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It’s Wear Your Jammies To Work Day. Of course every day is Wear Your Jammies To Work Day on the radio. That’s why I love it!

Charlie Chaplin was born on this day in 1889.

  1. A 25 gigabyte disc made of paper? Sony has developed a new Blu-Ray high capacity optical disc made of paper pulp and another polymer instead of plastic. The disc is 51% paper and can hold up to 25 gigabytes of data using the new Blu-Ray DVD technology. Not only is it recyclable, but when you want to destroy the data you can cut the disc in half with scissors.

  2. Earthlink has released the results of the first three months of its Spy Audit service. It said it found an average of 28 spyware items on each PC it scanned, 5.4 program installs and the rest cookies. Over one million computers were scanned. 184,919 trojan horses were also found. The complete results are here.
  3. The FCC has proposed increased radio spectrum to bring high-speed wireless Internet access to rural areas. But hold on because…
  4. iBurst is finally here. I interviewed cell phone pioneer Marty Cooper over a year ago on The Screen Savers. He told us then about a new wireless technology he’d invented that offers speeds up to a megabit and can reach up to five miles. It’s being tested right now in Bozeman, Montana, and San Diego-based Broadband One Networks plans a nationwide US roll-out in September. It will be available in major Australian cities this summer.

    Nvidia's new video card

  5. Look at the heatsink on that thing. The Nvidia NV40 has been released. I skipped the big party in SF on Wednesday but I know many of my TechTV cohorts were there. The official name of the new card is the the GeForce 6. The basic 6800 will sell for $299, the ultra for $499. Anandtech’s first benchmarks put Nvidia back on top with amazing framerates at even the highest resolutions. ATI’s new chipset is just around the corner, though.

  6. Kinda thought this would happen. Steve Jobs has rebuffed Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser’s overture. Glaser wrote to Jobs suggesting Apple team with Real to oppose Microsoft. Jobs has no interest in opening the iPod, saying “why would we want to work with #2.” Ouch.
  7. Microsoft’s April Windows update was so popular it practically killed the company’s servers when it was released on Tuesday. According to Netcraft waits for the server to respond ranged from 1-20 seconds. Microsoft said the requests were double normal. Definitely download the update. It fixed 20 vulnerabilites.
  8. Well there is some bad news. Netflix has announced it will raise prices by 10% to help stem the bleeding. The company announced a $5.8 million loss on revenue of over $100 million.
  9. According the the science magazine, Nature, the human brain uses cache much as a microprocessor does. The capacity of this very-short-term working memory is closely linked to intelligence.

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  1. is it just me or does the 25 gig paper disk just sound like some guy getting a bunch of interns or something to write on a million peices of paper really fast… Paper disks are ludicrous…

  2. Woohoo Leo is coming back to Call for Help! Hope someone you can rejoin Pat on The Screen Savers too!
    Good Luck

  3. Unforunately, the other polymer used is DiChromoDithwakoMonoDoMomboDihydrool which causes three legged dogs to howl show tunes until they drop dead and gives off a musky odor not unlike overcooked rancid Jimmy Dean Pork sausage in the family four pack.
    >A 25 gigabyte disc made of paper? Sony has developed a new Blu-Ray high capacity optical disc made of paper pulp and another polymer instead of plastic. The disc is 51% paper and can hold up to 25 gigabytes of data using the new Blu-Ray DVD technology. Not only is it recyclable, but when you want to destroy the data you can cut the disc in half with scissors

  4. Leo we love you! Hope that you can come back to the screensavers as well! I don’t know if anyone has read ’em, but me and my frends have sent e-mails all over in your support! We almost spammed! But really, you can never guess, people here watch TechTv just for you! WE LOVE YOU! ALL OF PAKISTAN!! Great to know you’re back, now we can just imagine you were on vacation. Thanks for everything!

  5. smart move by Jobs, why would anyone want to team with ‘un’Real Networks. For my money, they are more annoying than spam.

