The People Have Spoken

ReloadedI‘m very pleased to say that thanks to your overwhelming show of support and to a strong desire on both our parts to come to an agreement, TechTV has improved its offer and I’ve decided to climb back aboard the good ship Call for Help.
I’ll be back on the air starting next Tuesday, April 20.

The future is still a little cloudy, however. Comcast assumes ownership of the channel a few weeks later and I have no idea what will happen after that. I am certain they’ve been impressed by your support for the show, however, and if that doesn’t convince them to keep it on the air, I don’t know what could.

I can never thank you all enough for your incredible outpouring of encouragement and support. You really made a difference. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

[UPDATE: Vulcan doesn’t want me in the studio until the contract takes effect so I won’t be back until a week later: April 27. Wil Wheaton will guest host Friday, April 23 and Monday, April 26. UPDATE to the UPDATE: Never mind. It’s April 20 again. But Wil will still guest host Friday and Monday. Welcome to my world.]

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  1. oh sweet sweet nectar. i missed your first show back, but i’ll be looking intently next time. rock on leo

  2. LEO IS BACK!!! Thank God for that. I was recently searching the web and read what TSS was back when Leo & Kate (one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen) were the hosts. I later watched Patrick and Sarah on TSS and I thought of them as the perfect host couple for the show. Although you might not go back, I respect the decision. >It would be cool if you could go to another network that would respect your work and would support you and start your own TSS again, with Kate.< THANKS LEO FOR GETTING BACK ON CFH!!!

  3. I’ve been watching you for many years. My children love you so do I. I signed the petition for you.I learned everything I know about computers from you Leo. God bless you for coming back to the fans who need you. You are a beloved computer teacher and your students missed you. Please don’t ever go away again. I will start to watch CFH again. Please come back to the screensavers.

  4. Guess who’s back. Back again. Leo’s back. Tell a friend. Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, la la la la, le la le la le la le la le la, la la la la, le la le la le la le la le la. MUSIC TO MY EARS
    The whole network leans on one person. Ratings fell on every show since you left. They needed you back badly. And they got you back not because they are good people, but because couldn’t do with out you. I HOPE TO HELL they gave you a BIG INCENTIVE to come back after treating you so poorly.
    I have honestly not watched TTV since you leaving. Now that you are back, I will at least watch your shows.
    Welcome back Leo a.k.a. TTV

  5. Yes, I now can stop my ban of the channel. I will also resubscribe to the newsletters. You’re the best Leo.

  6. O.K. I’m not sure what’s going on but I tune in to TSS every now and then and no Leo. What’s going on. Can someone please explain

  7. What about The Screen Savers? No offense, but Kevin isn’t exactly a suitable replacement. Welcome back Leo!

  8. I do hope Leo will return to the Screen Savers, my favorite Tech TV program. It’s not the same w/o him.

  9. Wow… I am SOOOOOO happy now that I wrote to all those online petitions including here when i found out that u were leaving!!! cause this proves that it WORKS!!! im glad that everyone chipped in and showed their appreciation for you by getting together and showing their support for the cause of getting you back! Im sure your new contract is good, and it better be, because you are WORTH EVERY DIME! While we want you on the air as much as possible, we also don’t want ANYBODY to short-change you or make you think you’re worth less than you are! so we are GLAD that u stood your ground! I think those guys realized that they just couldn’t do without, Mr. TechTV!!!! You Rock, Leo!!!!! and now that you are back, I can go back to watching TechTV again with pride and excitement! I hope this whole thing showed you how appreciated you are in the eyes of all TechTV fans, worldwide!
    BUT I LIVE IN TOMS RIVER NEW JERSEY!!!!! and the ONLY reason I am able to watch TechTV now is because I go to Rutgers University, and they offer TechTV on the Lineup! But Finals are coming and I will be heading home in 3 weeks time, so Unless Comcast puts TechTV on the lineup SOON…. ill have to do without 🙁 maybe its time to get DirectTV, lol! Anyway, i’m glad your back Leo… and You’ve got my support WHENEVER, and WHEREVER you need it!!!
    Your biggest fan,

  10. Call for Help is definitely his show,
    They should completely change the format if Leo leaves

  11. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leo back is almost as cool as the Master Cheif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if we could get Leo in Halo 2 hmmmmmm

  12. YES!!! LEO’s back, finally a reason to tune in to tech tv again.
    I’m even more glad knowing that Leo will be on a radio show in Toronto every saturday! it r0x0rz!

