of $1.53 billion – that’s the company’s third consecutive profitable quarter. Sales were up 41% over this time last year. Microsoft also beat expectations, consider the cost of settling all those lawsuits lately.
  4. Dealers picketed Apple yesterday, claiming the company discriminated against independents in favor of its own company stores.
  5. Network Associates is changing its name back to McAfee.

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  1. The link to “changing its name back to McAfee” in #4 is the same link you have for #3.

  2. So it looks like Macaffee now will have a total product offering of seven items (but with different class of service offerings within the product fields.) Considering they’re getting their butts kicked in the SPAM/UCE arena (and the fact that they’re software is crap), their IDS offerings are poor quality, and while they still have the PGP disk capabilites with their E-Business Server offering, all they will really have left is the anti-virus lines. Something tells me that Macaffee will soon be on the block, as after selling off two divisions to private investors, and scaling back so much, they are a prime target for a large company to pick up. It would have to be a company that would see the benefit of combining such software with their existing products–perhaps even bundling them together so that the virus utilities are part of the standard install. I wonder what _M_ajor company would _$_ee the benefits of that……

  3. Leo,
    Yesterday (4/22) on Call for Help you mentioned a discussion program called “phpBB”. To my surprise, my webhost company (IX WehHosting) already had the program on the server. I just had to load it and start it up.
    WOW – Being a fan of yours and TechTV for about 3 years, this is THE BEST thing I heard of from your program.
    THANKS !! I wish you didn’t have to leave The Screen Savers, but Pat and Kevin do a great job.
    See you at CES next year !!

  4. It’s not only the birthday of William Shakespeare— it’s also the day he died. Yes, he died on his 52nd birthday (born in 1564 — died in 1616).
    I guess that Apple PowerBook he received was too much for him……….. ;>)
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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