  6. Remember to help support Leo and visit to voice your petition on what leo should receive from TechTV.
    Note: All petitions are being printed and hand delivered to the TechTV office building in SF!

  7. Re: Item No. 4.
    Bozeman, Montana? Not as crazy as it sounds. It’s home of the American Computer Museum. Ever been there, Leo?

  8. >>>Of course every day is Wear You Jammies To Work Day on the radio.<<<
    You mean I’ve been renting tuxedos every week for nearly three years for nothing???? Ah, crap.

  9. Also RE: Item No. 4.
    Gee, they are testing here now? Never heard of them and this town isn’t that big.

  10. Paper storage?
    Now I know CDs degrade over a short period of time, but what about paper with microscopic holes? I wonder if they hold up well over the test of time or even better than CDs?

  11. I just have to say that the only reason that I watch TechTV right now is for two shows. Call for Help, and The Screensavers. The real reason I watch those two shows? The common denominator, Leo of course. When Leo isn’t on those shows, I don’t watch them. Period. Good thing that TechTV got their senses back, or I would have simply had to drop DirecTV and got Comcast Gable and the G4 network so that I can still get the shows that Leo’s a part of.

  12. >gives off a musky odor not unlike overcooked rancid Jimmy Dean Pork sausage in the family four pack.
    Rancid? Never! Their feet never touch the ground…

  13. Hey Leo,
    Finally got a chance to catch you on KFI via the web stream, awesome show! Hopefully, I’ll be able to call in sometime, but until then I have Audio Hijack all programmed on my Mac.
    which got me thinking…
    Isn’t it amazing what we take for granted these days? Think about it… even 10 years ago, the thought of having one program launch and record the audio of another program at a set time of an internet stream of a live AM radio broadcast from California? That would be incredible!! Now it’s just sort of matter of fact. (What? NO VIDEO? SHEESH!)
    All I know is that I’m glad AH has an option to encode the final file to MP3 or AAC via iTunes when it’s done recording… those aiff files get pretty freakin’ huge!
    I’m done babbling. Take care!
    Looking forward to seeing you back on CFH!

  14. Now that we’ve got you back there’s just one other person who absolutely must be restored. It’s like the people who run the show don’t even care. The best talent is squandered to be replaced for sure, but then sometimes it’s like do I even care if I watch!!!
    Kris Kosach
    Brett Larson
    and my personal favorite Erica Hill, were all part of what made this a great station to watch.
    Will it become a station run by interns? because if it is I might catch an episode here or there but I’ll never invite you into my home as if you were family. The gags, the genuine touching moments and the loving warmth that makes shows like yours great won’t be brought to light without people who really know their stuff. I’d like to think you can carry the whole channel Leo. In many ways you do, but your best supporting actors are for the most part working somewhere else. I hope the new owners at least get Michaela back.

  15. iBurst:
    Consider that deep-pocket (in terms of subscriber & tower penetration) Verizon is going nationwide with its hi speed hot-spot killer. With typical speeds of 300-500 kbps, capable of reaching speeds up to 2 Mbps, Is iBurst coming on too late in the game? Verizon is actually marketing to some, that you don’t need DSL any longer.
    To make this sort of thing viable you have to have the infrastructure to to roll it out. And that is very, very expensive.
    And Nextel is trumping that with service (in test regions of Triangle Research Park, NC.) that will ultimately be superior at every level to compared to 3g once the system is rolled out across the country. Typical downlink of 1.5Mbps (bursts to 3.0 Mbps). Typical uplink speeds of 375 Kbps (bursts to 750 Kbps.)

  16. Hey Leo Congrats on making it back to TechTV!!! Thnk goodess days off are over huh?! You were truly missed by us fans of TechTV and Leo fans!! Hey did u hear of the Thunderbirds movie?? Will there be anything about that on TechTV? Oh one last thing has there been any word of the GMail, when does the public get to use it?? I know u are totally busy, so if u can’t leave a message in here I understand, (so if any of u Leoville lovers can help me out on any of this please do)
    Huge Fan, Jason Rempala

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