  13. Yes! So glad that Leo is back. Not that I dont love Roger and Cat doing the show. It worries me a bit every time i see them two at the table, but it is always fun to watch them. Glad to see that you are back Leo, and I will be back watching regurally now at the new time! Which I still hate!! heh. Anyways. Glad your back Leo!

  14. Leo,
    I TRIED to watch TSS without you. I really did!! I’m almost ready to cancel the season pass on my TIVO now. Kevin is ok, but he’s just another young turk. We need the old master – the mentor to lead the next generation to glory!
    CFH is ok, but it’s too serene. Too subdued. Add some vibrance to it like you always do and the show will improve greatly.
    Thanks for keeping the faith and being available Leo. Without you I wouldn’t want to watch TechTV.

  15. Welcome back 🙂
    I didnt know you were gone til you came back.
    I dont normaly watch tss unless your on
    but i feel left behind without the shows/your view
    on teck, its not the same show without you 😐
    you and pat were allways on the same page that gave the show its
    feel its continuity like a bunch of poeple learning at the same time,
    not many teachers can do that let alone a tv show, either way
    you keep on rollin MR Laporte

  16. I’m glad to see you back on the Show Leo. Very glad to see you come back. We truely did miss you and I hope to see you back on The Screen Savers!!!! You did a hell of a job on there and I hope to catch you on there again soon and take your postion back.

  17. I’m glad to see you back on the Show Leo. Very glad to see you come back. We truely did miss you and I hope to see you back on The Screen Savers!!!! You did a hell of a job on there and I hope to catch you on there again soon and take your postion back.

  18. I’m so glad to hear that Leo is Back. Now if he gets back on “TSS”, we will be back to normal. I hope Comcast don’t screw TectTv, and I hope it continues to be TectTv. Everyone is glad your back Leo. Hopefully this will all work out for you again.
    Aberdeen MD

  19. Justice has been served…
    well partially!;now they must complete the deal and see your return on TSS.

  20. Very glad to see Leo back on CFH today!! I was ready to give up on TechTV because it wasn’t fun to watch without Leo on board. Nobody can do interviews as good as Leo.

  21. Leo, when you left the show I realized that you are the only reason I watch Call for Help. I lost interest in watching it when you weren’t there and I was not going to watch it any more if you didn’t come back. Thanks for being a great host and for being so enthusiastic and nice about educating us about computers.

  22. WHOOHOO! YAY I saw LEO in his “RISKY BUSINESS” Attire on Unscrewed! by chance, I hardly glance at that Riskaay show 🙂 and hoped that was a hint of you back in style! “Just take those old records off the shelf…” HAHA!
    Blessings to CFH & TSS crew! Everyone is doing awesome. We just missed you Leo. HOPE YOU SING FOR US! because we will be singing in Joy that your back.

  23. YAY!!! >>>> There is a ZDTV GOD! Heh… Life without Leo… your voice, your smile, your opinions… all treasured since the first time I watched you and Kate. I can’t wait to see you back, and hope that the fortune Gods bless you with even better opportunities! I’m here if you need me, now and forever.
    Your Faithful Screen Saver/Leo Supporter,
    Steven Wolff

  24. Could you have Kim Kommando on? Try to get her speak in her real voice.
    Could you have Gina Smith on?

  25. Welcome Back Leo!
    I hope Comcast has the good sense to keep you on the air.
    A loyal fan.

  26. I was blind sided when Leo said that this was his last day on TSS a few weeks ago. I admit that I was completely out of the loop on that one. It was a life altering experience for me as well as the rest of the TSS fans I’m sure. I’m not here to degrade the other staff members of the TSS crew but I value Leos’ opinion over the others because he always looks for quality first and price second. There are some of us that can afford a better scanner or printer and that’s the kind of information that I look to Leo for. I styled my last system after one of his, Asus P4Pe w/2.4gthz P4 processor. That’s the one I’m using right now. Having Leo back on CFH is good but he REALLY needs to be back on TSS. I have been watching TSS since the days of ‘Leo and Kate’ and without Leo the show is not only not the same, but is hardly worth watching.
    Welcome back Leo….

