The People Have Spoken

ReloadedI‘m very pleased to say that thanks to your overwhelming show of support and to a strong desire on both our parts to come to an agreement, TechTV has improved its offer and I’ve decided to climb back aboard the good ship Call for Help.
I’ll be back on the air starting next Tuesday, April 20.

The future is still a little cloudy, however. Comcast assumes ownership of the channel a few weeks later and I have no idea what will happen after that. I am certain they’ve been impressed by your support for the show, however, and if that doesn’t convince them to keep it on the air, I don’t know what could.

I can never thank you all enough for your incredible outpouring of encouragement and support. You really made a difference. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

[UPDATE: Vulcan doesn’t want me in the studio until the contract takes effect so I won’t be back until a week later: April 27. Wil Wheaton will guest host Friday, April 23 and Monday, April 26. UPDATE to the UPDATE: Never mind. It’s April 20 again. But Wil will still guest host Friday and Monday. Welcome to my world.]

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  1. Welcome Back Leo, Glad to here your coming going to be back on call for help . I missed you on the show. But i am so happy to no you are coming back
    Good Luck

  2. I’m glad to see that age is not a factor on Tech TV. I was beginning to think that they were going to hire only 20 and 30 year olds. Even us old farts know how to use computers. Leo you bring a wider perspective than just the lastest news on the lastest game. It’s neat to see the young host bring some new ideas to the table, but they need to remember the importance of those of us that came before them.

  3. I have watched and enjoyed Leo on Call FOr Help for years and if Comcast cancels the show that will be the end of Tech TV as far as I’m concerned. Go Leo!!!!

  4. Thank God TECHTV came to their senses !!! Leo is TechTV…been following him for years, and I would know didely crap about pc’s if it weren’t for him !!! Thanks Leo…and Welcome Back !!!

  5. PLEASEEEEEEEEE go back to TSS !!! Kevin SUCKS BIG TIME !!! Like Jeff said…Patrick and you are like Peanut Butter & Jelly together…Kevin’s Mayonaise…doesn’t go well at al…

  6. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! I knew it couldn’t last! They knew it too I think! I don’t care about the details…I’m just glad it IS! Leo, I’m heaving a huge sigh of relief right now! Things will be ok now.
    To this guy SeanJohn up there…are you SERIOUS? Sheesh…why don’t you READ, man! And to the “LeoSucks” guy…you’re only showing your ignorance. Obviously people love Leo or you wouldn’t be in the minority and having to make up some fake name cuz you’re a big chicken. Shame on you…HMPH!
    And to Martin…LOL! You rock dude! I’m lovin’ it!

  7. Great Job Leo, I knew you would pull trhough this one way or the other. Everyone on Tribe.Net in the TechTv Techies tribe has all missed you very very much. I don’t know what they were thinking when they asked you to leave the first time, hopefully they won’t make that mistake again. Leo I’ve always wanted to tell you that I watch you everyday, and I adore your knowledge and wisdom you have in Technology. My very best wishes goes out to you and your family and may God lighten your path for you in any ventures you take on. Stay strong Leo. We’re glad you’re coming back.
    Ken Mason

  8. I told him, “Leo, get yourself a new agent.” He probably got Bebe from “Frasier.” And now he’s back!

  9. YEAH, Leo s’ back, Leo s’back, Leo s’ back….as theme song to The Matrix plays in the backgroup…. You Go Boy!

  10. I nearly cried when you left and now, just like that your back, now I cry, with joy.

  11. So glad you will be back.
    You were the only moderator who respected and enjoyed the Mac as well as the pc.
    I looked forward to learning as much as I could about my new iMac, and then I found you on Tech TV. Then you were gone…
    Now you will be back, YEA.
    I do also enjoy your presence on KFI, and listen faithfully, but it is not the same as watching you on tv.

  12. YES!!! I can stop boycotting Call For Help, now!!! LOL!! naw… just kidding. I haven’t really been boycotting it, but man… the show really goes down the tubes when you’re not hosting, Leo. Cat, Roger, and the gang are alright, but there’s just something missing, it hasn’t been the same. I haven’t seen call for help in a week. Although due to me being a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you can bet I wouldn’t miss Friday’s or next Monday’s show for the world!!! Looks like starting Tuesday, April 20th, I can finally start watching Call For Help again.

  13. I am so happy to hear you are back!!!!! I’ve not watched TechTv since you left. It will be great to see you again Leo.

