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I’m back on Call for Help – tonight at 6p Eastern/3p Pacific.

The Curies isolated radium on this day in 1902. Warner Bros. announced a process to add sound to movies in 1926.

  1. Microsoft says it’s “pleased” to settle yet another lawsuit. The class-action suit in Minnesota accused the company of using its monopoly to overcharge a million Minnesotans. Terms of the settlement are still being worked out.
  2. The FTC conducted a spyware workshop yesterday, but one commissioner has already made up her mind. Mozelle Thompson says it’s not time for Congress to outlaw spyware, she prefers educational initiatives instead. Just wait until her browser is hijacked.
  3. No amnesty for you. The Recording Industry Association of America has dropped its amnesty program in response to a lawsuit that said the program was misleading. In return for deleting your stolen music, the RIAA promised immunity – something it couldn’t offer. Only 1,100 folks had signed up for the program anyway.
  4. Apple speedbumped its notebooks yesterday. The 17 inch now tops out at 1.5 Ghz. Even iBooks are 1 Ghz now. And the low-end machines are getting faster graphics cards, too.

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  1. Glad to see you back, Leo! Not to speak ill of the people you work with but the show was kind of dry without you.

  2. Leo, Welcome Back Where You Belong!!! I’m in geek heaven. Hubby and I can now watch TechTv again. Thanks for being you.

  3. Welcome back Leo! Good to have you back on the air. They can try, but no one can keep you down for long. 🙂

  4. Leo,
    It’s great having you home again at Call For Help.
    Keep up the great work.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  5. I guess with all of his Microsoft settlement money, Dan will give up the non-paying chat moderator position on the weekends to spend more time at his villa in Spain. 😉

  6. >Mozelle Thompson says it’s not time for Congress to outlaw spyware,
    >she prefers educational initiatives instead. Just wait until
    >her browser is hijacked.
    BTW, Mozelle is a man, not a woman.
    He was nominated to the FTC by Bill Clinton and his 7 year term expires in December, 2004.

  7. “I’m back on Call for Help – tonight at 6p Eastern/3p Pacific”
    Right where you should be!!! A most heartfelt welcome back Leo! 😉

  8. Leo – See you tonight at 6:00pm!! It will be like seeing an old friend again!!
    Congratulations on being back on the air!!

  9. Leo!!!!! i’m watching you on cfh now LIVE!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yipee!!! LEO IS BACK!
    I missed you… I kept watching, but your absence made it harder.
    Welcome back.. I hope Comcast knows what they have with you and CFH.

  11. Leo,
    It was GREAT seeing you back on “Call For Help” today! THANK YOU Leo for everything. Hope things go smoothly for you in the future. Love you.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  12. We still need to get you back on The Screen Savers Leo. It’s been like “Lord of the Flies” around there without you. Just a band of wild kids with no direction.

  13. Leo,
    Although I am happy that you are back on Tech TV (for now), I dont think you are using yours skills and knowledge in the most effective way.. While “call for help” may be useful for newbies.. it is very boring to those of us at higher skill levels…I believe anyone could host this show, who has a litlle bit of screen presence (not Kat, Roger, Chris Breen, although all good contributors, cannot carry a show as well as you can). Chris Pirillo seems to be a better geek fit here…
    ANYWAY, I think that you need to be peoples tie to the history and future of technology. Your interviewing skills are far above anybody else at the station, you have the connections to get the great interviews. I would think a show of you interviewing tech folks past and present would fit best with your skills and expiernce. My 2 cents.. Love your work… Sean

  14. So it turns out there is a God. Leo is back and all’s well with the world. Seems like at least one person at Vulcan turned out to be at least a little smarter than a box of rocks.Welcome back Leo and please don’t think of leaving again.After you left it was hard to watch Call for Help without gagging and I can’t watch Screen Savers at all anymore.Nothing against the rest of the gang.They all work hard and are more than competent in their jobs, but like I posted when you left You are the heart and soul of Tech TV period end of story.

  15. We just got the first episode of “The Return of the Leo” in Australia
    Even though the guys did a good job while you were on a “break” it’s GREAT to have you back.

  16. wow, i can finally start watching techtv again, thank you very much for returning.

  17. Good to see you back at Call For Help.
    Silly me thought you would also show up on Screensavers,who need you badly.
    Especially if Patrick takes a break!
    Hope to see you back there as well.
    Keep it up.. you are the glue for Tech TV.

  18. That is perhaps one of the funniest comments about the current Screen Savers Eric. Lord of the Flies indeed! Each are OK in their own right but mix them together and it doesn’t float.
    It is GREAT to have you back Leo!!! I have to disagree with Sean from Madison though. I am an “oldbie” to tech and I learn something from CFH almost everyday.
    …and you’re already taking Friday and Monday off??? TO quote Gomer, “For shame, for shame, for shame!”

  19. Leo, Are you there?? It’s not like you too miss 2 days of Tech News Updates….
    Anywoo, glad to see you back on CFH! It just wasn’t the same. Great show tonight!

  20. LEO–
    WELCOME BACK…..Now my husband and I can enjoy Tech TV again. How soon before the powers that be realize they desperately need you back at TSS too? We are thrilled to have the opportunity to spend our tech time with the best in the business…This is kind of like Christmas morning or getting the blue M & M before anyone else does….
    Annie and Dave

  21. Leo, so glad you are back on TechTV yipee!
    But, I want to see you back on Screen Savers! I saw you on SS on Friday and watched in anticipation on Monday night for you on SS, but alas – you were not on SS or Call for Help.
    I live in Indiana and I’ve been wanting to take a quick flight out to SS to visit the show. I’m not even going to try that until I know you are back for good and on SS.

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