  27. Welcome back ole bean! I knew they would come to their senses. The tech world is once again a brighter place. Long live the Geek!

  28. I’m glad to see that your back Leo! I have been watching you on “The Screen Savers” and “Call For Help” now for over 3 years.I never thought Chris Pirillo ever seemed like a good fit and I really did not care for his style.I stopped watching it when he was on.I miss you on the Savers, it’s not the same show without you.I hope the new owners wake up and realize the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it “, fits “Call For Help” and “The Screen Savers”. You and Patrick are the reason I got brave and started building a few computers and was not afraid to dive right in and try to learn.I’m now in my 2nd year of an associate degree program in computer networking and applications at the age of 45 mainly because of you and the shows.You helped show me that I could do it. Anyway, welcome back Leo and what is the chance that maybe you can fit a visit to La porte IN sometime for a book signing?

  29. Glad to see that things worked out for you Leo. Tech TV would be such a vastly different television station without you. I hope thing work out for the best after Comcast moves in. Keep those kids in line.

  30. I am thrilled that the “little People’s” pleas have been answered and Leo is back on Tech-TV. My only question is: Will Leo return to The Screensavers? The Screensavers is the network’s flagship offering and Leo should be back taking the lead with his wisdom, technical knowledge, biting sense of humor and maturity. Patrick, Kevin and the rest of the youthful gang need a father figure.

  31. wow… welcome back, all those post and signature forms actually worked. congraduations………….

  32. LEO!!!
    Your definitely worth way more than $2.49/month Canadian…:-)))). Great to see you back ..O Jedi Master of the Personal Confuser!!!

  33. I, too have been a Leo fan since the very first day back when techtv was zdtv. It would NOT be good business to keep him off the air.

  34. Hell yea , im really glad leo came back to TECHTV , i was really mad when leo left , and i even thought what da hell but they can´t fire leo his like the JAY LENO of TECHTV , but thankx to all you guys leo is back now i can see call for help again ¿YEA!

  35. Leo, It is so good to see you back at TechTV. I knew your goats would do you a favor in getting you back on TV.

  36. You are one of those people Maslow describes, as an individual from within. You could write your own ticket in the media biz, you have the flair, good looks, and awesome spirit which elevates us all. It is a pleasure to get to know you better, it affords the opportunity to once again believe in this thing called the “Human Race”.
    I enjoyed your bio, it for sure is you…a very classy individual!
    Best Personal Regards

  37. You are one of those people Maslow describes, as an individual from within. You could write your own ticket in the media biz, you have the flair, good looks, and awesome spirit which elevates us all. It is a pleasure to get to know you better, it affords the opportunity to once again believe in this thing called the “Human Race”.
    I enjoyed your bio, it for sure is you…a very classy individual!
    Best Personal Regards

  38. Hi everyone . I was quite surprised when Leo just disappeared into thin air. Glad I got to this message blog. Starting to make sense . Will now be watching Call for help not screensave me any more.

  39. WOOOHOOOOO. So glad i came and checked your site just for the hell of it. Now come back and save TSS, you held that place together, kevin is good, but not great. at least do more then the few hokey taped things we saw. Glad your back.

  40. This is truly a blessed day! The sun is shinning and LEO is/and or will be back on Tech TV! I had decided to rethink what I had begun. I was inspired by watching the program to return to school (at 50+) and seek education in the IT field. It was hard to understand that someone as good as he is could be unemployed (well not exactly but you know what I mean). Good job! Keep up the great programing, I’ll keep studying as long as you are on the air for inspiration! Thanks again. . .Tresa

  41. I was so pissed and now…Happy!
    Get him back on the Screen Savers and life will be
    good again. Screw him over again and watch your ratings
    tank. Luv ya Buddy!

  42. Yes I am happy Leo is coming back too.
    I wasn’t keeping up with what was going on. I thought he was just on vacation.
    Give the man what he wants, he’s worth every penny.
    We want Leo……forever.

  43. Great to see you’re back. I’m in your fill-in hosts demographic, but you bring a certain polish to the show that keeps me from using the advance button on my TiVo. Here’s hoping Comcast will want to keep their audince by keeping you. And hopefully they’ll increase your presence on TSS, if not bring you back as co-host.

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