  14. so glad that you are back!!!! roger and cat are really great but i missed the goofball of the show, you! no, i missed your professionalism and knowledge.

  15. Kewl, now I WILL pay my satellite bill – it just wasn’t the same without you Leo. I’ve just got done with some “rugged negotiations” at my job, and am now the boss. Hope you get every cent you are worth. Well, back to battling the US Gov’t so my people aren’t wiped out (

  16. thats great news leo!!! very happy for you. but itwould be better if you were back on TSS….

  17. Whooo Hooo!!! Welcome back Leo, now If only we can start a protest to get John C. Dvorak back on the air. I really miss Silicon Spin.

  18. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll be watching more TechTV again!!! Good for you Leo (actually, even better for us!).

  19. Yippee! WELCOME BACK LEO! …and on my birthday no less! Thanks for the great birthday present! NOW we need you back on The Screen Savers too! I love the rest of the gang, but they NEED you! We all need you! Do some impressions when you get back, or get Sarah to stomp on you with her boots again… 😉 Now if they have Chris Pirillo more often too, they’ll have something! Great news…Leo is back! Leo is back! Leo is back! LEO IS BACK! L-E-O I-S B-A-C-K!!!!!!!

  20. Glad to see your back leo.. seen then show once without you have not watched it since..I’ll b tunning in…PEACE!

  21. I’s about time they realized what they were losing. I don’t want to sound completely obsessed but I am. I can’t help that I love technology and having you teach it to me.
    I just can’t beleive they did that to you. You are the whole reason they are still on the air. I bet the amount of watchers dramatically decreased since your leave.
    Thanks for everything

  22. YES! Leo is back. Lets hope the new guys don’t play any games and keep him where he belongs.

  23. WOOT!!!!!!! dam good to hear that, no I can tune back in to techtv shows more often, as it was not the same without Leo there.

  24. They better keep you on, because there is no other reason for me to watch the channel if you’re not there! ( well, there is always Cat ) 😀 ;^)

  25. Good to see you are back. They never took your picture off of the TSS Newsletter. Does that mean it was just temporary? Also I would think they owe you some renumeration for using your likeness after kicking you out.

  26. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Now, you let us know if they even THINK about removing CFH or TSS! Okay?
    We’ll circle the wagons around you and make them leave the winning forumula alone. The “suits” are the LAST people to know what viewers really want.
    We want LEO! We want Patrick! We want CFH! We want TSS!

  27. Leo- Of course we are hearing only your side of the story. Maybe your new contract was bloated with more money, perks, wine, women and song – will the truth ever be known? Oops – lost my mind for a second I forget we’re talking about TechTV not NBC. Hey -as long your back on TechTV and representing us aging baby boomers I will toast your return! Welcome Back!!!

  28. Great news Leo, i’d hope to see you back on TSS, but getting you back aboard
    Call for Help is a good start 😉

  29. That is great news!!! Is he going to be on The Screen Savers (hopefuly)? I have watched it since he left and it isn’t as good now.

  30. happy happy joy joy!
    i’ll make sure i watch tonight.
    this made my day. you da bomb leo!!

  31. WAHOOOOOO!!! Leo’s back on CFH!! I’m soo thrilled. I hope he can one day come back on TSS as well because it’s not the same without him. Kevin’s cool and all but I get tired of him hosting. Heck Tech TV isn’t the same period without Leo! Leo is TECH TV!! Welcome back!!

  32. Yay, for Leo: Welcome back Leo, we missed you. you bring a diginity and Grace to Call for Help” that was somehow lacking, not that Cat, Roger, and Chris didn’t do a good Job, but the didn’t have the Leo touch! Thanks, we’ll be watching! Enjoy!

  33. I smelled a rat as soon as I heard Comcast assimilated TechTV! Heck, I smelled it much earlier when they cut TSS to one hour and started adding shows like Wired for Sex, Robot Wars and Body Hits! Some marketing dweeb must have convinced the higher-ups to change their target market from techno geeks to teeniebopper dweebs. But it was when Comcast come into the picture that I got this sick feeling in my gut that change was on the horizon and it wasn’t going to be for the better. Sure enough, Leo, the guy synonymous with TechTV, got forced out.
    TSS is still informative but not as much fun as it was with Leo… I mean, Kevin is cute and knows his stuff but he’s NOT ready to fill Leo’s shoes. For some reason, I just don’t find TSS as interesting as I used to(when Leo was on board). The chemistry he and his straight man, Patrick, shared is unique and it’s a marketing disaster to dilute that and expect better results.
    CFH wasn’t the same without him either. Cat’s terrific but she’s not an M.C. the way Leo is. The guys they tried to fill his shoes with were knowledgeable but they either seemed dull and uncomfortable on camera or they were on-stage and patronizing.
    Leo, if you read this and are contemplating a new show on a competing network, I’d love to be a part of it. I’m Mac-based, personable and patient and would relish the opportunity to work with you on whatever project you may have in mind!

  34. Great news.Now let us see if people power can get you back on the Screensavers.
    Otherwise Comcast will have made a very poor investment for there shareholders.
    Go Leo Go

  35. Greetings Leo,
    Congratulations on your triumphant return to CFH, will we “the viewers” be as lucky for TSS? Regardless, [you] fought the good fight and I hope [you] got out of [it] what [you] wanted. In my opinion, the upper-management were simply morons for even playing this kind of game with [you], as it has been clearly echoed that Leo Laporte is without question TechTV. With this in mind, the upper-management should do whatever it takes to bring Leo Laporte back as HOST of TSS, and until [he] returns I continue my ban on viewing TSS! Endeavor to persevere.

  36. Hi Leo, what happened with tech tv? one day your on the next day your gone. I hope you come back to the screen savers I will shoure miss you if you dont I have learned alot from you. Well good luck and hope to see you soon. Check out my websit some time the url is

  37. Congratulations Leo, i actually just got through emailing TechTV, letting them know that i no longer watch Call for Help, i guess i’ll have to reprogram my tv again…..

  38. Jeez… A family illnes turns my back for just a few days and
    ‘poof!’ you’re gone.
    Unlike your contemporaries, you forsake Cal-speak
    and can actually speak paragraphs without using the words
    “Awesome” “Wow” “Check it out” and worst of all; “Basically!”
    Welcome back. It’s good to hear computers versified at less than
    200 words per minute by someone with an excellent level of maturity
    and experience..
    Keep at ’em, Leo.. You give us Florida Geezers something to
    ‘discuss’ at our nightly happy hour.

  39. Leo, great to hear that you’ll on CFH. When you left TSS, I noticed a dramatic change in the quality of the show. Then I realized how hard doing something like TSS is, and how talanted you truely are. Now that you’re back at CFH, good luck at getting back to TSS. Until then I’ll have to be content watching more SpeedTV.

  40. Whoohoo! Its great you’re back! Honestly, you MADE that channel. I appreciate so much that fate has let you back on the show!

  41. Leo,
    Although I am glad you are back on Call For Help, I really miss you on The Screen Savers. While Patrick does bring some level of maturity to the show, you can see his frustration as he is clearly has no dynamic with the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, the show is beginning to cater to teenage wannabee hackers and script kitties. For me(a 30 year old, male, computer technology business owner)TSS isn’t even worth watching anymore. I used to go out of my way to catch TSS everyday, but now I find myself bored out of my mind, watching TV and not turning to TSS when it’s on. I think I realized how bad it was getting when I watched the interview with Dick DeBartolo (The Giz Wiz), I could see his dissappointment as I watched his energy level go down through the interview. Leo, whatever exuberant contract you wanted to keep you on TSS should have been given to you, you are truly missed, and TechTV will soon realize that.
    If there are any TechTV (or Comcast) execs who monitor this board, then pay attention to what I am about to say. While you may have an audience in teenage wannabee hackers and script kitties, who is it that your advertisers are interested in? Who’s got the money to buy the software and equipment you showcase? It sure isn’t the kid pulling down the latest gamez, crackz, and serialz off the newsgroups and Kazaa. The point is that you are catering to an audience of dreamers, and while that may be good for a long term, “sometime in the future” kind of sale, it doesn’t work for increasing the revenue of your advertisers right now. If they haven’t realized it yet, they will soon (and so will you).
    Let the kids watch G4, let the grown-ups watch TechTV. Bring Leo back to TSS!

  42. Hey
    Good to know you are back. I have been going over my Tivo programs and wondering what the hell happened.
    You have given me many hours of interesting and informative data. I am 57 years old and I would defintely not watch them any longer. I tmay have been a $ problem for them but it would have been a big loss for their advertisers!
    Keep on Truckin

  43. Who the heck is COMCAST to think they know what they were doing…… They really don’t… Stop playing games with peoples minds fellas…. CEASE AND DESIST

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